Political Caption Competition


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    • @ ELLE … hee hee love it 🙂

      You know looking at the picture, you could be forgiven for thinking so 🙂

    • Very,very good Elle.–after research I found in tibetan max key is known as-!! xam yek!!–not sure what his fathers called,but i’suppose someone will know?

  1. Very very good Elle. After discussion with Auckland real estate agents I know that max key in Tibetan is -Xam Yek or Ye’k in north Tibet (near the border)

  2. Hurrumph !

    Falun gong anyone?

    Organ trade perchance? … to rich overseas benefactors?

    China the biggest perpetrator of execution of alleged criminals to pander to the organ trade?

    When I was doing a security course I watched in amazement at the NZ Police marching in solid rank upon Falun Gong members peaceably protesting the arrival of the Prime Minister of China…

    100 demonstrators being intimidated by our very own Police force …

    100 demonstrators peaceably protesting the genocide of the Falun Gong members in mainland China…

    The fear was on their faces as they stood up knowing that it could jeopardize family members back in their homeland… I was appalled at the Key led govt’s brown nosing to Chinese interests.

    And up marched around 30 NZ Police in phalanx formation which proceeded to intersperse among those people… the unsaid threat was clear : say one thing, move one muscle and you will be in trouble.

    I was disgusted to be witnessing that and heading towards protection of the rich mans ill gotten gains.

    I will never forget how that felt.


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