Waatea 5th Estate – Teina Pora


Joining us to discuss the Teina Pora case…

Hone Harawira: Leader Mana Movement
Tim McKinell  – Private Investigator & Free Teina Pora Campaigner
Murray Gibson  Defense Lawyer 
David Clendon MP Green Party Spokesperson on Justice


  1. I was on a jury once…11 white middle class racists voted a gang associate guilty of a crime there was no evidence he committed, they wanted him in jail because of who he was not what he had done or not done. Teina Pora juries must have been similarly prejudiced to see those police interveiw tapes and vote guilty.

  2. Kudos to Hone, he said it as it is, and people have to stop pussy footing around it, the police unjustly fitted Tena up, and quite frankly, why aren’t heads rolling over this? Yet again, it’s being shown that the police are above our laws.

  3. Paula Bennett was in the group that determined Tena’s disgraceful compensation offer. Says it all doesn’t it?.

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