Was Malcolm Rewa a Police Informant?



It is a stunning allegation that Malcolm Rewa was a Police informant. The horror that the NZ Police may have protected a serial rapist because he was an informant is such an alarming allegation that it demands an immediate and independent inquiry.

The reason why the allegation is so serious because it suddenly makes terrible sense as to why the NZ Police never came down on Rewa the way they should have. It explains how he was let go repeatedly, it explains why the Police refused to acknowledge Pora’s innocence it explains why they’ve simply sat on their hands for such a long time.

Is the real reason the Police do not want to take Rewa back to Court because they fear he will reveal he was a Police informant?

If Rewa was an informant, and if Police protected him, EVERYONE involved in that decision needs to be sacked and prosecuted. How can any woman in NZ have faith in a Police force that protects a serial rapist?

TDB has launched an investigation inside prison to see if there is any evidence to this allegation, we will produce anything we find this week on this blog.


  1. How can any woman in NZ have faith in a Police force that protects a serial rapist?

    True, but no one should should be trusting them anyway.

    They won’t even own their culpability in the framing of Arthur Thomas.

  2. the ‘thin blue line’ are not called “the filth” or “bacon squadron” for fun, they have earned the reputation well in perpetuating a violent, racist and misogynist force culture virtually unchanged by multiple enquiries and (self investigated) Police complaints

    –from pepper spraying trapped prisoners, suffocating them in the back of vehicles, regularly allowing prisoners to die in custody, collusion on evidence in court to protect colleagues to even rape of a woman in the Kaitaia cells they are dirty through and through, not just a “few bad apples” as the god fearing Key voting Nu Zilundas like to think

    despite the PR spend and community liaison officers and a few top cops that can speak in multiple syllable words it is always wise to avoid them as much as possible, and certainly not to trust them in the normal sense of the word

  3. It’s okay folks – the NZ Police will ensure an Independent Police Enquiry to ensure they’re seen to be ‘Independent’ – and above all else, above board !!! ….. lol.

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