WAATEA NEWS COLUMN: Of course the Maori Party should turn its back on Helen Clark



Helen Clark called Maori who protested against her illegal land confiscation as ‘Haters and Wreckers’. 

The surprise by the mainstream media that the Maori Party won’t support Helen Clark’s bid for the UN says more about them than it does the Maori Party.

The mainstream media, who did such an appalling job of covering closing the gaps, the Tuhoe raid and the foreshore and seabed confiscation can’t fathom why the Maori Party wouldn’t support Aunty Helen, which is of itself an example of the problem.

Rather than challenge the petty racists within NZ, Aunty Helen dumped the ‘closing the gaps’ policy aimed at reducing the negative social stats Maori have.The petty redneck racists screamed that this was ‘favouring’ Maori, and instead of pointing out Maori had lost 95% of their land in a century, Helen simply rolled over and shut down any reference of ‘closing the gaps’. She was too frightened to remind white NZ that their privilege has left Maori behind.

Rather than demand the Police stop their illegal raid of Tuhoe, Helen Clark allowed it to happen knowing that looking tough on law and order would help her. There were no terrorists, but the Police had blown $14million on illegal surveillance and when you have thrown away that much money for hunting monsters, you have to find a monster. So rather than challenging the Police’s illegal and racist fantasies of terrorist training camps, Helen allowed it to occur.

When Helen Clark passed the largest land confiscation in NZs history by seizing all the foreshore and seabed she did so knowing that she was going over the top of the judicial process. When the Appeal court declared that Maori had a case to argue the confiscation, what did Helen do? Why she just legislated the theft.

Rather than challenge the redneck racists who thought the issue was about Maori stealing their beaches, Helen played to those racists.

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This is Helen’s record, playing to racists and treating Maori appallingly, and she holds this record up as a reason why she should be the head of the UN.

Of course the Maori Party should turn its back on Helen Clark.


First published on Waatea News


  1. The Media are immoral now with every word they shout at us inside is an agenda, for their own paymasters, we must now take back half of our public media asset of Media service for our opposition parties to promote an alternative approach to all current affairs we face today.

    Since half the voters are now without this alterative Opposition Political voice we don’t have any chance to promote the changes we need to grow within the conscious mind of all in future so opposition parties place the court injunction to take our half of RNZ/NZTV back so we have a voice again.

    • Yes agree we need a media that is independent but as along as you have billionaires that own the mainstream media you will always have huge bias we are seeing it now. The pnats do not have to advertise or lobby NZers as our media does this all for them so we only hear one side.

  2. I’m more worried about the Maori Party supporting and propping up the Natz who won’t even give out sanitary products or food to those in need.

    Maori Party are sell outs.

    • Yes National’s Maori party are sell outs, there’s no question about that.

      In fact, this is rich coming from National’s Maori party. What hypocrites, and they are in no way in a position to point the finger when for the last 8 and a 1/2 years they have been supporting the most corrupt, deceitful, lying, treasonous, punitive, anti Maori, anti Kiwi government in this country’s entire history.

      National’s Maori party supported the National government selling the water rights along with our money generating power companies, legislative changes to sell off state homes that have made people homeless The Foreshore and Seabed is still intact, Maori have been targeted to shore up numbers in National’s privatized prison scheme, Maori have sunk even deeper into poverty homelessness and despair, and the Maori language has declined markedly over the last 8 years, and all while the National Maori party has been “sitting at the table” getting personally richer, while everyone else gets homeless, poverty stricken and poorer and poorer.

      The Maori party should have turned its back on the National government, but instead they embraced it more with open arms. After the last 8 and a 1/2 years the author of this article in its defense of National’s Maori party has no legs to stand on.

      My fervent hope is that the Maori tory party are kicked out of parliament, along with the Nats, Act and Dunne next year, besides there are far more important issues to discuss when the tory Maori party and what it says is completely irrelevant anyway.

  3. Peters advised against signing declaration

    Winston Peters says when he was foreign minister he advised the previous Labour government against signing a UN declaration on the rights of indigenous people.

    The fact it didn’t sign the declaration is a key reason the Maori Party won’t back former prime minister Helen Clark’s bid to be the next UN secretary-general.

    “Between 2005 and 2008, as foreign minister, I advised the then government against signing up to the declaration on indigenous rights,” The NZ First leader said on Tuesday.

    “It concerned the sovereignty of this country and we opposed New Zealand’s laws being written by an international body thousands of miles away.”

    In 2010 the then Maori affairs minister in the current government, Pita Sharples, flew secretly to New York to sign the declaration.

    Mr Peters says most Maori support Miss Clark’s bid.

    “From my discussions around the country Maori seriously support Helen Clark’s campaign, especially in the north, as do the great majority of New Zealanders who have put aside petty politics in the nation’s interest,” he said.


  4. Hang on a minute mate….


    “”Having been removed from the burden of prime ministership and party political policy, she is able to advocate for the rights of people, for the human rights of human existence, so I have seen a change in the way she has conducted herself in the UN and I support her as someone who would be credible in the top job,” Ms Fox says.

    She says with her experience on the world stage, Helen Clark would probably respond differently now to a foreshore and seabed type situation.”

    I am very, very confused.

      • “Touche’ Rosemary, well spotted.”

        I can’t claim credit for spotting the previous Waatea News interview…that was a commenter on The Standard.

        Please, Waatea News team…explain.

        What brought about this dramatic change of mind?

        The Maori Party struggles to hold credibility for both Maori and non-Maori.

        Fox just may have scuttled the ship.

        • Thanks for that Rosemary. I would like to read that discussion, where on The Standard was it had please?

          Fox also lied about the army being involved in the raid, they weren’t.

          Your summation is right. Have you seen the media pulling up Fox over this? I can’t find a thing. Any other time the media would have been all over it.

        • Clark no showed at Pare Kuras funeral. She hasn’t excepted any of Ngai Tuhoes invitations. Clark is just to busy for Maori now a days. So I’m not to fussed if Maori are to busy to support Clark.

          TBH Clark can get stuffed

          • Parekura’s family understood and don’t hold a grudge Sam.

            “Former Prime Minister Helen Clark has paid a tribute to Mr Horomia, sending a statement to be read out at his tangi service today in which she described his death as a “Maoridom’s loss and our nation’s loss.”

            Miss Clark could not attend because of a prior commitment to be on a panel with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel in Hamburg. She told his family that she hoped to visit his grave to lay flowers when she was next home and sent a statement to be read by a close family friend of Mr Horomia during his funeral service today.

            She said it was a “huge regret” that she could not attend the service personally and spoke of her reliance on Mr Horomia for advice on Maoridom and Maoritanga.

            “Parekura was infallibly a source of good advice and insights.”

            She said she had relied enormously on his knowledge of Maoridom and Maoritanga.
            “Parekura was one of the kindest people I have ever known.”

            The sell out Maori party can get stuffed.

    • I used to be confused as to why we are a divided country but not anymore, a separatist party. Will the Maori party not learn from history and move forward.

  5. “Andrew Little said Labour had apologised for the raids and the legislation and the Māori Party’s stance was disappointing”. (radionz). The Maori party seem to out on a limb here .

  6. The Maori Party have revealed themselves as having no respect for anyone else in this country. Time they grew up and stop wanking.

  7. Helen Clark – turn coat hypocrite U.N. princess deserves no ones respect.
    She sold out. Good on the Maori Party for standing up against this greedy elitist corporate owned disgrace. Many years ago for a very short while, I was a fan of Helens until I learned the ugly and secret truths behind her
    buck tooth phony smile and rhetoric that fooled so many. She is a good talker, like Obama, both complete Illuminati puppets. Well trained and working for the elite. Agenda 2030 – check it out.

    The U.N. is not our friend and neither is Helen. They both have many hidden agendas that are not good for us nor the world.

    • Regardless of how you feel about Helen Clark and the UN, the Maori party sold out Blake, they sold out to the very things you despise, and have shown that they are hypocrites that cannot be trusted.

  8. If both Key and Little both support Clark (and I dont recall them being in agreement on anything before), then perhaps the Maori party need to engage in a bit of diplomacy.

    • So T boi’s call for more consultation with iwi over the kermadecs island land grab dosnt count in your books as more deplomacy or did you just wake up to this issue this morning when you saw a brown face and thought you’d better oppose the Maori party?

      • With the greatest of respect the kermadecs is not the issue here. The issue is should the Moari party support Clark for the greater good, or ore they correct not to support her because of historical actions.

          • Most Maori support Helen Clark, even Marama Fox did just a short time ago, so how do you explain Fox and Flavell’s sudden change Sam?

            • Just to confuse matters further, Rodney Hide said on radio Live this afternoon that opposition to Clark by Maori was quite appropriate, so there are plenty of views out there.

            • It’s what some in the industry call politics. Fox probably saw the polls like any other politician then U turned to come out against Clark.

              If memory serves me right it was Maori who abandoned Clark in 08 for her Fore shore stance.

              I’m Maori and I don’t like Clark like I don’t like Key both who but in the same light as Governor Grey. A bunch of rip offs.

              • Please refer to the links, that’s where I got that from. And Labour do have more support from Maori than what the Maori Party have. People need to realize that the Maori party does not speak for all Maori.

                • Two weeks ago Clark couldn’t give a stuff about Maori. Clark is above domestic politics.

                  Let me frame it some other way. It’s like if John Howard asked aboriginals to support his UN bid after his Northern Territory intervention. When Howard ordered in the army to arrest people based on made up charges.

                  Maori coming out in force for Clark is just not going to happen.

  9. @Dave
    “The issue is should the Moari party support Clark for the greater good”

    What “greater good” would be served by Clark becoming UN Sec-Gen? Seems to me that once again, as in 2005, this is about what is good for Helen Clark.

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