Waatea 5th Estate – Why is Cannabis reform not going anywhere?


Joining us tonight to discuss why cannabis reform has somehow slipped off the political radar

The president of NORML – Chris Fowlie

and former Green Party MP – Nandor Tanzcos




  1. Great debate!! Excellent summation there Martyn Bradbury. It is madness to hold onto stereotypical notions that don’t hold any truth, it’s time New Zealand changed its thinking and laws. If John key can spend millions on a vanity flag project, surely we can hold a referendum to make change that will help so many kiwis and that stops needless punishment and criminalization.

  2. Never smoked or had it in my system, canabnioids or the, but I believe the most important reason it is illegal is because the medical profession and drug companies do not want it competing with treatments for cancer and other diseases.

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