Four Limericks – As Britain Takes Her Leave


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William, with a conqueror’s grin,
Told the English: “It looks like you’re ‘In’!”
But, after one thousand years,
It’s all ending in tears.
Europe’s welcome has worn wafer thin.


Sheffield used to make knives, forks and spoons,
And sang all of the Left’s favourite tunes,
Until Labour’s “Remain!”,
Drove it’s voters insane,
And now UKIP is over the moon!

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Scotland’s voters were all shouting “Boo!”
As the Sassenachs turned England blue.
“If you all lack the brain
To vote for ‘Remain’,
Well then, fuck-it-all – we’re leaving too!”


Nigel Farage cried: “Look what we’ve got,
Without having to fire one shot!”
He’s forgetting the price,
That Jo Cox was shot thrice,
In the name of – come on Nigel – What?


  1. Give me back my UK and my mini.
    warm beer and lots of jokes & stories.
    Gone is that serious sad sack lot of tories.
    Oh how I long for that scene of rolling green.
    Bring me back again to my ancestors home.

  2. 🙂 Very good @ Chris.
    Despite the fek I’d have preferred them to remain in – the whole thing seems to me to be Karma really.
    They fluffed their lines after 40 years of practice and never really got over their imperial ambitions (I mean the elite).
    Now watch them come grovelling to their former colonies.
    I hope the response is the two finger salute when and if that happens.

    It’s Britain’s 1981 Spingbok Tour really.
    This is all good fodder to the pundits, consultants and self-appointed ‘experts’

    Call me old-fashioned, but I think their are ‘learnings’ in this for all of us, don’t you possums?

    • Christ Almighty…… I’m watching BBC World News right now where the British pundits are already at it.
      Oh my gawsh! Apparently some of them still think they’ve got “their fundamentals” correct!.
      Maybe they’re incapable of those ‘learnings’ I was thinking about (above) ….. (going forward).

      Seems to me their ‘fundamentals’ must be a bit like incontinence pads.
      (Still full of piss and shit, but now only with underpaid, disinterested, disrespected, below-minimum wage care givers on hand to provide relief)

    • What a pile of crap Oncewastim. You know nothing of the UK and the factors that have led to this awful result. Smug Kiwis should keep their comments to themselves. Bloody colonials.

      • What makes you assume I know nothing of the UK?
        What makes you assume that a good number of my family are not still resident there (with citizenship)? – Actually now I think about it – probably half!
        I’m assuming you’re somewhat younger than I am.
        Also, don’t assume that my rant is actually a broad brush – it’s merely a reference to a large amount of UK ‘exiles’ that are present in places (or should I say ‘spaces’) like our public service, and our banking and financial services industry that really are complete fucking muppets riding on the wave of neoliberalism and colonial attitudes. It’s not unique to NZ either!.
        As I was watching that BBC World News analysis of just what happened (as they gasped and clutched their frikken pearls), I just thought the stupidity of it all was just amazing.
        The concentration on the symptoms (such as immigration, job shortages, the run down of the NHS, etc. etc. etc.) just astounded me. It hadn’t yet dawned on them that perhaps the ideology and public and social policy was the cause (you know – rather than all these fekkin immigrants coming over here taking all our jobs).

        If you think there hasn’t been an export of incompetent British muppets to our public service – AND NOT JUST FROM THE UK – Paula Rebstock case in point (often recruited on the basis of their superior accents) – then just look at the record.
        Of course we have muppets of our own. There’s one in particular that I’d like to export (we have several including the Speaker of Madge’s House), and I really don’t care whether he ends up in Hawai’i, Singapore. Hong Kong or London – I’d prefer China ekshully.

        You really don’t understand why people are beginning to get pissed off.
        I’m just grateful that this unfortunate ‘Brexit’ (check out that fukkin bullshit label for a start) result has – so far – been relatively peaceful.
        Not too long ago, the guillotine was in vogue, as was ropes and lampost crossbars. Thank Christ this is all quite moderate by comparison – but rest assured it’s building up for a pop (unfortunately)

    • First off the block will be the cuzzies out west – 2 July this year. They’ve been repeating the basic class since Howard and Rudd. Don’t seem to grasped the essentials – apart from the usual xenophobic stuff.

      For the sake of too many – let’s hope the incoming brew have learned sense, compassion, and a touch of civility.

      But, with the model of Farage now before us, I’m not hopeful. More insanity and despair on Nauru and Manus.

  3. It’s got to go down as one of the most stupid and crass decisions in many years – to subject the people to six years of punishing austerity and then have a referendum in watch you expect people to vote for the status quo. Cameron has got to be one of Britain’s thickest PM’s for many a year.

    • A terrific result for Scotland, they have every reason now, to ask Westminster for another independence referendum.

    • “Any short term pain will be worth the long term gain.”

      Yeah, like higher unemployment? Then you Righties will be blaming the newly-made unemployed for being “dole bludgers”. Isn’t that how it generally works; capitalists screw up the economy (think, Great Depression, 1987 Sharemarket Crash, GFC, etc) and then go on to blame workers for losing their jobs???

      As usual, you righties are ok with “short term pain” for workers as long as you get the “long term gain”.

  4. The Left are fumbling
    and Cameron is stumbling
    as the land of rolling hills and fogs
    votes to say it hates wogs

    • Well done ANDREW!

      Are you finally coming our way and denounce the failed “brighter future Planet Key” project.

  5. It’s only a referendum, Chris.

    Any true-born Kiwi can tell you what pollies do with referenda… No matter how popular.

  6. Time for John Key to hold a referendum on whether we sign up to TPPA or not.

    If TPPA is defeated, then Key should take the same brave decision as Cameron and resign.

    • +1
      I’ll be keeping an eye out for flying pigs.
      But you know …. as they say: The harder they rise, the harder they fall, and I suspect they’re now busy shitting themselves.
      I note they’re even now chastising Jeremy Corban for not making a big enough effort. J’accuse! Do they not have mirrors?

  7. This is what happens when you put the ‘economy’ before the ‘people’. While the economy might be booming under the EU, clearly not enough for 52% of British people who have found their living conditions worse off.

    The conservative government told everyone they were better off, the majority it appears were not and voted accordingly.

    When ‘experts’ lie constantly they are no longer believed.

    Size and complexity has advantages and disadvantages. EU worked better for the .1% and immigrants than middle England it would appear.

    While I’m still a bit shocked they voted BREXIT, we have to remember when Britain kept the pound the economists predicted it would be the end of them, so this may be no different.

    • Yep Save NZ “There’ll will always be an England” sticker used to sit on our school window in 1954 when I was 10!!!

  8. Well written, Chris, but is this all the Daily Blog has to publish on the Brexit today? Maybe it is an event that takes some time to digest.

    In my view it is a massive decision by the UK’s voters, to opt out of the EU. It will bring major consequences to both the UK and the EU, the whole of Europe.

    David Cameron has just announced he will give up his job as PM, by October. We are waiting for first official comments from Brussels, Paris and Berlin, we can see the stock exchanges worldwide having new jitters. We will have political and economic uncertainty around the UK and Europe for at least 2 years of necessary re-negotiations of trade and other arrangements.

    This is indeed a historic decision, and will to some degree also impact on us down here. The fifth largest economy of the world is also New Zealand’s fifth largest trading partner, I heard today.

    Stocks are down in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Korea and now in Europe, the British Pound has already dropped to a 31 year low. We may have a new independence referendum in Scotland, possibly also new developments around Northern Ireland, where most supported the stay movement. The UK is close to breaking up, I think.

    Some may think that New Zealanders will again be able to get more trade with the UK and that young New Zealanders can again more easily do their OEs there, but that may be an illusion, and the latter will now soon have to get separate visas to travel to the UK and the rest of the EU or Europe.

    Brits may be disappointed when they find their currency is worth less when they travel, when they need visas for the EU, when trade will slow, when new problems arise, e.g. higher prices for some imports and job losses due to waning trade with Europe.

    It all happened because many are disillusioned not just with the EU, but with political leaders and representatives they have, with the technocrats, bureaucrats and experts such as economists, always telling them what they must think and do.

    It will be a signal to John Key and this government, that unconstrained mass immigration can come back to haunt him and his government. The Brits were concerned about over a hundred thousand new migrants a year, but we have close to 70,000 a year net migration, far more per capita, costing us much due to a housing price bubble, infrastructure and other services not coping, demanding new investment we all ha ve to pay for.

    Key will be hoping that this will not send a signal to Kiwis that they can throw out a government that has after all overstayed their welcome.

    • “Key will be hoping that this will not send a signal to Kiwis that they can throw out a government that has after all overstayed their welcome.”

      Yes it has seeded that IDEA that we have HAD ENOUGH OF HIS BUILLSIT NOW.

    • As far as I know it is not binding, but the British government would be very foolish, asking for endless trouble to not follow the call of the majority of the voters. UKIP would gain massive increases in votes in the future, if Cameron would have clung to his job and if his government chose to ignore the voters.

      The Brits will leave the EU, no doubt now.

    • It isn’t binding …. but can you imagine the consequences of the political elite ignoring it?
      Unlike here (well at least at the moment – although tensions are building), there would be rioting in the streets.
      Oh how history repeats. Turns out it isn’t just one damn thing after another! And often its because there is a reluctance to learn (or get ‘learnings’) from it.

      • And there is no way that they will hold a second EU referendum, as that would just absolutely polarise UK society even more, and lead to serious unrest.

  9. The seeds of Brexit were sown many many years ago when numbers of people found that their only noticeable “benefit” from the EU was having to endure a host of pettifogging regulations dreamed up by pen-pushers in Brussels with a job for life.



        • Because German pension funds were exposed to foreign debt.

          You need to do more fact checking before making incorrect and biased statements.

        • Gee a breeze just past by saying Germany IS OUR SAVIOR??????????????

          Ha Ha Ha Ha. strange creatures abound!

          Germany does only for it’s own interests sunshine and no one elses be sure of your facts firstly.

          Yes NZ as awash with investments from German investment fund money and do you really think they wont push their agenda to maximise their own financial gain at our suffering & expense????????

          Grow up troll

  10. Our poor old Pry Minister, Key
    A bankster from the land of the “free”
    When Tony Abbott had gone
    And Cameron just hanging on
    Worried “When will it happen to me ?”

  11. I thought Gosman was banned?

    [Winnie: no, Gosman has never been banned. His opinions may not be shared by others, but he has behaved reasonably well as a contributing commentator. – ScarletMod]

    • Yes Winnie I thought so as he is such a tormenting son of a ………
      we need be vigilant here as he is one of many paid trolls sent to disrupt our free voice of the people here and they hate that..

  12. If you want music slow ask for largo
    People to keep shtum, slap embargo
    The UK now legs it
    Fuck me, it’s a Brexit
    The whole thing’s a bloody farrago.

    • Last line E-CLECTIC

      “Back in key largo”.

      I used to frequent Florida and many pom’s went to Key West or Key largo as a great spot on the Florida keys.

  13. Check out the latest Keiser Report.
    Probably the best commentary on just what happened I’ve seen so far – and that’s after hours of watching and listening to MSM BBC/SKY et al pre and post polling day.

    The best thing about it all is that it actually shows the ‘markets’ don’t actually reign supreme when people get out and take back their democracy. And localised democracy at that.
    It also shows just how disconnected from reality our MSM and many politicians have become

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