GUEST BLOG: Ben Peterson – Protest at “The Block” Open home



It’s not controversial to say that there is a housing crisis in Auckland. With the cost of homes and rents going through the roof, the majority of working people in Auckland are increasingly being priced out of the market.

In recent weeks the nightly TV news has had story after story about the affordability of housing. Families have been living in cars or garages because they can’t afford the rent. Government has proven unable to adequately respond and it has fallen on the good will of local Marae to cover the gaps. A solution seems far away.

But the moment the TV news finishes at 7:30 pm, it’s like the problem goes away. For TV they go straight into their latest reality TV hit- The Block. The Block is a celebration of property speculation. Contestants are given a house, renovate and flip it in less than six months, winners claiming any profit they get along the way.

Isn’t there something sick about this situation? How can it be acceptable that while families are living in cars, night after night there is a prime time TV celebration of property speculation?

This weekend The Block is holding its open home. Aucklanders are invited to come and see for themselves the homes that the vast majority of them will never be able to afford.

Housing activists will be there too- but not to see the homes. We’ll be there calling for urgent action on housing. Housing needs to be a right, and homes should be made for people, not for the investment portfolios of millionaires.

The protest is being organised by Unoins Auckland housing committee. Meet at 12pm at the Saint John’s College PreSchool, 200 St Johns Road, St Johns, march to “The Block” open home, 97 St Johns Road. For more information see the facebook event here: 

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  1. Constructing a shantytown in Albert Park and occupying the space on a permanent basis as well as rent strikes (in South Auckland, for example, renters make up around 80%) would be effective. Rent-a-crowd token flash mob protests are not effective. Put it on the line, force the government to call in the army to put down the local serfs on behalf of our foreign overlords. It’s going to happen sooner or later regardless

  2. A great idea, it is time to expose the hypocrites for what they are!

    I also note how radio stations such as Newshub’s Radio Live have talk back and so where they lament the un-affordability of homes, but where they intersperse their shows with endless adverts by real estate agents, and property investment and developer operators, offering the best opportunities to earn quick and good profits from it all.

    How ridiculous the media has become, in on one hand paying lip service only when addressing noticed “issues”, but otherwise relying on the hand that feeds them, to do nothing really about it, but cash in on the news and ridiculous “entertainment” such as “The Block” that we are offered.

    Name them, shame them, expose them and challenge them!

  3. This is akin to broadcasting cooking programmes in East Africa in the midst of a famine.

    Bad taste in the extreme.

    We never watch this kind of rubbish.

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