If your defence of rape requires “like any red-blooded male would”, perhaps you need a new lawyer


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“Red-blooded male”, Scott Kuggeleijn

The terrible case of a young cricketeer allegedly raping a young woman is as depressing as the defence the lawyers has tried to use today.

The young man seemed to think that 3 no’s meant a yes. The case has been covered widely in the media, so the basic facts have been established. After trying to sleep with a woman and having his offers rebuffed twice before earlier in the night, Scott Kuggeleijn decided 3 times the charm and forced himself upon her.

The defence seems to be suggesting that because the young woman didn’t fight and attack Scott Kuggeleijn on the 3rd occasion,  then that was consent.

The cherry on top of this shit cake is the defence lawyer trying to write this all off as the mindset of “any red-blooded male”.

The decision in this case will cut to the heart of our rape laws.


    • Only disconnect is if you don’t understand the definition of no.

      But more likely you are not obsessed with your dick as this idiot was.

      Well Done Bomber

  1. Fuck being polite. I say the woman should’ve had a petite, girl friendly can of pepper spray in her pocket. A blast in the face and eyes will douse the ardour of any bright young sociopathic narcissist who’s had too many pats on the head and not enough kicks up the arse. A nice wee squirt would have saved years of angst and anguish.
    Any woman who may be reading this? A thumb in an eye socket and don’t let go. Ever. Jam it in there. A ruptured eye ball does wonders for the libido.

    • And CB, we have a PM who also did not understand “No don’t pull my ponytail!” either, and who is also seen hob-knobbing with sports jocks in their changing rooms.

      These sportsmen are being elevated beyond what is healthy Kardashianism – even schoolboy rugby games are being shown on Sky TV.
      The PM rolled out the All Blacks to meet Joe Biden. The PM was in the All Black changing sheds basking in their reflective black glow. Rugby players are knighted more than any other sportsperson. All Blacks unlawfully tweeting on Election Day – whatever happened over that?

      And the PM conveniently can’t remember what his attitude to the Springbok Rugby Tour was!

      It’s a sad, politicized sporting country we now live in.

      • You bring up a good point DT.
        The defence might just as well say “No means yes” because this wasn’t far off what John Key was claiming in the pony tail pulling incident and if its Ok for the PM, then surely it is OK for everyone, right?
        Not as bad as raping someone obviously, but the same concept applies. A Red-blooded male should assume that if a female doesn’t try to gouge out his eyes when he tries to attract her attention then she actually means “yes”.
        As a society we sure have a lot to learn about what is appropriate behaviour.

  2. On another page I was told she didn’t verbally say no.

    I found that incredible. There are many ways to say “No”, without actually saying “No” including simply not displaying any enthusiasm, passive or active resistance, shaking head, body in defensive position or hands/arms out to block advances, signs of distress.

    And all of them are totally legitimate. And the person making the advance has to stop. Immediately.

    Something this nutcase clearly could not/would not understand.

    • I thought for a moment you were talking of Key and his ponytail fetish.

      Maybe this young lad just gives her a bottle of signed wine and she moves on.

  3. Until the majority of men who don’t rape, actually stomp on these idiots who rape. It’s never going to end.

    I say we change the law, and make it life for rape. A minimum sentence of 25 years to life.

    We change the way the court deal with rape, and we fund the whole process so men actually get convictions without re-victimising the women involved.

    Because to tell you the truth, I’m sick and bloody tired of rape, the lawyers who defend rape, with a culture and media who a soft on rapists.

    • All very well, but a parent of mine who was a nurse for the Police when they collected evidence from rape victims said that the number of rape victims who actually press charges is low for the following reasons:

      1) The court system does not take them seriously. If they lose, sometimes it feels like they have been violated all over again.

      2) The support for them by way of medical and social services is piss poor.

      3) The Police have gotten much better, but there is still some way to go despite the work done by people like Louise Nicholas changing attitudes. That work is essential if victims are going to lay charges in the first place, never mind whether or not they are successful in prosecuting.

  4. Martyn: “The case has been covered widely in the media, so the basic facts have been established”

    Oh no they haven’t!

    The jury may establish the facts, not the media.

    You also said: “Scott Kuggeleijn decided 3 times the charm and forced himself upon her.”

    Whereas it was stated in court that “The physical intimacy continued until the two fell asleep…”


    “He said the complainant may not have wanted to have intercourse, and may have regretted it immediately, but that at the time she did not say no.”

    So the outcome is basically a ‘he said/she said’ with few facts proven either way. No surprise then that the trial resulted in a hung jury.

  5. A Hung Jury, wow. High profile people seldom get convicted in this country because they can afford the best lawyers. At least this one didn’t get name suppression and aside from a now empty little black book, has a whole new trial to look forward to. Of course that pales in comparison to the extended trauma on the victim.

    What goes on inside the head of these egotistical predators?

    So when I held you down and forced myself on you, when you said no, you were serious about that? But, But, Don’t you know who I am? When you go out looking attractive, teasing guys like that, you must have wanted it, what did you expect?
    I underestimated your strength and when I heard I might get in trouble for what I did, because I knew damn well what I did was wrong or I wouldn’t have been worried, I even found time to phone you and apologise the next day. Bloody bitches, why isn’t she grateful I even gave her the time of day, after all it’s ME!

    What the hell is wrong with the jury, the victim’s trauma was witnessed directly after the rape and consensual sex doesn’t normally require an apology.

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