GUEST BLOG: Arthur Taylor – my private prosecution against prison snitch confessions


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I will appear by AVL to present my case for Tamihere Case Secret Witness C’s name suppression to be removed . SWC , ironically , will be in Court in person – so , if you are there and you recognise him, please do not name him to anyone just yet , or the Judge will have you clapped in irons .

TV3 has applied to cover the hearing , so I hope the rest of NZ will at least be able to see edited portions of the hearing .

It’s important not only because it’s the first time a serving inmate has criminally prosecuted anyone, it’s important because it will show that the Police ought to have done the prosecution themselves years ago – if they didn’t have such a huge conflict of interest , having created the lying Secret Witness in the first place.

Arthur Taylor is  a prison activist and is TDBs blogger inside prison

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  1. Yes another dirty saga in our criminal justice system maybe another pay out day for another innocent person sent to prison with shabby and fabricated evidence from a un-reputable source someone has something to answer for here and heads should roll should Tamihere be found to be innocent after all these years.

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