A $1billion dollar bribe to developers using borrowed money isn’t a solution!


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When John Key told NZ we were on the “Cusp of something special’, did he understand the words ‘Cusp’, ‘something’ and ‘special’?

A $1billion dollar bribe to developers using borrowed money isn’t a solution! Pop up housing isn’t a solution! The Government getting off its bum building houses IS the solution!

  • We need 30 000 new state homes.
  • We need all State Houses brought up to a basic warrant of fitness.
  • We need Council and Central Government to build areas where ‘affordable’ houses are available to first time home owners only.
  • The Government should take land from developers under the works act to build these houses.
  • The Government should enter into partnerships with Iwi for more housing.
  • The Government should bring in a speculators tax against anyone owning more than 5 houses.
  • The Government should ban foreign ownership of any residential houses.
  • Renters rights enshrined in law.

This Government do not want to pop the property bubble they have built because it’s the only thing propping up the economy and the inflated sense of wealth the middle classes have derived from property speculation keeps them voting National.

The self interest to do nothing while pretending to do something is despicable. The solution is for the Government to take an active role, not leave it to the bloody free market!

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The only thing this Government can build are tax havens!

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  1. “When John Key told NZ we were on the “Cusp of something special’, did he understand the words ‘Cusp’, ‘something’ and ‘special’?”

    It just so happens that David Cameron said Britain was on the cusp of something special. I always wondered at the time why Key suddenly had this vision of something special for New Zealand. Turned out it was just a PR spin worked out by the people that both he and Cameron use.


  2. Martyn;

    This CONTINUING Neo Con/Neo Liberal plan to only “enrich” the selected provinces yet again of Auckland, Tauranga, Rotorua, and Queenstown is the same blueprint they are using for Transport also.


    Martyn On 5th Estate you must use the Rail Union folks (Wayne Butson ect’) onto the show to highlight the NatZ transport plan to rid the provinces of their rail in Northland, and HB, Gisborne, Wairarapa and Taranaki and other southern provinces also.

    I concur 100%, Martyn, the Neo liberal agenda is dead as it was a Global experiment for the Corporations.

    In the case of global Transport we all can see it is the neo liberals are not especially interested in rail.

    They do not connect the dots as we do, – to understand that only rail is good for so many reasons of environmental, health, and many other issues of, – safety, – as well as offering competitive choices in land freight and passenger services that MAKE EXPECIALLY OUR PROVINCIAL BUSSINESS’S ALL BENEFIT FROM ENRICHED ECONONIC COMPETITIVE TRANSPORT OPTIONS.
    We all need this to allow our business’s to survive in our isolated regions else we will all wither and die.

    While we see the Neo cons and their Neo liberal cousins, – both are spending all our taxpayer money against us all currently to build up the “Golden Triangle” of Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua, & Tauranga up to be the only hub in the whole upper regions of the North Island now while this is killing off the rest of the provinces in their monster planned business hub.

    Sadly a hollow insidious genocide plan they are devising against the populations of our provinces.

    The light in the tunnel is coming as – Brexit, Australian Election, US election, and falling support for National in NZ are simply a reaction to over used Neo Con and Neo liberal polices that leave others, (Provinces/States) outside in the economic light to wither as we all are..


  3. Yes, National’s housing plan is a joke, but that’s National isn’t it? They’re all about selling off state housing and letting the market fail. We can’t expect them to do anything more that create poverty and homelessness.

    Our housing problem was fixed in the past by Labour when they were left-wing, and it can only be fixed by left-wing thinking. The market will not deliver housing – anyone who says it can is causing homelessness.

    When will Labour return to their roots and put forward a state housing policy like Mana has for the last two elections?

    10,000 state houses per year. A simple 4 word policy. A state house for life is not radical.

    Come on Labour, swallow your pride and steal Mana’s policy. Burn the ‘affordable housing’ policy from the last election. Stop giving us a pale blue version of National. Stop being the kiwi version of Hillary Clinton. We need a Bernie.

    Does Andrew Little have the guts to provide the needs of the poor, or will he bow down to the wants of the middle class?

    • Labour governments always build good state housing Fatty, and the Labour party always offered policies for housing. Hone is on the same page as Labour and the Greens in that regard. Phil Twyford in particular, has been holding the Nats to account on housing for the entire terms the Nats have been in power. Stop the senseless Labour bashing, you’re giving the Nats a free pass.

      From labpur’s webpage: Tackling the Housing Crisis

      Home ownership is the worst it’s been in 60 years and our young people are increasingly giving up on the idea of ever owning their own home. The more the National Government denies there is a problem, the more it shows how out of touch they are getting.

      Instead of fixing the problem, National is siding with property speculators. They are too focused on looking after those at the top rather than families in the middle.

      Labour backs the Kiwi dream of home ownership.

      That’s why we will:

      Build thousands of affordable new houses for first home buyers.
      Stop offshore speculators from buying up our homes.
      Build more state houses rather than selling them off.

      Andrew Little and his Labour party have the guts Fatty, it’s just that you don’t like it.

      • “Labour governments always build good state housing”

        Really? Do you have a link to their state housing policy from last election? All they offered was an ‘affordable housing’ policy, which was aimed at the middle class. Similar to National’s. It’s also worth noting the housing bubble began in 2003. I’m not impressed with Labour’s housing policies over the past 30 years.

        “Phil Twyford in particular, has been holding the Nats to account on housing for the entire terms the Nats have been in power”

        Hitting National on their housing shambles is easy. Shooting fish in a barrel is nothing to be proud of. Putting forward a state housing scheme policy and other solutions is different. Also, where’s their policy to address the landlord’s unearned wealth gathering?

        Phil Twyford lost a lot of people’s respect after the ‘Chinese-sounding-last-names’ fiasco. He and Labour have a lot of damage to repair there.

        “That’s why we will:
        Build thousands of affordable new houses for first home buyers.
        Stop offshore speculators from buying up our homes.
        Build more state houses rather than selling them off.”

        That’s soft.
        The first one is what National already does, and the word ‘affordable’ cannot be trusted.
        The second one is based on flimsy data and will help local speculators more than it will the working class.
        The third one looks promising, but how many?

        They should change it to this:

        Build 10,000 state houses a year and ensure they are homes for life.
        Stop all speculators from buying up our homes.
        Strict rent controls and a housing WOF.
        Stronger renter’s rights, similar to Germany’s.
        A strong CGT.

        I’ve no idea why they want to stop foreign speculators and allow local speculators to continue wrecking havoc. Why not stop all speculation? Why does Labour have a housing policy that will benefit Kiwi speculators ?
        Labour are looking painfully pedestrian with their housing policies. Still failing to represent the bottom 40% and still not addressing the needs of the young and elderly.

        “Andrew Little and his Labour party have the guts Fatty, it’s just that you don’t like it.”

        If you’re happy with them, then that’s cool. Most people I know think their policies are soft and pandering to the middle & upper classes.

        • Fatty you are just full of it, your hate will eat you up alive and get you nowhere, and your assumptions could very well be wrong too.

          Go to Labour’s website, where it also states that more detailed policy will not be announced until the election, which is the proper thing to do, so you will have to wait. Phil Twyford didn’t lose respect, he’s gained much by taking on National, Labour were correct in what they are saying. You live in Auckland, you see it with your own 2 eyes. Labour are not lying, but National and John key sure are.

  4. We have entered the long-expected period of international crisis during which the abject failure of governments everywhere in the western world to come to terms with any of the fundamental issues -overpopulation, overconsumption of energy and resources, destruction of the environment for short-term gain etc.- will play out in the form of mass migrations, collapse of the financial system, collapse of food systems, and ultimately collapse of industrialised society.

    The approximately 70,000 people a year entering NZ to escape from rapidly deteriorating conditions elsewhere in the world will likely continue to increase to 100,000 a year or more, unless the government acts to prevent it. And we have seen that the Key government is a government of inaction (except when it takes totally inappropriate action, of course, such as promoting the flag referendum, promoting construction of yet more housing ghettos and roads get consumers to the shopping malls, promoting monoculture agriculture, and promoting corporatized sports etc.).

    The Key government is characterised by continuing abject failure as far as ordinary folk are concerned but is a government characterised by considerable success as far as international leeches, speculators and opportunists are concerned. And they are the ones who decide the results of elections.

    Therefore, expect more of the same until the system collapses under the weight of its own corruption and greed (along with energy depletion and abrupt climate change, of course).

  5. So what we have is a $1 billion dollar loan, payed by us, the taxpayer and residents of Auckland. When did Key and Nationals utter incompetence ignoring the housing CRISIS result in it being our fault and at our expense? Answer below.


  6. Legally allowing squatters to “crack” open unoccupied houses would pretty much solve the entire problem given there are 22,000 such houses in Auckland alone. Places like The Netherlands used to allow this, but it was banned in 2010. If you left a house empty for twelve or more months, squatters were legally allowed to break into said house, connect electricity etc, and subsequently receive normal renting rights.

  7. John key always says one thing but does another. No one should believe the lies from the treasonous John the Con anymore. Key’s true intentions were revealed earlier on 20th of June of this year:

    “Key said he had been approached by Chinese state-owned infrastructure companies and others willing to build both residential developments and the water and roading infrastructure needed to support those developments. But to do this, the Government would need to change the laws to allow the creation of these UDAs, which would then pass on development contributions directly to developers, instead of the Auckland Council.”

    Councils were never part of key’s plans in the first place, so quite the opposite from the bull Key was spouting yesterday, and we all know why he changed the wording for his public speech, don’t we? and it appears that behind this, is China calling on key to create work for its people, even if that means changing our laws in favour of foreign entities that by pass our own…what’s new? key has been doing that anti NZ bullshit for 8 years now.

    Martyn is right, key doesn’t want to do anything that will burst the bubble in tax haven NZ that he has created, it’s just more lies shoved down the throats of Kiwis, while behind the scenes he is orchestrating more undemocratic anti kiwi skulduggery that is at the expense of this country and our people.


  8. The discussion is one among headless chickens now, I fear, even Phil Twyford has demanded that we should allow more sprawl again, besides of also intensifying much of Auckland (i.e. building up).

    With that he put the dagger into the back of once so much praised Labour Party member and Auckland Mayor Len Brown. We are still waiting to see how “Kiwi Build” can be realised, as the calculations did not seem to work out during a previous election campaign.

    But Key does not care, he can tease the media and the laypeople out there with throwing some bits of feed out there, for them to fall over, like hungry chickens over thrown out chicken-feed.

    A billion over so many years, I heard, hardly going to make any difference, and it is also so designed, with rules attached, it will likely only go into further sprawl outside the existing urban limits, e.g. Kumeu, a former airbase and other areas. More sprawl, I guess, but who cares, the headless chickens are about, and running the show, one running east, one north, one south, one west, and nobody knowing where the others went to.

    And again, NOBODY addresses the demand side, i.e. the elephant in the room, high levels of net migration, boosting an otherwise stagnant, fragile economy. I told you before, Key is going to run this through until he will have got his fourth term, then he resigns, retires in Hawaii and sits down, between rounds of golf with the US elite, to count the money he and his mates earned by selling New Zealand and New Zealanders out, pulling the rug away from under their own feet, without so many even noticing.

    And some of these friends are the developers, rubbing their hands in glee, also we get this now:

  9. Couldn’t National use the money from the asset sales of OUR power stations to pay for building of more houses? Why do they need to borrow so much, surely all the asset sales income should cover this….. If not, where did all that money go…? Mums and dads…?
    Why do I get the feeling I’ve been robbed, and am about to be so again?

    • Absolutely right KD, daylight robbery.

      Asset sales money is being used to pay for tax cuts in 2017 (year of election, or on April 1st of 2018).

      Do you think New Zealanders will be fooled by the tax cut bribe, paid for by “Mum and Dad” investors buying half the Power Assets?

      Nope. Kiwis, like elephants, have long memories, but not quite as big in the ear department.

    • Yes, show us the money John !!! Interesting that there is not one question from the msm asking National where the money is coming from, yet they are not shy in screaming at the opposition to show the money along with a detailed costing, are they?

  10. You can’t win with the left.

    First you want the coalition of the “RIGHT” to do something about the housing crisis.

    Second, when they do come up with a plan to fix things, the LEFT will whinge and carp and moan.

    Best thing to do next election is to vote ACT and the 20-20-20% tax ingeniousness will fix all ills in this flawed democratic system.

    • Yep that will fix the housing CRISIS. The colossus that is the Act party and it’s loopy tax ideas will fix all ills. If, as you say, we have a flawed democracy, then you concur that National is undemocratic?
      You are very mischievous with your rant of the left(it’s what the right always do) when moaning that the left want the right to do something about the CRISIS. The left want the government to do something MEANINGFUL about the housing crisis, not as many commentators are stating placing bandaids over the cracks. Surely National have got more intelligent people other than the blubbering Nick Smith and the biggest beneficiary in Paula Benefit to oversee the housing portfolio. Maybe even someone in the Act party could, oh that’s right, they only have one.

    • With an open cheque book I’m sure Murray McCulley could fix the housing crisis although not so sure how much blood would be spilt.
      And you are right DSM, with the amount of corruption going on in this government, the left can’t win.

    • Your beloved ACT Party is part of the flawed democratic system, National stuffs you in its toy box amongst all its other rubbish until just before an election when it brings you out and tells you how wonderful you are.
      Ever feel like you have been used?

    • Sigh…. David see no more, the plan will result in nothing being done to resolve the housing crisis and unprecedented homelessness, while billions of dollars that John key will have to borrow gets siphoned off into foreign government coffers. Wake up and smell the reality of the last 8 years !!!

  11. “Pop up housing isn’t a solution!”

    I’m not so sure about this Bomber. The truth is there are empty state houses all around the country. But people don’t want to live in them because they are not enough jobs available where the houses are (and vice versa).

    Perhaps the public housing a forward-looking government builds would be either mobile or modular. For example, ‘tiny houses’ that can be easily moved on wheels to a site close to where they work, or cheaply disassembled where they aren’t need and reassembled where they are. I can imagine farms on the edge of Auckland being turned into temporary suburbs, which can be turned back into farms when the oil-driven food industry tanks, and people start leaving the cities to live closer to food production.

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