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  1. Ken Livingstone: Brexit fallout may tear both UK and EU apart

    (Published time: 24 Jun, 2016 13:26)

    “The UK vote to leave the European Union came as a shocking surprise to the British establishment, with Prime Minister Cameron announcing he’ll step down from his post. Meanwhile the UK decision is emboldening continental Euroskeptics to demand similar referendums from their governments. How will London go about parting ways with the EU? Who will reap the benefits of that decision – and are there any to reap? Sophie Shevardnadze asks former mayor of London and Labour party veteran Ken Livingstone.”

  2. EU REFERENDUM- The Real Face of the European Union

    This info has never been shown or never will be shown. The corruption runs deep. Perhaps the BBC might be interested in running this here production. – NOT. Serious when you have to come to youtube for your education…Fuck the EU.

    • The choosing of the United Kingdom to exit from Europe is a repeat of history when the United Kingdom decided to separate from the rule of Rome during the reign of King Henry VIII. These 2 incidences in history provide a remarkable similarity regarding an issue that was not really covered by the mainstream news during the run up to the EU referendum.


    This is just a question.

    Why, how, and under what circumstances did little Moko come to be in the care of this obviously dysfunctional couple in the first place?
    I genuinely don’t know, and I’d like to. Tania and David are not the natural parents are they?
    As I understand it, Nicola Dally-Paki is the mother.
    Why, and under what circumstances did she lose custody/guardianship of little Moko?
    Was Moko put in the care of Tania and David BY Nicola, or was it yet another of CYFS under-resourced-lack-of-monitoring failings?

    What a fuckup! Yet another fuckup.
    I’m only asking the question because surely to Christ we can learn something from this.
    I mean to say – if the natural mother voluntarily allowed care of Moko to Tania and David – What the fuck was she thinking?!!!!
    I really can’t believe (and I am hoping) that was not the case.

  4. The following should really be posted on Open Mike for 28th, but it is not yet available:

    @ CleanGreen
    What is your opinion of the latest announcement that light rail is now the option for an Auckland Airport link (running down Dominion Road)

    I fear this is going to turn out to be yet another half-hearted solution to an ill-defined problem – i.e. that the only problem is a link from Auckland Airport to the CBD.
    As much as I respect the research and views of the guy that runs the transport blog he appears to be in favour of the light rail option. I fear the planners (if we can call them that) are looking at this from a very Auckland-centric view.

    Of course the movement of passengers from the airport to the CBD is a real problem.
    What isn’t considered seems to be:

    – Auckland airport doesn’t just serve Auckland city, but the region as a whole.

    – Freight takes a back seat. We have time-critical produce that goes by air, and through Auckland International Airport. (Consider Kiwifruit from the Bay of Plenty for example, and other things being moved by road.)

    – They reckon 10 years to completion. In 10 years we’ll surely be needing regular rail links to Hamilton in the south and to points north where people will be living whilst working in Auckland.

    – We already have a couple of viable routes that could link to the heavy rail
    network only 9 or 10km away.

    – Can you imagine the disruption to the already existing gridlock whilst light rail is pushed through on routes that are shared with roads/cycleways et al.

    So basically in 10 years, we’ll end up with a light rail to the CBD travelling on shared right of ways, with no possibility of efficiently moving freight (and passengers) region-wide. Supposedly it’ll be half the cost (although I don’t really believe that), but we’ll again be stifled by an option that won’t be as flexible – i.e. in terms of freight, passengers, and generally being able to adequately service the region, and beyond more easily.

    Your opinions welcome.

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