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  1. ‘5 revelations from Chilcot’s damning report into the Iraq war’

    1.) ‘Military action was not a last resort’

    2.) British government ‘undermined authority’ of security council

    3.) Weapons of Mass Destruction presented ‘with a certainty that was not justified’

    4.) UK forces were ill-prepared

    5.) Post-war planning: Blair should have known what might happen


    ‘Chilcot’s forgotten witnesses – Britain’s Iraqi diaspora (VIDEO)’

  2. Key is about to head overseas again – is something going to be exposed in New Zealnd that he does not want to face? – he always seems ‘unavailable ‘ when something is…
    Martyn any hot tips…?

    • @ KIM DANDY … probably going to meet up with his offspring in Paris. NZH news (joke!) yesterday reported Max is meeting up with his sister Stephie in Paris. So maybe Papa J and Bronagh are joining them for a little break away from the horrible realities affecting NZ.

      Nice to know some people have plenty of time to go on holiday!

      However, you could be right. Perhaps the proverbial might be about to hit the fan once more, so Key is heading overseas to avoid the mess. No doubt National Chief of Propaganda minister Steven Joyce will be on hand, providing the spin to clean up whatever it is!

      Parliament is in recess for a month. Starting back Tues August 9!

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