Waatea 5th Estate – Shewan tax haven report

By   /   June 29, 2016  /   4 Comments

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Join Andrew Little, Winston Peters and James Shaw to discuss the tax haven report

Join Andrew Little, Winston Peters and James Shaw to discuss the tax haven report

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  1. Words says:

    Great discussion, I enjoyed the show. Just a note. I applaud Andrew Little for NOT apologizing to Shewan, who doesn’t deserve it. Andrew Little should never be forced to apologize, (like John key and the msm are trying to do), for doing his job.

    Did people notice how John key tripped over his lie at parliament yesterday? John key said to Little: “stop apologising to John Shewan two hours before an All Blacks test and have the guts to get up and say in this Parliament that he’s sorry,”

    John Shewan admitted on Checkpoint to John Campbell A FEW DAYS AGO, that Andrew Little had not apologized to him. So even key’s mate showed that John key is a bold faced liar.

    Is there medical treatment for John key’s compulsive lying and habitual dishonesty?

    • Bert says:

      Interestingly Fran O’Sullivan has written an article on Key’s ability to look the other way when everyone else see’s a problem around foreign trusts. Fran goes on to adulate that Key is a clever man however. Really? He comes across as a buffoon.


      The one question I have however is, why has the Herald shut down commenting on these articles? O’Sullivan, Tevett, Hide, Roughan etc, fill the Herald pages with pro National spin that now goes unchallenged.

  2. Kim dandy says:

    The winner for the ‘One with the most conviction’ goes to ……
    Winston Peters!
    In 2017 all political parties better hope that the MSM is kindly paid off so Winston does not get to much ‘air time’ – he is a master of debate.
    He will eat John Key for breakfast!

    Great show!

  3. elle says:

    So no senior politition story about Panama papers?a fizzer or am i missing something?

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