Why Donald Trump’s language tells us more than what he says



What has startled so many pundits about Trump is his language. The ill educated offensive bullshit that seems to drip from his mouth with such ease has disgusted those who demand Politicians speak with the coded quaint elitist language that nods at the bigotry and corporate vested interests that hide behind the words rather than trumpet them.

Trump doesn’t do that.

Trump speaks like a talkback radio host on a meth bender.

And there’s a reason for that.

To win, Trump needs to get 7 out of 10 white male voters, and his spiteful angry reaction to being told he’s wrong is the exact same spiteful angry pride that you see erupt from many white men when they are challenged.

Trump is appealing to Nascar and Wrestling dads, this is a man who appeared on Westlemania to attack and bodyslam the owner of the World Wrestling Federation during a grudge match called ‘The Battle of the Billionaires’ and this pantomime of naked privilege has activated huge swathes of those who feel left behind who never bother voting.

Writing Trump off when the debates are still to come and the next dump of Hillary emails is being held off till October is foolish. This orange fascist is still very much on track to win the American election, and that should cause a deep shudder of fear throughout the world.

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  1. Donald Trump is a fascist. Putting him in the Oval Office would be akin to giving the nuclear codes to the likes of Hitler/Mussolini/Franco/Pinochet/et al.

    The man is not only a trumped-up (!!) racist and misogynist, but is a liar, manipulative, and so thin-skinned as to spark WW3 because China, Russia, or whoever insulted his choice of tie that morning.

    Jesus Christ Almighty, I’d rather vote for Richard Nixon.At least I’d know I’d wake up to a blue sky the next morning, and not the radioactive glowing ash-filled embers of what was once our world.

    • +1

      The world is getting scarier with the rise of neo-nazis, nationalists, and demagogues like Trump.

      The 1920s are indeed repeating.

  2. “What has startled so many pundits about Trump is his language.”

    Same goes for EVERY politician. As an English major who studied foreign languages for a minor and electives, my entire tertiary education revolved around the study of language, so of course, I view everything I read through that particular lens. So many times I have been berated because I “worry about the words, instead of the ideas.”

    Fuck. Right. Off. The words ARE the ideas. The way people use their words shows you the way they assemble their ideas and ideological/social/philosophical/moral/religious/political constructs.

    You MUST analyse their words if you want to properly understand their ideas.

    If the correct use of language wasn’t such an important issue, then why the fuck would politicians and business elites spend so much on making sure their lawyers use EXACTLY the right terms, or their spin doctors use exactly the right MISLEADING terms?

    Of course we must pick their words apart. Language is a gift that we all inherit, that costs us nothing (economically speaking) to enhance, and that even the poorest can wield as a mighty weapon, while even the richest struggle to prevent themselves from chopping off their own appendages due to complete and utter lack of skill in using it.

    Fuck the trolls. Tear their use of words apart. Make them stand for their statements, or fuck off because they can’t.

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