Political Caption Competition


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  1. “We do have similarities, in appearance and in aspiration, but I do declare that Donald Trump does not emanate from the same gene pool.”

  2. “The rise of Roman Emperors has been my lifetime study, but I may have to be satisfied with the remnants of the British Empire as Prime Minister of England only – after Scotland and Northern Ireland exert their independence.”

  3. “The English, the English, the English are best,
    I wouldn’t give tuppence for all of the rest…”

  4. “I’m nothing like Donald Trump. For a start we don’t need to build a wall. We’ve got the Channel. And we’re only ‘repairing’ Hadrian’s Wall; the Romans actually built that, so you should address your concerns to Rome and all the other bloody Papists…”

  5. “Do your worst Merkel. We stopped you lot in 1940 and we’ll do it again now. This is England you’re up against here!”

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