New homes must be for first home buyers not investors – Green Party



National’s loan to help councils deal with the housing crisis is a step in the right direction, but risks failing if it doesn’t build affordable homes for first home buyers, the Green Party said today.

“John Key made no mention of building affordable houses with this loan, meaning any new houses could remain out of reach of first-home buyers,” said Green Party Co-leader James Shaw.

“The market typically builds bigger houses that target high-income earners, so the Government needs to put conditions on its loan to ensure affordable housing actually gets built.

“National’s loan seems heavily focused on building more roads, rather than actual houses. More sprawl and motorways will not solve the housing crisis, it just means more traffic, pollution and higher transport costs.

“This loan should be focused on building homes that are energy efficient and affordable, as well as better rail and bus networks in our major cities.

“The proposed Urban Development Authorities are a good idea if they can drive good, green urban development, and listen to what communities on the ground want.

“National has shown how not to do urban development in Christchurch, where CERA was given too much power to push through bad design with little public engagement,” said Mr Shaw.

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  1. “New homes must be for first home” so renters are not allowed to rent new good homes under the green policy? you would rather have investors buy shitters and rent them? Nice!

    • Nice try for a bit of deliberate twisting there, Dave. The thing is though, the audience here won’t buy it. You know full well what was meant in this blogpost.

      Try again.

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