BREAKING: Privilege to the Max – Watch Max Key get exclusive access to All Blacks


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The tip line is buzzing from disgruntled people having to deal with Max Key…

This video has been created by, it is the All Blacks in the Eden Park dressing room last Saturday night after beating Wales.

And there again is John Key in the dressing room basking in their win. The players refer to Key and his mates as ‘Fish Heads’. But check out around 2minutes in, Key also took his son Max in there. What a gesture of privilege. That dude gets to meet David Beckham, then refers to him as ‘thick as bat shit’. He plays golf with the US President. He dines with the Queen and her corgis. He is flown to China with his father onboard NZ airforce 757 (paid for by the taxpayer) and is the first to step down the gangplank with his father on that Government trip. And now he is taken into the All Black dressing room where no kids of humble class (or elite for that matter) get to go unless they earn the right to play in that jersey.

Some loyal Nats are getting pretty tired of Max Key being the prime minister’s companion on everything important or otherwise and being presented by his father to the cameras at every opportunity, but are silenced by all this sensitivity around social media ‘bullying’.

It is getting so frequent and so in your face, it is becoming a political concern.

Here is the clip.


  1. “It is getting so frequent and so in your face, it is becoming a political concern.”

    Max has shares in the NZ Herald

    • Max has shares in the heralds? probably daddy’s birthday present or money someone else stole from the public purse to get him those rights to plaster himself all over the herald rag??
      This is becoming a joke and a political embarrassment. if I was still a national Party supporter I would be shamed at this now.

  2. Who honestly gives a flying fuck about what functions FJK takes his kids to. National voters have much more pertinent and challengeable narratives on their mind than this. The devotion of increasing amount on content on this blog to Max Key is honestly a little embarrassing.

    Does it really serve any purpose around working to change the government? The left already know what’s rotten about FJK, the task is surely about building a persuasive case to NZers who aren’t political animals that he’s lost command of the issues on all of the economic and social measures which matter, has no compelling plan, and is surrounded by incompetent ministers who are looking weaker by the day.

    We all know the voter psychology; ‘regular’ folks vote for things more often than against them. Build a hopeful case around the MOU and the increasing inevitability of the Labour-Green coalition. Key really won on that in 2008. They built up the contrast between a tired government with a prime minister too loyal to long serving shit ministers to get the job done, and an organised government in waiting who just had to sit there and point out to the public that said minsters were in fact fucking the dog. Right now Nick Smith, Michael Woodhouse, Gerry Brownlee, and Paula Bennett are most observably fucking the dog, and Key’s the one holding the leash.

    It’s kinda like Lynton Crosby’s ‘throw a dead cat on the table’ strategy, except the cat isn’t being fucked. The spectacle of the PM is letting it continue when he can see as well as the rest of us that the dog is, in fact, being fucked will soon prove too much for voters to stomach. Then it becomes win-win, because he is forced into the inevitable position of either denying that the dog is being fucked – when the whole nation can see that it is, quite plainly, being fucked – or explaining why he took so long to make them quit it, only to appoint someone else from within his caucus only for them to continue pumping away ineffectually where their predecessor left off. Seriously, won’t anyone think of the poor god damned dog?

    In the end, those regular folks in voterland will need little in the way of guidance to conclude that the only way the poor god damned dog will get some posterial peace is if they hand over the leash to someone else. In short, forget the PM’s bleached poodle, his ministers are fucking much bigger dogs, and they’re the sort which win elections when a critical mass can no longer stand the spectacle.

  3. What we see here is typical envy syndrome from the left.

    Mr Key and his son are spending quality time with each other and this should be off-limits from the bullies on the left.

    The PM is a regular guy, doing regular stuff with his family and if that helps him connect with young female voters and some hip, funky young guys, then that’s got to be great for National and it coalition of ACT, United Future and the Maori Party.

    ACT stands for family values, so a down-to-earth-dad spending time with his good-looking, intelligent son fits with what ACT believes in.

    • He just looks like a spoilt little brat being dragged around to me. It’s not appropriate to attend everything with his dad…imagine if every member of Parliament dragged their kids along, god, imagine the uproar if a woman MP took her baby and breastfed it in public. Also he’s blatantly using his position as JK’s son to become a celebrity…it’s crass.

    • NEWSFLASH: New Zealand becomes like North Korea’s Kim Dynasty.

      in 1948, Kim Il-sung Kim came to rule and was passed on to his successors: his son Kim Jong-il and grandson Kim Jong-un.

      In 2016, we have a similar sort of Key Dynasty. Max will be installed as successor, Paula and Judith will pout, but ‘tough titties’.

    • “….typical envy syndrome from the left…” WTF! The New Zealand Prime Minister, for the first time in the history of our country, takes his son along n what could properly be called “state occasions”. The ONLY reason that he himself is in situ is that he is the Prime Minister of NZ! He is not in the All Black dressing room because he is a private NZ citizen! It’s all a question of hats and we all know just how confused this man has been about the hats he is required to wear! May I suggest, along with others, that when it is a state occasion he leave his spawn at home!

  4. Hahahahaaha … so bloody what … I worked for a little while picking up the dirty laundry for the All Blacks and the Warriors – as well as the various clubs around Auckland.

    And their clothes smelt as bad as the junior footy clubs. And me not knowing many of them from a bar of soap wasn’t so wowed… in fact one AB pulled up outside the van on Queen St late at night and gestured to my boss… I thought it was some bloody hoon until my boss said who he was..

    Another time I was chatting with the French teams doctor… and he had a look of contempt on his face as he said ” they all need their mothers along with them” … I nearly cracked up laughing. The look on his face said it all.

    Privilege?… if you count picking up smelly laundry bags and saying hello to someone you don’t know a privilege … maybe Max could have lugged a few heavy wet laundry bags … he would have still got to meet the AB’s and Warriors…

    Thank God Im a country boy… when the suns comin up and the cakes on the griddle…

    Id rather say gidday to Alice Cooper or Ozzy Ozbourne if I had the choice…

  5. Max Key is nothing short of yet another free-loader on the NZ taxpayers. Like father/like son. Some habits will never change.
    Here we have the Key clan. The daughter happily takes her kit off for photo opportunities. The mother tries to give us the misleading impression she is a dog lover and cares about people. The son is an unemployable spoilt little brat who free-loads on every tax-payer funded overseas junket at every opportunity.
    And the father(Key snr)is a photo opportunity seeking self serving, arrogant ratbag who courts the rich and doesn’t give a toss about the poor. Talk about a group of ‘rent-a-free-loader’ that is the Key family.

  6. It’s horrendous that he is the “depression/bullying” poster-boy. What about boys from Kelston Boys School where a bit of bullying leads to death, what about the huge amount of young Maori committing suicide? What about the queue of kids with actual musical talent that never get air time? I’m tired of looking at the brat too. “Some people don’t have parents they can talk to” – well some don’t have parents who have that much money and as for working for things…how much as a young adult does he have to contribute to the household? For food, petrol, that ridiculous hairdo etc?

  7. Meh. Who would want to hang out in the All Black’s stinky changing rooms after a game?

    The All Blacks are John Key supporters. They’re a disgrace to NZ.
    I’m got no time for those roid-pumped morons. I hope they all get cruciate ligament injuries and their careers end early.

    • Right with you
      there Fatty! +1000.
      Everyone can see what’s up with Max. He gets bullied because he IS a spoilt talent free brat.And he is scared shitless. I am not without sympathy for him actually.
      If he’s got a spine he should get the fuck out of NZ .Make his own life. I did at his age and I’ve never regretted it.

  8. Like Key rugby has too much influence in NZ.
    If other sports got the all round support and money and have their code spread across 100 tv channels like the gods of the All Blacks then we would be a mature grown up country .
    These guys should make a stand and have Steptoe and son barred from the dressing room .
    Its only free publicity for Key and Draco and by letting them in only plays into Keys I’m a normal guy approach as we know is bogus too say the least.
    As for the tax payer funded trips they have been a rort for years and for Key too abuse it further just shows his contempt for spending our money we work bloody hard for.
    This is the sort of behaviour that if it was Labour in its third term the screams of outrage would be deafening.
    That’s what I hate about the Tories, the unacceptable becomes a right and a privilege just because they are the National party .
    That never changes.

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