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    • If only we could get the daily count put on the front page of each national daily newspaper, like the drought index or the Doomsday time clock used to be. (note for trolls – if you don’t know what these are then look them up on Wikipedia you ignorant pratts!)
      If people could look at the daily carbon count it might just make them sit up and take a bit more notice about what is happening to our planet.
      Perhaps the NZ Herald would be interested? (ha! ha! good joke)
      Seriously, perhaps you could ask the Daily Blog to have this on the front page every day.
      I appreciate your efforts Afewknowthetruth

        • Yes Mike the leftie,

          A daily count must be placed up there now as we see at times square with their deficit we should have the opposition Parties place a daily clock of both the Crown Deficit and the CO2 increases to show where we really bare headed.

          A wise man said a picture is worth a thousand words, so team you are all brilliant with this plan, martyn can you arrange the clock?

  1. I wonder how many corporations are breaking the law in NZ by doing business with investors like JP Morgan and Bank of America following today’s news in the Guardian about Cluster Bomb investors?

    According to the report they have linked to, NZ has tough penalties (see below), but predictably no reliable tools for finding such investors. I think it’s our duty to inform them.


    How is the legislation enforced?

    The New Zealand law defines penalties, but does not provide for supervision or monitoring tools.
    A person who commits an offence against the investment prohibition is liable on conviction on
    indictment to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 7 years or a fine not exceeding $500,000 or

    Were the New Zealand government to publish a list of cluster munitions producers, this would provide
    a strong tool for determining whether there is an intention or knowledge that the funds will be used
    to finance the production of cluster munitions

  2. @ Jenny – it is the governments job to protect the crooks.
    Sadly with National in power it is a case of ‘all for one and NONE for all.’

    • Yes, sadly I’m sure that’s how this will unfold. The law will be changed to protect business interests rather than human lives.

      Why is JP Morgan allowed to operate at all in NZ given the current laws on cluster munitions?

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