Cough-cough – Impertinent question time – Does Key’s fear that decriminalising cannabis sending the wrong message to teenagers extend to his own children?



John Key is doing the rounds of media this morning stating that decriminalising cannabis would send the wrong message to teenagers.


Does that fear of decriminalising cannabis sending the wrong message to teenagers extend to his own children?

I mean, if there were any photos that would damage this moral crusade of his, would that change his public tune?


  1. And being a lying, deviant, hair tugging bully and swindling fiddler of other peoples money’s the right message to send to teenagers then?

  2. But Martyn, Max Key came out and said he’d never smoked before… surely you’ll take him at his word like his old man… I mean these guys are genuinely honest people lol

  3. a case of slimey patronising smooth talking bastard ignoring the elderly and terminally ill people’s pain? …and using the State obsolete immoral laws as a means for illegitimate power and control and surveillance in order to threaten and persecute New Zealanders?

    ‘Is there appetite for change on legalising cannabis?’

    “John Key says despite the poll, he’s not a personal fan of changing the cannabis law. He says if Parliament were to decriminalise cannabis use, that would appear to condone increased drug use.”

    ‘Helen Kelly pushes for an overhaul of cannabis legal status’

    “A new poll shows more than eighty per cent of people want cannabis legalised or decriminalised for terminal pain relief.”

    ‘Legalise Cannabis party says poll backs their stance’

    “Legalise Cannabis party leader Michael Appleby delighted at latest poll showing two thirds of New Zealand want personal use of cannabis legalised or decriminalised.”

    (an excellent discussion on Morning Report !)

  4. Is there such a photo Martyn? Or is this just “Grassy Knoll”, “Area 51”, “9/11 was domestic terrorism”, or along the lines of Collin Craig’s ” not sure there was a moon landing” conspiracy theories. Chemtrails cause global warming.

    If there is such a photo, I would resign from my position as secretary of my local Skeptics Society. If there were such a photo, then it would be proof positive of the sort of political hypocrisy and political spin-doctoring expediency that I detest in New Zealand.

    However, Mr Key could claim he had seen the “alleged” photo Martyn speaks of, but had completely forgotten about it. Could that be a “get out of jail free” moment Martyn? Defective memory hits us all from time to time, does it not?

    Like not remembering a Springbok Tour stance, to prevent awkward silences in the rugby changing sheds after a win.

  5. That’s it DT ,our esteemed leaders memory fatigue, surely you know what causes that and err umm aww heck….

    • In the face of the neoliberal scourge being discredited by the IMF, “IMF economists have published a remarkable paper admitting that the ideology was oversold”

      smoking dope is probably the least of John Key’s worries at the moment. Time to have a sit down, light up and chillax (but DON’T inhale.

      Neoliberalism is a con.
      Neoliberalism is a sham.
      Neoliberalism is a fraud.
      Neoliberalism is a con.
      Neoliberalism is “cheating”
      Neoliberalism is “failing”
      Neoliberalism is “bust”
      Neoliberalism is “crisis-hit”
      Neoliberalism is “Oversold?”
      Neoliberalism is “where classrooms are being transformed into supermarkets” (bulk-funding)
      Neoliberalism “hasn’t delivered economic growth”.
      Neoliberalism has “left behind human wreckage and cost billions to clean up”
      Neoliberalism has been busted last year by “the rich countries’ thinktank, the OECD, made a remarkable concession. It acknowledged that the share of UK economic growth enjoyed by workers is now at its lowest since the second world war. Even more remarkably, it said the same or worse applied to workers across the capitalist west.”
      Neoliberalism is something where “Economists don’t talk like novelists, more’s the pity, but what you’re witnessing amid all the graphs and technical language is the start of the long death of an ideology.”

      Yip yip fucking yahoo “the start of the long death of an ideology.”

      Finally we are seeing that the neoliberal emperors have no clothes – and what a disgusting sight it is!

      href=””>You’re witnessing the death of neoliberalism – from within

      – by my partial namesake Aditya Chakrabortty

      The neoliberal emperor has no clothes, and the word is spreading. Light up, chillax and kiss the next election goodbye coalition.

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