What Paul Henry is not understanding about the new GCSB laws



I’m yelling at my TV screen as Paul Henry manages to do the worst interview on the GCSB spy powers I’ve ever seen! It’s not like Paul is stupid, but his wilful ignorance is astounding.

Folks, there seems to be some real confusion about what this phenomenal change of powers does, so please let me spell out the main change.

The law Key rammed through last time under urgency allows for select law enforcement agencies to go to the GCSB and apply for the GCSB to spy on individuals.

Do we all get that?

Checks, balances, a clear paper record of what agency wanted the spying done, and why and the justifications.

We are all on the same page? It was controversial because the GCSB in the past was a signals agency for counter intelligence and allowing them to dabble in domestic spying opened all NZers up to mass surveillance.


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Here’s what this new power allows for. The GCSB itself is now allowed to directly spy on NZers.

Can you see the magnitude of the difference?

Under existing law people can be spied on if there is an active investigation of them by a selected few security agencies. Under this new law, the bloody GCSB becomes the decision maker to spy . It decides under these new so called ‘rigorous’ oversights when really the GCSB shouldn’t be allowed to operate its own investigations at all.

Can we see how this is such a huge difference?

The GCSB is the technical ability to spy and it helps our agencies to do that, allowing the GCSB to effectively create its own branch of investigation that grants itself these massive powers is an extreme increase in power that no one seems to understand.

All the evidence shows this surveillance power is used against activists, it doesn’t catch any bloody terrorists.

This allows for the GCSB to build its own investigative branch, seeing as it is utterly subservient to the NSA, this has all the ingredients of an agency directed by Washington over Wellington.


  1. It’s a frightening world we are seeing develop. I guess naive fools like Paul Henry think a surveillance state is ok, as long as it’s their party-of-choice in control.

    My Henry might not feel so comfortable if a left-wing government takes power. Will he feel relaxed then about the GCSB’s powers to surveil us? Or will he start railing against the neo-Stalinist state and the growth of Big Brother.

    Too late by then, Mr Henry. By then no one will be left to defend your privacy and liberty.

  2. Paul Henry is as shallow as a puddle and a danger to N.Z society . A con man if ever there was one.
    Media Works have a lot to answer for allowing a person of such stupidity and banality to have such access to the minds of everyday people.
    Just ask Hillary Barry!

  3. I dimly recall a time (and forgive me if this sounds like an Orwellian Winston Smith-ism) when it was revealed that Paul Henry’s [or it could have been Hosking’s] “script” was shown to have been written by National’s handlers.

    I have tried to search this, and sorry, I am a very fond and foolish elderly lady.

    Can anyone help?

  4. Great point Martyn and I agree ! Shine the lights and cameras on these politicians in bed with the mega – multi – national – corporations.

    GCSB – intruding on our rights and freedoms. All with the PM’s blessing.


    ” It’s not like Paul is stupid . . . . . ”

    Stupid is not being impeccable with our word.
    Stupid is making wrong assumptions to look like an intellect.
    Stupid is blowing your own horn obsessively over and over.
    Stupid is disrespecting others and stating untruths and being overly biased.

    Sounds like our dear lying delusional jonky donky puppets —
    the sad duo of John and Paul – con men with a smile and phony lines
    and they both really think they are funny and liked by the masses.

  5. But it wasn’t on stuff, NZHerald, or TVNZ news, so surely it can’t really be happening, we can all just go back to sleep.

  6. People are making a big thing about it being a National Government vs. a ‘leftist’ Government. The Urewera raids happened under Labour. It doesn’t matter who is in government, this power will be abused and people will be unduly spied on, harassed, demonised in the media, charged and then there’s no guarantee of a conviction. They will look to ruin people lives.

    We have a right to privacy!

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