Wow, it only took 2 years for Key to take NZ from 1 to 10 in the global social progress rankings



And the ramifications of a corrupt Government intent on abusing power and creating a property bubble so their speculator voters prosper while the poor suffer just keep coming…

New Zealand slips to 10th on Social Progress Index

New Zealand has dropped from first to 10th most “socially progressive” nation in a new global index – dragged down by our soaring house prices and bulging waistlines.

This country came first out of 133 countries on the “Social Progress Index” in 2014 but dropped to fifth last year and 10th-equal with Iceland this year. Australia improved its ranking from 10th to fourth.

…if you voted National, this is on you now. This inequality and poverty is on you. This Government who don’t give a damn is on you. This Government who are more focused on smearing people actually working on the housing crisis than deal with the housing crisis is on you.

I appreciate the right like to scream it’s the individuals fault for being poor, but this Government have done nothing but foster policy that punishes the poor, not give them opportunity. This is on the National Government and those who support it.

What a selfish ugly little country we have become.

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  1. from the NZ Herald link

    10=New Zealand: Best scores for personal rights (first), tolerance and inclusion (fourth) and access to information and communications (seventh).


    Access to information? yeah right.

    Obviously this measurement doesn’t include our access to quality information and political discourse as delivered or rather, not delivered, by our MSM.

    It must be measuring access to some other type of information, perhaps the easy availability of Lotto results and latest real estate figures.

    (Not forgetting the snail-paced ADSL suffered by all outside the main urban areas.)


    So much for John Keys little political stunt to suck you all in .

    You have been truly and utterly conned and had.

    Aroha Ireland as she was called back then was made to be the pin up girl for John Key as a sign of hope for the poor of this country.

    Several years on?

    We now have people… no … WHOLE FAMILY’S living , – yes living – in cars and vans. Not to mention garages. And even under bridges.

    We now have parents who are full time workers on shitty unrealistic wages WHO CAN NO LONGER AFFORD THE RENT.

    That’s right , – working parents who can not afford the bloody rent . Let alone pay for power, phone, and a healthy , warm basic house to bring their family’s up in.

    And you call that a BRIGHTER FUTURE???!!!

    FUCK ME!!!

    Are you mad ? insane ???!!??

    And what did John Key do after elected?

    That’s right , – set about a program of privatization for state houses !!!

    And it gets worse!!!

    Not only did he and his idiot Nick Smith and co embark on selling off of state houses , – they demanded that state housing return a bloody profit for fucks sake !!!!

    I’m not even going to go there about the wankerism’s of Paula Bennett , – we all now know how she’s shat all over the Salvation Army and Te Puea Marae – the REAL HEROS’ in this saga….

    So here it is again , …just to coalesce in your minds the absolute dick arse wanker behavior of this Key led govt… just to reinforce again to you that no , … you are not imagining things… they really are as shit useless as they appear… have a good read and stand back and see the truth … absorb it and contrast it with the current state of New Zealand.

    And if you voted National last time… and you see them for what they are… for goodness sake’s don’t vote for them again…

    So here it is again… for your benefit …

    Let it sink in , – and if you feel a growing sense of rage and righteous anger building – don’t be alarmed.

    That’s only natural,… that shows your conscience is working and alive and well .

    And that’s only a good and healthy thing.

  3. Your damn right Martyn ………. by the way get back on the 7.00pm show, chuckles does a very poor job as your understudy…..!!!

    • My feeling entirely Martyn you took the words out of my mouth.

      “What a selfish ugly little country we have become.”

      This because key is a inhuman animal who has no emotions as he is just a greedy little money loving man devoted to living just to chase and screw others out of anything that he can capitalise on.

      Key has never grown up to be human since he was doing this to his sister in ChCh Elisabeth at 11yrs old playing monopoly I read his history on the web as Elisabeth complained of this.

      Sad man he is.

    • Martyn,
      You are a media god no one holds a candle to you now, and you are somewhat a cross between the late Paul Homes and Larry king!

      a very riveting individual. Keep it up we have a long way till PM Key’s fall next year.

  4. As economist, Shamubeel Eaqub, recently wrote in an op-ed published on Radio NZ’s website;

    We like to describe ourselves as an egalitarian society, where fairness and equal access to opportunities are unshakeable social norms. They are the pretty little lies we tell ourselves. We are not those things. Whether it is income inequality, home ownership, or building state houses, we stopped making progress in the late 1980s or early 1990s. Even our treatment of criminals shows that we are not egalitarian, nor equal opportunity.

    There is hope. We just need to add a little bit of empathy, love and civic duty to our blind faith in neoliberalism. We will be a better and fairer society for it.


    More and more people are starting to realise the the Emporer is stark bollicky nekkid.

  5. I’m beyond words as to how much I despise these National fools and a fair part of the Labour party as well.

    We can’t even vote to exit the EU in protest.

  6. Heard from two different sources tonight that QEll will abdicate soon
    Well that’s one piece of good news but more than a bit of a shock for the poor old souvenir mug and spoon collectors. The other is that multiple arrests will soon be effected for those who mercilessly wielded Power over Others forcing poverty and want and they will be removed from sight because once the truth of their actions is known there will be hell to pay.
    Humanity is on the rise. The meek are about to inherit the earth. Thank you God.
    Well done Richie for turning down what will soon prove to be not a lot.

  7. This happens every time Kiwis get a rush of blood to their heads and vote these fools into office. When oh when will we ever learn??

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