Waatea 5th Estate  – Can Labour’s Housing Policy Work?


Joining us tonight to discuss how the Labour Party’s Housing Policy impacts first time house buyers, state tenants and the homeless…
Labour Party Housing Spokesperson, Phil Twyford

State Housing advocate – John Minto

Research analyst for the Salvation Army and Child Poverty Action Group – Alan Johnson

And Social Housing advocate and head of Island Child Charitable Trust – Danielle 


  1. The 1000 new state houses is a starting point, and maybe it needs to be spelt out to some people, stop National state housing sale and it frees up thousands of state homes for people to move into, and a squeeze on speculators which, without saying it out loud, would include landlords, and coupled with Labour’s huge building plan, will drive down rents. That is guaranteed to happen. Deflating the bubble as opposed to popping it is the best course of action.

    What’s National’s plan? Maintain the status quo that’s killing off this country? At least Labour has a plan and it’s very much a comprehensive one that tries to cover as much ground as possible, it’s a start isn’t it? And isn’t this what people have been calling for? Good on them for trying and they shouldn’t be put on the back foot for doing so. I think some people need to get a grip, and are being totally unrealistic in their expectations at this stage. None of the panelists know better than Denise Krum, and she gets Labour’s plan, and that it will be built on, even Mr Minto conceded some credit, I thought the school level A to F grading was childish, never seen anyone do that with any of National’s announcements. Good on you Denise, shame the rest were so mean spirited. Instead of approaching the topic with aggressive hostility, they could have discussed the ways and means in which the plan could be expanded in areas of more concern.

    Pouring scorn in such a shallow manner seemed so counter productive, particular in the light of what Denise Krum said about National wanting the names, date of birth and winz id numbers of the people she’s helping for a tiny bit of funding. That should horrify and scare the begeebees out of each and every citizen in NZ, because that’s text book Gestapo tactics, and if anyone thinks National wont hunt these people down to punish them is in complete denial to what’s happening in this country under John key. And this is the kind of info we all need to know about, but most Kiwis don’t because the msm don’t report on it. Msm hide this heinous stuff.

    For me the choice to help my country and fellow citizens is crystal clear. Would rather have the Lab/Greens over the Nats. What say you?

    Gosh I have seen Alan Johnson on before, wish he had been just as passionately hostile when he talks about John key and National like the way he spoke to Phil. What a difference!! People really are afraid of the Nats, aren’t they? Obviously scared of losing their funding. What a mess the Nats have made of our country and people, when even an organization like the Sallies kick a potential gift horse in the mouth.

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