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Sorry for the outage over the last 24 hours comrades,


Sorry for the outage over the last 24 hours comrades, we had a technical issue which we had to spend a lot of time on fixing. We have a very small team here and when something breaks it’s difficult to keep things afloat. Which brings us nicely to this months contribution drive.

Brothers and Sisters, if you think The Daily Blog is an important voice in the NZ media landscape, then we need your contribution.

Putting together a 5 night a week 7pm current affairs show and co-ordinating 40 of the best left wing progressive voices each month deosn’t come cheap. The Daily Blog is the largest left wing blog in NZ and you know how dire the mainstream media has become so these few platforms left to fight back at the Government and corporate power are more essential than ever before.

If you are in a position to contribute financially, today is our last day of the May donations drive – please do so here. If you want to help us but can’t do so financially, please retweet and share all our work on social media.


In solidarity.


TDB Team

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1 Comment

  1. CLEANGREEN says:

    Yes Martyn,

    You has us all kittens again as like the last time you was called on by the police! we thought it had been again.

    Thanks it was just a blown radio tube eh! (Tony Hancock 1962 “The radio Ham”) copycat.


    I’ll send another ten dollars for the tube.

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