Political Caption Competition


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  1. ” Look at what all the corporate and bankers pay offs bought us.
    Balloons full of hot air and lies. Isn’t it exciting and they bought every word. “

  2. Send in the clowns … Hilly and Billy.

    Bet Billy boy is so hoping to return to the White House. Lots of play things in the form of young political interns there.

  3. Clintons balloon is about to burst,she sold uranium to Russia ,accused Russia of hacking emails,gave speeches in Russia for lots of money,
    Trump will have a treasure trove of opportunities to beat her in Nov.
    Trump waits for her stupidity then pounces on her boastful rubbish thats why shes not him .

  4. You can tell Shillary is taking money from pharmaceutical companies. She’s obviously high on something.

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