And the Government are about to pass more spying powers


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As The Daily Blog pointed out earlier this year, the Government are again going to ram through law that allows the GCSB to spy directly on NZers.

The legislation rammed through last time allowed other security agencies to apply to the GCSB to spy on NZers, what this new law will allow is the GCSB to just spy directly on NZers.


How and why the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind are allowing any Government to have this level of power over its now citizens is extraordinary. It’s part of the double standards that exist in NZ Politics.


Helen Clark was crucified for signing a painting she didn’t paint, yet John Key’s Office colluded with the SIS to falsely smear Phil Goff in the run up to the 2011 election, was running  dirty ops team out of his Office  and has given vast unchecked mass surveillance powers to the very same Intelligence services that helped him smear Phil Goff.

If the Left was trying to push these powers through, the NZ Herald would be running editorials calling for an uprising,. John Key flutters his eyelashes and the media swoon.

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Last election, NZers said mass surveillance lies, allowing the NSA to record everything we do and dirty politics were fine as long as they could keep their tax free capital gains from National’s speculative property bubble.


TDB will do all we can to alert NZers to this new erosion of their civil liberties, but how can you stand up for a people who fall for everything?

Using ISIS to spook the sleepy hobbits is ridiculous when you consider Key was the one who decided to re-enter the war and make us a target.


At some point NZers have to swallow their pride and knowledge they’ve voted in a power abusing lunatic who maliciously twists fear and manipulates stupidity to give the GCSB, SIS and NSA stasi like powers that are an anathema to any progressive modern state.

This is how a Police state functions, it is not a healthy democracy.



  1. I’m never quite sure if the best way to counter this is to simply stop using the internet altogether or start posting a whole lot of inflammatory stuff to see if they really are listening and waste a lot of their time and money (at the cost of taxpayers) when none of it pans out.

    • You would probably have to name someone in the GCSB and spam the whole of the net to get them to take any notice or even get mad
      They will be on the opposition full time till the election so even if you had something really dangerous it would be passed by
      Just a gag on my part but I get your point
      This govt just aint NZ its the USA extension

  2. “This is how a Police state functions, it is not a healthy democracy.”

    This belligerent regime has declared was on us the people must rise up against this “fascist Government”

  3. This is why we have an opposition in Govt.
    Where are they now to stop this

    We only hear from them when its unimportant.

    Labour… where is your voice for the people ??

    • I agree, like on social security, the Labour Party seems to agree on too much the government does when it comes to spy agencies and other policy areas. That is why they will not get my vote. And they also are ambiguous re housing and so much more, not offering clear enough policies to appear attractive.

  4. I would have been surprised hat there not be further proposals to give both GCSB and SIS more spy powers and channels to communicate with each other. This government is wanting to create a little version of the USA, who have massive spying and data gathering going on.

  5. What a shame that the glorious opposition votes for every spying measure that the “power abusing lunatic” proposes. What does that make Labour?

    • Yep it really makes you wonder if their is an opposition they should be up this hard out instead of colluding

  6. “you can fool some of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you cant fool all of the people all of the time”, John ,no matter how much of the country’s money you waste on spamming the msm with your spin

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