Waatea 5th Estate – BREXIT SHOCK


Joining us tonight to discuss the shock Brexit decision, road tolling and redeploying to Iraq

Dita De Boni

Catherine Delahunty  

Tracey Martin

Deborah Russell


  1. Another excellent Friday night wrap up with the awesome host Martyn Bradbury, with this time, an outstanding all female lineup of panelists!! Excellent debate of views. The show should have an all female line up more regularly, and I have to say, Martyn’s shows are theee best to watch imho!!

    I notice Willy Jackson’s show the other night is not open to view/commentary, it’s no where. Is the reason for that because the powers that be know it will receive a lot of flack? Willy was basically a big softie on that ogre Gerry Brownlee.

  2. Great episode. What a talent Catherine Delahunty seems to be! Why are the Greens hiding such great MP’s!! If we had people like her in Auckland the Greens would have much higher party votes and Auckland and NZ would be a better place!!!

    Tracey Martin also came across really well, especially on public transport. It is a joke that the outlying areas of Auckland with no public transport and get nothing from the Supercity are now being tolled! So the government brings in more people, has little public transport and now those who are forced from house prices further out are the ones who will be hit by the ‘capital gains road tax’. No wonder with this sort of decision making BrExit is happening – I can only hope that the NZ provinces send the government a message next election by voting for NZ First or someone else!

    Deborah Russell showed the problems with Labour’s Nat Lite approach and why people don’t trust their cynical approach. Seemingly pro immigration and globalisation – it was about ‘educating the people about the new New Zealanders and how technology is the real disrupter. Sorry just sounds like dinosaurs with their heads in the sand there – how many people do the government think will be good in NZ, 1 million per year, 2 million? They have been importing people for 25 years while underfunding education and undercutting the ability of younger people to get a foot on the job ladder, while blaming the middle class prejudice for the issue and still the figures show has not worked economically. Just have a plan like Tracy says!

    As for the iPhone and kids chained in factories in China, this was dismissed as what people want. Don’t agree with that at all, we are supposed to support the immigrants in, but just turn a blind eye to modern slavery of immigrants so we can get cheap goods! Another bad Labour reading on the population of NZ!

    The only good thing was disagreeing with 5 eyes. NZ should be Pacific peacemakers not the eye of Mordor.

    Dita was good as always but clearly seems to put far too much faith in both the government and Auckland council.

    And Martyn needs to stop bagging the middle class Lexus drivers, does he want them on public transport or not?

    The middle class are the voters to get the hearts and minds of and historically have always driven world changes from Mendela to Kate Sheppard.

  3. Greece went through all the democratic processes to assert its independence and sovereignty, but got none of these things. It’s crushed and now effectively a colony of Brussels and the [EU] Central Bank,

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