Despite golf games, signing away NZ sovereignty for TPPA + mass surveillance – Key doesn’t get his Obama visit



Spare a thought for poor old John Key. After golf games, signing away NZ sovereignty for the TPPA, passing mass surveillance laws for the NSA, colluding with the FBI to arrest Kim Dotcom on trumped up charges and allowing an American ship to visit NZ, Key has been denied his ultimate vanity goal, a visit from Obama.

Instead Key will get Joe Biden.

All that sucking up to America and no visit to show for it.

I’m not sure who to feel more sorry for, Key or Biden.

They’re coming together has all the appeal of stale white bread spread thick with margarine.



  1. He should have made an appointment with the real power players: General Dunford and Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. Obama, as the CEO of bankrupt US Inc is only decoration. Question for Mr Key: as US Inc is bankrupt and banks are falling like ninepins and gold bounty has been placed on the Head of the Rothschild clan and many others, is Mr Key taking around his begging bowl?

  2. Sovereignty was sold to the Chinese dictatorship with the Free Slave Agreement under Clark and Goff, actually.

  3. Key wanted to use Obama as a vote puller, like he did with the Royals. I don’t feel sorry that the tide has turned against the smarmy con and he didn’t get his way. The quicker that crook is out of here the better.

  4. What! No nice piccies of John Key and Uncle Sam’s head honcho to flood msm with prior to the next election in 2017?

    Ha ha. Dear leader expecting a visit from Mr Pres and gets his VP instead. Number 2 only good enough to visit our Johnny. What a hoot 🙂

    Obama playing with his insignificant Antipodean brown nosing boot licking plaything.

  5. Maybe key will use ‘Bid’en to make a ‘bid’ for his job when if he is kicked out of Government next year.

  6. Biden didnt come for Keys benefit but to tell him to prepare for American ship visit. Key is just a lacky for Obama. The writing is on the wall ,Key can return to his real home America and we can try to repair all the damage hes done.

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