Teina Pora was framed – that’s why $2.5million in compensation is a farce


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The issue the mainstream media are refusing to focus upon is the simple bare faced truth that this wasn’t all some giant mistake and misunderstanding, this was the framing of an innocent man by the Police who knew he was innocent.

The farce of the case has been picked apart now and it’s fragility is terrifying. This is all the cops in NZ need to do to  throw a person into prison to rot for 2o years?

Beyond the fragility of the case however is the reality that the cops framed a mentally slow young brown teenager paying bribes to prison narks and easily swayed estranged family members during a marathon questioning session so draconian that it was changed after the Teina Pora case.

The bloody cops knew they were framing an innocent man and then spent 20 years trying to ignore it.

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It is the NZ Police and their alpha male culture who need to be on trial here. The compensation of $2.5million would be acceptable if it had been a mistake, but this wasn’t a mistake. The cops knew he was innocent, they were under immense pressure to get a result, they bribed prison narks and estranged families for testimony, framed Pora and threw away the keys.

That’s not a mistake or miscarriage of justice, it’s a deliberate and criminal abuse of power by a Police force who are a law unto themselves.

The fact the NZ Police framed  Pora isn’t the lead focus of this terrible case is proof positive that the cops still have that power today.

This Government had $11.5million to bribe a Saudi Businessmen with ‘compensation’ after the National Party promised to lift live sheep exports and didn’t. This Government had $26million for a flag vanity project and has $3billion for tax cuts but a mere pittance for a racist Police force framing a mentally slow brown teenager.

How terribly ugly.


  1. We know all about how corrupt this government is, and how it favours certain interests, but with all this media hype and attention on Teina, I wonder whether we should not rather leave him alone, he has been through so much.

    It worries me more now what his lawyers are planning, a judicial review, which may well be justified for legal arguments’ sake, but it may risk him losing all, if the government does not play along.

    The lawyers did some pro bono work, and good on them, but I am suspicious, and worry, whether some of them may only push for judicial review, as that way they can get more large legal fees they can earn, while Teina may be little better off after all this.

    He has been left in between a rock and a hard place, but even though the compensation is crap, it can be used and invested wisely, so he can move on, perhaps get a little business going, get his own paid off house, and put the rest in a trust, so he is sweet for years to come.

    I think Teina needs peace after all these years, and true and loyal friends, and family, not all this additional, endless media attention, which is the rats chasing the bits of cheese and what else they can, to feed from.

    Really, leave Teina alone now, he must move on, and while another half or a full million may be possible through judicial review, it may mostly go into legal and other expenses, and much more stress.

    Teina should make a donation to Mana and AAAP, so the people actually fighting at the frontline, with little resources, mostly voluntarily, can get just a humble boost, to do more, which will also serve him and his own people, it only needs to be a little, rather than spend it on more high legal fees.

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