Well, well, well – 90 day right to fire doesn’t create jobs after all



It’s funny whenever I used to bring up the 90 day right to fire policy, there would be a flood of National supporters claiming that it was working, turns out they were wrong, the thing simply makes it cheaper for the boss man to abuse workers…

90-day trial periods do not boost employment, research finds 

The controversial trial period allowing workers to be easily sacked within their first 90 days on the job has failed to boost employment, research has found.

Treasury-funded research conducted by Motu found no statistically significant increasing in hiring by employers following the introduction of the 90-day trial periods in 2009.

Motu Fellow Isabelle Sin said the research used “data from every firm and every person in New Zealand” to assess the law changes’ effect.

“The main effect of the policy was a decrease in dismissal costs for firms, while many employees faced increased uncertainty about their job security for three months after being hired,” Sin said.

…so another workers right busting neoliberal myth put to bed. The problem is that the average National voter doesn’t care if policy actually stands up to scrutiny, they hate left wing people and values and the perception that it somehow damages them is all a National voter cares about. That the policy works is secondary to the spite it might cause.

We can see this mindset across almost every National Party policy – state housing, homelessness, welfare and private prisons – those who are seen as failing deserve to suffer as far as your average National voter is concerned.


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  1. I just heard the story on Radio NZ.

    Well, well, well, it seems National has been found out yet again bullshitting to the public. All in the name of job creation, of course, but in reality a further erosion of workers rights.

  2. It was never actually designed to create more jobs, that was just pure spin and National knows this.
    This law was imposed to please the ACT freikorps and it was designed to do two primary things:
    1. reduce wages
    2. make working conditions worse
    Must give National credit-where-credit’s-due: It has certainly done both of those although National kept that bit to themselves when they were spinning it.
    Now watch the government and the trolls (is there much of a difference?) slander the credibility of Motu. National wouldn’t believe any report unless it came from the Maxim Institute or Business Roundtable because reports from them always tell National what they want to hear.

  3. Give National, ACT, United Future and Maori Party 90 days to fix the Housing Crisis, Homelessness and gap between rich pricks like Key and his mates and those living in cars and on the streets?

    90 days then on your bikes – see ya later!

  4. So it hasn’t created any new jobs?? None at all?? The Nats have some explanations to make

    Especially when Radio New Zealand caught out Michael Woodhouse telling porkies this evening that the 90 Day Trial law wasn’t intended to create new jobs. So Radio New Zealand checked and lo and behold, the Nats had indeed claimed that very thing, that the 90 Day law would create new jobs

    Lying hounds

  5. My letter to Guyon Espiner standing in at RNZ Checkpoint tonight, yes this Deceptive lying of every National MP now is endemic.

    Dear Guyon Espiner Checkpoint for John Campbell,

    Listening to your interview of Michael Woodhouse today 17/6/16 was saddening , as the minister tried to just cover the subject with double speak after you asked if he had any proof that the 90 day plan worked to get more employment for people, he clouded the issue saying MBIE had several policies on this issue.

    MBIE uses “cherry picking” to glam all studies as they at MBIE did to our Gisborne Napier rail viability study, as we found it lacked any Ministry of Transport studies to qualify this as a balanced study and instead only had road contolling agency studies which promoted road use and not rail!!!

    See how cherry picking studies by MBIE works?

    Thank you Guyon for asking the hard questions of these cherry picking studies operator Ministers, from using MBIE rubbish.

    Grateful RNZ watcher listener every day.

  6. This is another example of the truth getting in the way of the lie is becoming a reoccurring reality in the life of this government and is a continuing embarrassment for the lie master himself John Key.
    Anyone who believed that the 90 day trial was other than a another mail in the coffin for workers rights is as deluded as expecting a Scotsman to pay for all the drinks in a pub crawl.
    Its not the worst deceit by our Lord’s and masters but another underhand attack on working people wanting security and a stable job and sold as a remedy to unemployment is as heartless as you can get.
    Unscrupulous employers are the only winners funny that!!

  7. “Quelle surprise?!”

    Next we are informed the earth is not really that flat, as the government had thought it was.

  8. New jobs can only be created if people are prepared to invest time, money and effort into new ventures, new industries, new services and establishing new markets for goods.
    Otherwise it is mostly just rearranging and reshuffling the workforce with little gain except by means of the elderly leaving the workforce and the young coming in.
    A look through the National Party website actually doesn’t say anything about all that, it simply puffs about the supposedly 83,000 NEW jobs it has created with its 90 day and special starting wage laws.
    The devil is in the detail: National’s definition of NEW jobs is downright spin. It classes redeployments, temporary jobs, contract jobs, trials and training (often without pay) as “new jobs”.
    “New jobs”!!!! ha ha ha!
    National never tell you how many “real” jobs it has created with its vindictive legislation, because there are virtually none.
    “We don’t want your ghost jobs John, we want REAL jobs.”

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