Waatea 5th Estate – Maori Children in care



Joining us to discuss the abuse of Maori children in care… 

Anton Blank , Child Advocate, Former CEO Te Mana Ririki
Paora Crawford-Moyle, Lecturer Social Work Massey University

Liz Marsden, General Manager Nga Puhi Social Services




  1. Great debate there. Agree that systemic racism has to be addressed, we have to face up to the fact that this is happening, but we just don’t need to openly talk about it, we have to do something about it, as it is a root cause to many issues. A name change, even though it’s a horrible title, won’t change the broker system. How many times has National changed the name of an organization or govt body at great expense, but the organization and/or govt body remains just as bad as it was? And let’s face it; the National government has purposely screwed up CYF’s even more so in its push towards privatization. I am not confident at all that making vulnerable children a private business and a profit driven one at that will turn out well. Just like the National government, Tolly doesn’t really give stuff. Don’t hold your breath for any good, proper and meaningful change under the Nats, wouldn’t trust a word that any Nat minister or MP said.

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