Political Caption Competition


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  1. “Gee” says Judith Collins we got our own way after only two attempts, so now lets go and party…I know a Chinese mate who will give us a good deal on a feed”.

    Right now we’ve solved that wee problem…can we talk about Chester Burrow’s case”, says Police boss.

    “No way we don’t interfere with the courts, and Chester was the Minister of Courts”, replied Crusher smiling…

  2. Police directives have most certainly changed since National came into office.Protection of Government and not the people.

    • Ministers of the this National party seem to require more protection than any government, ever before. No coincidence, justs shows they are very aware what they have done has upset allot of people in this country, and fear reprisal.

  3. Both Collins and her defence team are fully confident of her being found ‘not guilty’ on Kauri and water rights theft charges.

  4. Collins seems to be up to “mischief”.

    Collins ” I am innocent of all corruption involving China borders”
    Clinton ” I did not have sexual relations”
    Brownlee “I did not bully airport staff”
    Key ” There is no housing crisis”
    Key (again)” NZ is not a tax haven”
    English ” I did not rort the ministerial housing system”

  5. Collins takes a page out of Paula Bennets book on saving money at the expence of people,WINZ and Justice are gathering money from people who should have it ,its theft.
    Collins has taken her share of money via China,a trip to China for business , hers and her husbands at public expence, all forgiven and forgotten it seems,courtesy John Key and National.

  6. Speaking of Chester Borrows, a short time after Chester made his appearance a serving policeman pleaded not guilty to a charge of perverting the course of justice, chose a judge alone trial, got interim name suppression and was remanded at large to a later date. Chester made the news but the policeman did not.

  7. “This nice friendly policeman will let me have a fiddle with his weapon.”

    “The sound of the shot and the recoil of the weapon in your hands is an unforgettable experience.”

  8. Unusual, but Collins can occasionally do the right thing and sends Binnie’s absurdist, credulous fiction to the dustbin.

  9. Crusher cannot resist a man in uniform …

    “… come over here big boy and I’ll show you a crushing good time. Hope you have brought along your truncheon, so we can make it a threesome.”

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