Radical Stoners attack NZ Police station and National Party MPs Office


The fury of cannabis smokers who continue to be hunted down by the NZ Police has finally erupted with a new radical pressure group attacking and graffiting Nikki Kaye’s Office and the Ponsonby Police Station.




This is their message:

Saturday 20 August 8:40am

Anonymous have spray paint tagged the Police in Ponsonby and also office of National Party Member Nikki Kaye today in Ponsonby around 6am this morning.
The tags read “WLF” on the Police and “Legalise Cannabis” on Kaye office respectively.

TDB understands that WLF stands for the Weed Liberation Front and that the Government inaction on sensible cannabis legislation has birthed a radical group who will continue to wage an underground war of graffiti against the National Government and the Police until real cannabis reform occurs.


  1. scribbling on buildings – yes that is about the level of their moronic brains

    [John/Dave, please use only one user-name on this forum. – ScarletMod]

    • John, if graffiti offends you, just thank yourself they’re using paint-bombs and not the explosive variety.

      Just be thankful they are pursuing non-violent means of expressing dissent.

      • I am sure the left will support these morons in the hope of getting a few more votes, but historically supporting morons is counter productive.

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      • Yes exactly paint will come of red neck national voter we have waited long enough the polls speak for them self’s .Cannabis is a cure not a curse .Get on your computer goggle cancer cures ..Then join us I support this if people are deaf may we open there ears worse will come

        [This poster is not to be confused with another user, “John/Dave”. – ScarletMod]

    • @ JOHN. I agree with you. You’re brilliant and I bet you’re handsome too. Can we date ? I bet we’d have lots to talk about. Like, worthless ‘Banksy’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banksy and the pointlessness of the printed word regardless of the medium. No wonder the Nazis burnt books. Only good to keep the jack boots warm once the ovens went out.
      And can you tell my friends the consultant pathologist, the law professor, the medical Dr, the film industry professionals, photographers, writers and sundry leading media people that they must then have moronic brains. Unlike your giant and amazing brain of amazingness which enables you to make such concise, useful and generous statements . Go you ! X

    • Agree with you wholeheartedly John, you speak for all right-minded, New Zealanders. This certainly is NOT</b? the time for a referendum on the issue of decriminalizing cannabis for either medicinal or private use.

      It is also definitely time for the spying laws in this country to be reformed so that vandals and morons like WLF are tracked down, stamped out. ACT will be in favour of tracking down these criminals and putting them into prison. We were able to track down the 1080 in milk formula with great police work and the same sort of resources should be used to track down these graffiti morons.

      And by the way, the more privately run prisons, the better.

      It's time this country got tough on law and order and in my view, depending on the crime, it should be two strikes and you are inside for a long time.

      • I thought you were being sarcastic at first, until I realised you are just an ignorant reactionary with nothing but fear and banality on your mind. Someone like you doesn’t need drugs, there’s nothing in there for them to work with!

  2. Non-violent civil disobedience action against injustice – LOVING IT!

    When I get off my graffiti charges for using chalk pen on Carterton Police Station, Wellington High and Appeal Courts, then you will be able to write what you want without conviction. Bill of Rights rules!

    • 100% Murphy

      Now government have corralled our MSM they have no voice so Government have actually now caused this action JOHN – KEY? is complaining of—–

      • Yes Cleangreen and now there is talk that National have now exercised their media muscle and used Mediaworks to align the right wing Paul Henry to completely dominate 7pm T.V. alongside 7 Sharp.
        Steven (dildo) Joyce has been working overtime.

  3. I applaud the WLF actions and look forward to many more of the same. It’s about time the cannabis community started fighting back against the persecution that has gone on for decades.

  4. I thought it might be French for ” What Le Fuck ? ”
    Next, you’ll see activism highlighting why there’s suicides, poverty and misery in a filthy rich and beautiful NZ/Aotearoa the size of the UK but with only 4.3 million people.

  5. Err! White graffiti on cream walls. Must have been stoned when they did that one.
    All non violent dissent welcome. We live in times where too few protest. Such is the pressure to conform and suck up to the multinationals and all the arsewipe in the mainstream media. Small actions like this make all the difference in the spectacle of everday life and a brief glimpse to say there is another way. With respect.

  6. I ask everyone, who has heard of this group before?
    Another thing: although I do not myself smoke pot and don’t encourage its use I have to say that that most of the people I know who do smoke it are usually pretty laid back characters and not into violence or vandalism.
    The whole thing stinks of set up.
    This “group” could be a drug distribution gang who fear that cannabis will be decriminalized which means bye bye to their profits.
    It could be a National Party set up to try and crank up support for their stand against decriminalizing pot. What better way than to engineer attacks on your own MPs and law enforcement officers, claim it is the legalize cannabis groups that are responsible and wear a halo around your head. It goes without saying that the MSM would be bleating their usual platitudes about poor undeserving government MPs “just trying to do their jobs and their lives being threatened etc.etc..
    It would also help to divert attention away from the National’s government’s dysfunctional slow meltdown that is happening before our eyes.
    In the second scenario, I would be surprised if the police made any arrests.
    If it is a genuine radical cannabis legalization outfit, they are not doing their cause any favours.

    • I thought the exact same thing, IE this is a set up from anti cannabis people..

      Just like the supposed anti tppa vandalism

  7. Wanky Lazy Fuckers. Wacked looser fellows, Womble lunatic fringe, I could go on.

    [John/Dave, please use only one user-name on this forum. Also, this post is skirting rules of behaviour on this Forum. Keep this up and your posting privileges will be rescinded.- ScarletMod]

      • dunno why those with a different point of view on a topic are always called trolls. That too is counter productive as it simply pisses people like me off who actually like some of what the left has to offer, like what the Greens man said in following the U.S. lead in going away from private prisons last night on t.v. Maybe you are the troll jono.

        [John/Dave, please use only one user-name on this forum. You are approaching the limits of my tolerance with your comments. – ScarletMod]

    • @ Big Handsome JOHN.
      I think you mean ‘ loser’ fellows. Loser is spelled L.O.S.E.R. It might pay you to know the difference. As in a scenario where one might shout at you ” Hey ! Looser ! ” which might mean you’d let go of something you should have held tightly on to. Like your sanity. ‘Looser’ means less than tighter. As in tightly wrapped.
      Mind you. You, and a lunatic fringe Womble might be worth photographing as the two of you cavort about in the wild, wild woods of an evening all pink and clean and straight as a die.

      You say you could ‘ go on’. Two words that must strike terror in your invisible friends.

    • …and on…and on …and on…and on …and on…and on …and on…and on …and on…and on …and on…and on …and on…and on …and on…and on …and on…and on …and on…and on


    • Yeh – John, funny guy – laugh a minute – you could go on and on AND ON ! like your beloved — ” days are numbered ” loser lunatic lying P M . Go on and on lying about how the war on drugs really failed everyone EVERYONE – waste of money; energy and lives. Out of touch politicians and lawmakers on their superior deranged pedestals.

      Morons are those who believe that folks have no rights and have no common sense and should have no choice to use a healing natural herb if they choose to. I smell ‘ over-militarization ‘ and ‘ Draconian laws ‘ on your breath John.

      Bet the likes of you and / or your family are invested in alcohol and / or tobacco ( Monsanto or 1080 ) or trying to get – Donky re-elected while the rest of the country continues going into deeper despair and frustration.
      They’re days are thankfully over soon. Enough is enough. Voters are waking up and smelling reality.

      Moron Trolls are the closed minded; judgemental folks who really think they are better than someone who chooses to smoke cannabis instead of becoming brain dead and wobbly with deadly over use of alcohol.
      Pour another glass of whisky or wine to numb the brain to be able to accept the fact that Legalized Medicinal Cannabis is coming – round the corner – worldwide. It’s a no brainer and then total legalization will follow suit.
      Just need to retire these insane politicians and judges and lobbyists and greedy corporations like tobacco/alcohol etc.

    • Just pause for a moment, John and have another snort of cocaine to make yourself feel better and then resume your rant about illegal drug users.

  8. With an imploding economy, thousands of homeless people, a health system collapsing that cant deal with an out-break of campylobacter. An education system that’s been undermined by privatisation and so on… a bit of paint on a wall or two is hardly going to kill someone? Is it?

  9. If defacing other peoples property, consuming something that will give you cancer, pissing off middle New Zealand so they do not vote for you and thereby never have the opportunity to even try your limited rare good ideas is your goal then keep behaving as you are. The right at this point has little to fear, which is a shame because the left have the odd good idea. The Twits on hear just turn people off.

    [John/Dave, please use only one user-name on this forum. – ScarletMod]

    • ” odd good idea ” – Oh thanks John for your non – astute and comical assessment of the left.
      The right has much to fear because ( for one of many reasons ! ! ) — their dirty politics and
      dirty games are coming to the light of day. The lack of ethics and greedy $ elitism on the right is staggering.
      People are waking up to what a lying unethical ” out of touch ” p.m. & govt. we are stuck with for a bit longer.

      What turns people off are those closed minded folks with the compassion and intellect of a block of hard wood.
      By the way John, cannabis ( for the most part ) does not, alone, cause cancer. Do some research that is not funded
      by those who have a vested interest in keeping cannabis illegal.
      Get your facts straight before spewing untrue nonsense.

      Likely, no one here defends vandalism but when politicians like ( Nikki Kaye and Peter Dunne etc. )
      act like idiots, some want to defend their rights; freedom of choice and want to be heard.
      After all we are the ones paying these politicians salaries, they work for us not

      Legalizing Medicinal Cannabis and Industrial Hemp could completely change the
      psychological and economical climate here for the better.
      NZ is still at least 10 years behind the times in many areas. Just look at the govt. we have had to suffer through.

    • John, look mate (heh), you are trying to bat well out of your league here & it’s a little bit pathetic to be honest; your spelling & syntax are appalling, in fact it strikes me that you don’t even believe your own bullshit because if you had any true conviction at all you’d proof read & edit out your manifold errors before posting, but let’s face it, if you were intelligent enough to do that you’d be smart enough to know you’re too dense to be arguing from such a redundant platform anyhow.
      You clearly are someone who is both intellectually & emotionally marginalised, a pathetic little man who’s mum & wife, didn’t & doesn’t listen to him so now you squeak out inflammatory taunts here so you can revel in even negative feedback because at least someone is noticing you. Go crack another can of middle of the road beer, drink it on your middle of the road couch and turn on the TV, the truth as you desire it will be spoonfed to you via a National Party controlled MSM & you won’t have to take responsibility for the painful realities that surround you.

        • Yes brilliant RAB. Disenfranchising those who could give you support has always worked before! Some of middle New Zealand believe the left has a bit to offer, but knobs like you come along and by your actions ensure the cigar smoking captains of industry remain unchallenged and their snouts remain drinking the gravy provided by to them by the working class.

          [John/Dave, please use only one user-name on this forum. – ScarletMod]

          • John. Give the Viagra a miss for a month or two then come back onsite … your misguided rants are sounding like Nick Smith without the dribble? Anyway. If you did have something interesting to contribute, and idea? That would be interesting to read?

  10. Oh my God … graffiti! This will be the crime of the decade I’m sure!

    Key, Collins et al will have the police tied up for ever and a day on this one! Handwriting experts will be called in to identify the offenders and the wrath of the Almighty himself will fall harshly upon those suspected of these heinous crimes of defacing buildings!

    Well done WLF 🙂

    Responsible cannabis use is the way to go, particularly for medicinal reasons where severe, debilitating pain is involved. Terminal illness is one such situation which should warrant its use, the effectiveness of which has been proven to give relief. I suffer from osteoarthritis, which at times disturbs my sleep weeks on end, particularly during winter, something I’m sure medicinal cannabis could relieve. If it was legally available I’d definitely apply to be able use it.

  11. JOHN just made an estimated $80 bucks from blogging here from the $15 price tag each blog he probably gets from his paymaster for spreading any rubbish in favour of JOHN – KEY.

    • not sure that saying the left has some good ideas would actually be something the right would want me to say?

      [John/Dave, please use only one user-name on this forum. – ScarletMod]

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