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Bill English admits he lied about cost to stop increasing paid parental leave

By   /  June 29, 2016  /  26 Comments

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Sue Moroney, the Labour Party MP who has tirelessly pushed for an increase to 26 weeks paid parental leave has a majority in Parliament to get the Bill passed, and yet the Government have managed to claim that because the law will cost too much, they can shut it down regardless of the Opposition managing to get a majority.

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We know that a baby’s first couple of months life are crucial for their development and we know that it is best for baby that their parent is with them, that’s why a civilised democracy extends to its citizens the opportunity of paid parental leave.

Sue Moroney, the Labour Party MP who has tirelessly pushed for an increase to 26 weeks paid parental leave has a majority in Parliament to get the Bill passed, and yet the Government have managed to claim that because the law will cost too much, they can shut it down regardless of the Opposition managing to get a majority.

Turns out however that claim of costing too much is actually a lie based on bullshit numbers…

English admits maths error in bill veto defence

Finance Minister Bill English has admitted he got his numbers wrong when he was defending his decision to veto a Labour Party bill to extend paid parental leave.

…so English lied by ‘mistake’ when claiming the cost was too great. Once again a National Party MP gets away with manipulating the truth and gets away with it.

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  1. Geoff Lye says:

    What else do you expect from these national party crooks but lies.

    Their leaders lies are now in-excess of 430 so why should Bill English be any Different.

    He knew the crap he got the figures wrong is total bull.

  2. elle says:

    When are we going to hear about the nat mp involved in panama papers ,we need to get rid of this evil lot double quick, or is the story taken down because of sherwins involvment?

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Here here, ALLE

      I look at this mans evil grin and I see behind that grin the same insidious deceptive manner as John Key has, he is perhaps a clone!

      We need these creeps gone!

  3. WILD KATIPO says:

    From the wanker who is called the ‘ Double Dipper from Dipton ‘ who once stated …

    ” We should be glad we have a LOW WAGE ECONOMY because that encourages FOREIGN INVESTMENT ” …

    And from the same who stated and implied recently …

    ” The concepts of the SOVEREIGN STATE are fast becoming a thing of the past ” …

    We have the same sort of wanker neo liberal sentiments regarding paid parental leave.

    And why does he oppose it?



    And the neo liberal wankers cant have that , now, can they…

    Profit over people and to fuck with the working class.


    Don’t be deceived in the least.

    This is the REAL and FUNDAMENTAL reasons why the arsehole English and his boss Key opposes this bill… because it would threaten the profits of their corporate and donation giving mates.

    Its time New Zealanders learn to call a spade a spade.

    No more soft soap or apologists for the neo liberal wanker.

    Enough of their greed and avarice!!!!

    Lets start by kicking these bastards out and introducing a progressive tax scale that FORCES the high income earners and corporate’s to pay their fair share of the tax burden.

    Lets start seeing our population as an investment instead of mere ‘chattels ‘ to be used and abused by the rich.

    Vote the bastards out in 2017 !!!

  4. mary_a says:

    I watched Sue Maroney challenging Bill English in Parliament today, questioning him on his dodgy numbers. English knew he had his back against the wall with this one, so Speaker David Carter made questioning the finance minister by Moroney quite difficult, jumping on her at every opportunity, making her situation very hard. It was appalling.

    After that, biased Carter went for David Parker’s jugular, when he dared challenge Murray McCully on an issue he was responsible for, the government double paying a public employee.

    It seems with this extremely biased behaviour from the present Speaker, what chance is there in exposing the incompetency and corruption of this unsavoury government?

    We deserve much better than this.

    • CLEANGREEN says:


      sad that parliament has been reduced to this suppression now to this level where our elected MP’s can’t speak freely any more on our behalf!

  5. doc says:

    Look the country, just could not afford it , give the man a break. if the bill had been past it would have to have come out of his rent allowance

  6. Mike the Lefty says:

    Bill English got his numbers wrong????
    Are we so stupid to accept that?
    The Minister of Finance, the financial Gandalf that has saved the NZ economy from the ravages of Labour’s Michael Cullen, made a mistake in his maths?
    I hope this comes up often during the next election campaign.
    “Vote for Bill English – the Minister of Finance who can’t even add.”

  7. Justme says:

    The Double-Dipping MP for Dipton certainly has shown to us all NZers of what sort of legacy Key and him will leave in their wake once they are no longer MPs. Their amazing ability to break promises(even pre-election promises) and to the point of absolute nausea to blame everyone else but themselves for THEIR mistakes shows a perfect arrogance.
    Not too long ago English said in regards to the extended paid parental leave that he was certain NZ cannot afford to use taxpayers money of such matters. Not too long afterwards he was ‘absolutely certain’ as to the cost of what something would be e.g the final bill for say the flag referendum. And yet as recently as March 2016 the final bill for the flag referendum was not known.
    During the flag referendum John Key was quoted in the NZ Herald(we will call this media outlet the John Key Mutual Admiration Society) in one of his articles that a change of flag ‘would make billions’ for NZ. Not too long ago Bill English had used almost similar words but said that a financial outlay ‘would cost billions’ for NZ taxpayers. Same use of the words “billions to NZ” but a change of words before such sentences.
    We can be so assured that Key & Co will again wheel out that NZers cannot afford extended paid parental leave but this comes within weeks almost of the fact that NZ will be spending of about $20billion of most likely borrowed money on the military.
    And so this government claiming on one hand they cannot afford to spend money on the people of NZ and yet are happily and without any qualms(lets face it but not one cent of THEIR own money will be spent on NZ)on their part will plunge NZ deeper into debt by spending it on the military shows an inept government and an arrogant government.
    Just after he became Finance Minister we learnt of Bill English’s ability to double dip when it came to accommodation matters. We also found out there was an $8million bridge built in HIS electorate of Dipton at NZ taxpayers expense.
    And so English’s ability to double dip and suffer badly from mathematical calculations shows he isn’t really suitable to be a Finance Minister of New Zealand.
    To date this government suffers badly from vanity projects whether they be a wasteful spending of $26million on the John Key Flag referendum.An expensive apartment in New York so the UN representative has some nice surroundings.An expensive mansion in Hawaii for the NZ Consul General. Thirty-four talking Beemers that to date I am sure we do not still know the final bill of.A bribe paid to a Saudi businessman.Expensive upgrade in government depts in Wellington.Constant tax-payer funded travel for such unworthy MPs like Paul Foster-Bell.The list has become almost endless but at the end of the day(as the awful saying goes)it is the NZ taxpayers who have become the ambulance at the bottom of the ciff by a spend-thrift government with absolutely no idea of what they are spending OUR(NZ taxpayers)money on. But then NZ taxpayers money is “easy come/easy go’ for a bunch of multi-millionaires like Key, English etc who will never use one cent of THEIR very OWN money on anything if they can avoid it.
    What a legacy this government is leaving us NZ taxpayers with. The legacy of gross incompetence and all due to wanting to be seen(photo opportunities).Such is the go of the arrogant when they no longer see the people but more likely the money. And even English gets all that wrong. What a legacy he has left us all with.

  8. Twenty years ago, the msm would’ve crucified this government for it’s lies, omissions, “mistakes”, and bendy-truths.

    Now, bloggers have to do it in their spare time, working on what little “nuggets” are thrown up by the msm; Parliamentary Hansards; OIA requests; and NZ Stats…

    I despair.

  9. Dale says:

    Well if you can’t afford to have kids without my money then don’t fucking have them!
    Wages in NZ are low enough without having to support other people’s wants.
    This kind of socialism is making us all poor.
    Stand on your own two feet and stop expecting me to finance your family. It’s hard enough to finance my own!

    • Words says:

      Hey Dale, but it’s not your money is it? everyone pays tax, including those you are rubbishing.

      If people like Ruth key thought like you, her son John key wouldnt have been born. In fact, no National MP/Minister would have been born. You probably wouldnt have been born either Dale.

    • Sally's Husband says:

      “Well if you can’t afford to have kids without my money then don’t fucking have them!”

      Spoken like a true Fiscal Darwinian! Only the affluent should have children, eh, Andrew?

      But then, where would you get low-paid workers from to care for you in your dotage, to feed you, wipe your dribbling chin, and your shitty backside, when you’re no longer able to care for yourself?

      Haven’t thought it through, have you?

      “It’s hard enough to finance my own!”

      Idiot! You did not “finance” your family! Your children’s education and healthcare was paid for mostly by the taxpayer. Including taxpayers who’ve never had kids of their own.

      So you little ingrate, just thank your stars you were born here, with the remnants of our once-egalitarian society to help you raise your family, and not the good ole US of A where a major illness could bankrupt you and send you living in an alleyway.

      You’ve never had it so good, Dale. You’re just too damned ignorant to realise it.

  10. Mike in Auckland says:

    Followed Parliament tonight, and the opposition raised this issue, but the Speaker, he was not interested, ruled the matter stood, and no Third Reading, no more debate, no more questions and no papers allowed to be tabled.

    English will laugh, haha, stuffed you guys up, haven’t I?

    Like some kind of medieval, powerful aristocrat, using an authoritarian ruling to shut the common people up and order them out of his yard.

  11. Kim dandy says:

    Sad thing is that again, due to this government, NZ children will pay the price. Life started with parental bonding, has been proven positive for both parent and baby, yet the Nats dismiss something so important to future generations in this country, even lie to do so. Sickening.

  12. countryboy says:

    The traitorous little prick is why everybody hates farmers. A deceitful, lying, shameless, clueless, classless little freak selling out his own kind for the greater greed.

  13. Andrew says:

    The true cost of extending parental leave will be women froze out of top professional jobs.

    • Words says:

      That’s utter bullshit Andrew.

      • CLEANGREEN says:

        Don’t waste words – Words on this empty head called ANDREW it never makes any sense.

    • Sally's Husband says:

      “The true cost of extending parental leave will be women froze out of top professional jobs.”

      I call bullshit on that. Evidence please, Andrew? Or are you just parroting any ole crap you read on Whalespew?

      By the way, Helen Clark never had kids and stayed in her professional career. No parental leave for her!

      And how did you righties thank her for her selflessness? By calling her a man-hating lesbian!!

      Fucking hypocrites the lot of you!!

  14. […] been a shocker of a week for the Government. Bill English was caught out using the wrong costs when he vetoed the extension to paid parental leave. The unemployment stats have been recalculated […]

  15. Words says:

    Bill English should be forced to apologize to New Zealand and given that he lied, why does National’s hate parents and kids veto still stand?

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Bill English should resign now, as we cannot be seen as conditioning a Minister of finance that accepts such low standards of Financial bookkeeping as this in a world of very careful austerity.

      We now look like a very foolish sloppy 1st world country with a 2nd world administration.

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