Four More Political Rhymes



Grandpa was a strict sergeant-major,
And daddy a man of the cloth.
As for me, Tessa May,
Well, I stand here today,
As the shrewd combination of both!



Black lives matter – at least if you’re black.
But let white policemen come under attack,
And the riot squad’s gear:
Batons, gas, guns and fear;
Will push all of America back.



Steven Joyce simply had to push “Send”
If his party he was to defend.
“Labour’s challenge defeated!”
He recklessly tweeted,
“We’ve waived Housing’s damned dividend!”

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The Millennials’ tales are of woe.
Student loans, housing bubbles, no snow.
They’d have life by the throat
If they bothered to vote
But they’d rather play Pokémon-Go.


  1. Now as for that Joyce
    the protest of choice
    Was a dildo of exquisite dimensions
    when thrown with glee
    by the public you see
    shewed groundswell of public dissensions

    And along came the bubble
    that ugly house bubble
    and the troubles of National became many
    Their Housing Corp dipping
    and political flipping
    and yet still they rort Pound and penny

    With family’s in cars
    not to drive but to sleep
    in garages , under bridges and motels
    This govt declined
    to help the low means inclined
    Now anger at govt’s become vocal

    For there was such a time
    before neo liberals time
    when Kiwis would help out their neighbor
    If a family was struck
    by being down on their luck
    We’d all hold them up with our labour

    So that unholy dark night
    endured under neo liberal’s sick blight
    nearly did and couldve changed us forever
    Fortunately for us though
    that enough of us now know
    that we beat it by banding together

    • Brilliant ! ! poem, extremely creative and so true.
      We are banding together and change is a coming.
      These greedy old white male sociopaths can not get away with it forever.

  2. TDB – why do you continue to not allow me the right to edit my comments after submitting it as you used to do ?
    If you do not like what I write, why not delete it whenever you want but please give me back the right to edit my comments when I choose to just after submitting then to you. Fair is fair.
    TDB – there is really no need to publish this comment. It is meant for you and not the public as this is an issue I have with you and I do not want it published. Thanks.

  3. a factcheck on yr millennial-slur….

    ..the widely reported 36% of eligible 18-24 yr olds voted in brexit ref is total bullshit..

    it was released by ‘sky data’…

    ..the real figure was 67%..

    ..still not the 95% of boomers who voted…

    ..and yes the argument still stands that it wouldn’t have taken that many more of those millennials to have voted to have changed the result/outcome..

    ..but 67% turnout is much better than the 36% big-lie generated by ‘sky data’…

  4. could i suggest you substitute ‘wrath’ for ‘both’ in final word of yr first one..

    ..the rhyming works much better – as i would submit – so does the word..

    ..somehow more complex/nuanced..powerful even..don’t you think..?

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