Kia Ora Gaza Fundraiser


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Kia Ora Gaza have launched an appeal to contribute $25,000 to the Flotilla from New Zealand. Kia Ora Gaza have supported previous  flotillas, and also been involved in international land convoys in 2010 and 2012. They donated three ambulances in 2010, and co-sponsored two ambulances for Gaza in 2015.

Kia Ora Gaza, in association with The Umma Trust, is hosting a dinner and cultural performances to raise funds for the Women’s Boat to Gaza Flotilla. This is on Sunday 28th August at 6pm at Mt Albert War Memorial Hall, with performers Moana Maniapoto, Tigi Ness and Palestinian dabke dancers, among others. One of the participants on the Women’s Flotilla, Marama Davidson, will speak and Ruwani Perera, who took part in last year’s Flotilla will MC. Tickets are $30 waged/$20 unwaged, available through the facebook event. Donations to the Flotilla can be made through Kia Ora Gaza. Fundraising efforts are also supported by the umbrella organisation NZ Palestine Solidarity Network.


  1. Touch subject, Israel involved. Consistent.

    But just a matter of the withdrawal being in house or whatever.

  2. Hmmmmm, I could swear I left a comment here as well.

    Oh well, just for the record,

    1. Israel is the prime aggressor in the region

    2. Israel should lift the blockade against Gaza

    3. Israel’s illegal settlements in the West Bank must cease, Israeli settlers withdrawn, and the houses handed over tom Palestinians whose homes were destroyed by Israeli aggression

    4. FFS, tear down that effing Wall!!!

  3. Your contribution in cash follows you generous contribution to public good generally.

    Fighting for those who are unable to fend for themselves and assisting those ignorant of vital information, has been you voluminous contribution by way of pen.

    And perhaps a little education along the way for those who give support to the perpetrators of growing inequity, if they are capable of absorbing such.

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