National’s shameful use of Teina Pora to overshadow Bennett’s latest meltdown and why $2.5million is a joke

By   /   June 15, 2016  /   28 Comments

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The compensation offered to Pora for locking him up for a crime he did not commit is pathetic because it doesn’t focus on the salient point which has been ignored throughout most of his case – the cops framed him!

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Rumour from the TDB Tipline has it that National rushed the Teina Pora compensation out once the magnitude of Paula Bennett’s latest meltdown dawned on the Governments strategists.

It worked, the paltry compensation has managed to overshadow Paula Bennett’s extraordinarily cruel tactics of smearing the very Marae doing the job she isn’t.

Using Pora’s compensation to distract media from holding Bennett to account for her latest spiteful knifing of an agency trying to help the homeless and showing up her inaction is contemptible.

Let’s be very clear – the compensation offered to Pora for locking him up for a crime he did not commit is pathetic because it doesn’t focus on the salient point which has been ignored throughout most of his case – the cops framed him!

This wasn’t some miscarriage of justice by accident – the cops knew Pora could not have committed the crime they were c charging him with. The level of violence and sophistication of the crime plus the fact only one pair of foot prints were found at the scene plus the DNA of serial rapist Malcolm Rewa being found all meant the cops knew Pora was innocent when they stitched him up for murder and rape.

The idea that Rewa and Pora would share in a crime was a fiction the Police knew wasn’t true.

This is why the case has been ignored for such a long time, the Police knew they had stitched him up and refused to acknowledge that for 20 odd years.

Pora has been framed, wrongly convicted, robbed of a life and gets a pittance back and the system that’s done that to him uses his compensation as a smokescreen for National’s latest assault on the poor.

Our ‘justice’ system makes a mockery of the word.



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  1. CLEANGREEN says:

    Yep Martyn,

    This corrupt lot are toast as they sprinkle money around now like confetti and wont own any of the blame for all their failed policies or even attempt to fix their errors so they wont happen again.

    so how sick are they?

  2. […] This is disgraceful and would be leading media attention if the Government hadn’t hastily decided to release the Pora compensation deal. […]

  3. m.gray says:

    They are sick from greed and selfishness and surely people are sick of them and this carry on

  4. WILD KATIPO says:

    So they take the best years away from a guy , – give him a token compensation , – and then use him as a political item to distract from the media and public gaze of the viciousness and immorality of the Key led govt to cover for yet another blunder by one of his minister’s , one Paula Bennett.

    If you think for one moment that the makings of evil , insidious individuals do not exist in either the Key led govt , the media and certain among the Police in this country , … you are quite naive.

    There are thankfully many more good people who do not operate in this fashion , – however all it takes for the reprobates and the immoral to be allowed to come out of the woodwork , – is to have an equally reprobate and immoral govt to unleash them.

    And this govt fits that bill entirely and grows more so inclined by the day as it approaches its 3rd – and last – term in office.

    • Smilin says:

      Yeah create a shit storm bigger than the one they are facing to get all the greedy outraged bigots screaming at them and the victim but neither can act on any of it so all the frustration and brain smashing gives the govt the high to get past the real issue, incompetence on all fronts creating a hole for the public to fall into and the real issue of fixing whats wrong in the police and the justice system just fades into a non issue
      New sound byte and a new day for boy Key to wake up to no hangover from this one even though it represents of 20 years of corrupt law practise

    • bert says:

      Yes and the worst part about this is that the shit will just flow off Bennett’s back yet the Marae and the guy supporting the homeless will be smeared for a long long time.

      The real truth, is that they are doing an incredible job.
      The best part is that Bennett will now be brandished with more excrement on her Wiki page

  5. Quick Thinking says:

    I think he got a fair financial settlement, more would always be nice however the chance that he would have earned that amount is small. What I worry about is how much he will be left with after his lawyer has paid himself then all the freeloaders who will use any excuse to ask for money as well.

    • Meh says:

      Are u fucken kidding me???? 21yrs and u think they should compensate for the income he could’ve or wouldn’t have made! Is thats what you think the compensation is for, loss of wages???? $2 million is ample, sufficient compensation for his earning loss over 21yrs?
      You are the kind of ignorant racist disease that rotts this country from the inside!
      Find a rope and noose it, don’t be like your other white counterparts and get all crazy and take your problems out of everyone.else and shoot everybody! Just end it quickly! We know common a white trait when life gets a bit hard you can’t find a solution you blame everyone else but yourselves, if that’s not enough you go out into the community and kill as much people as you can before you pull the trigger on yourself!
      Just skip that whole part and Just noose it!7

      • im right says:

        “We know common a white trait when life gets a bit hard you can’t find a solution you blame everyone else but yourselves”…haahaaa, the entire left voters and Maori! pot meet kettle!

      • e-clectic says:

        Ahem, moderator is the comment above really kosher?
        I hope not.

        • im right says:

          So you object to my post but ignore the ranting of MEH with this little snippet… “You are the kind of ignorant racist disease that rotts this country from the inside!
          Find a rope and noose it, don’t be like your other white counterparts and get all crazy and take your problems out of everyone.else and shoot everybody! Just end it quickly”. Yes one can see where your priorities are it seems E-Clectic!

          • Sally's Husband says:

            I see the standard of moderation is slipping, if comments like Im Right’s are allowed to stand.

            I thought we were supposed to be a notch above Whaleoil??

          • e-clectic says:

            IR – if you look at the indenting I was objecting to MEH’s comment. I’ll be more explicit next time.

      • Andrea says:

        For MEH: Are you religious by any chance?


        A little bit biased and inebriated?

        Wandered over from some un-moderated rant fest?

        Please: perform some more. Such a level of bile and venom cannot be good for you. Let it out, do.

    • AB says:

      “however the chance that he would have earned that amount is small.”

      This dismissal of the man as thick, brown, undeserving, trash will have been exactly what lay behind the police stitching him up in the first place.

    • ALH84001 says:

      Qickthinking you may be, but fair minded, you’re not.

      It’s a stupid thing to say that “however the chance that he would have earned that amount is small”. What the hell does that have to do with it?????

      This isn’t just compensating the poor guy for loss of earnings, but for LOSS OF LIBERTY, ffs!!! He lost his entire youth!!!

      What price do you put on that?

      It’s a penny pinching government that thinks that $2.5 million is a fair figure. It is not. The compensation should start at triple that amount, at least.

  6. Smilin says:

    As you point out Martyn the real culprits for Poras incarceration ,the police and the fact that this could have been stopped and the continuation of police to get away with incompetent practises for so long allowing the real perpetrator of the crime in this case, and following crimes committed by others allowing no accountability for the police to be disciplined and made to upgrade their operational practice to the level expected by us all if we had been made aware of the lack of diligence due in the police and that it should have been brought to the parliament for the enquiry that would have made this known to the public and demanded it fixed
    We do not have enough independent inquiry and advisory systems available to hold our govt to account about the policies that they implement with very little scrutiny to the public in what most of us consider core govt services
    Far too much power is available for ministers to make policy decisions without sufficient accountability or depth of reasoning to the public

    • Mike in Auckland says:

      The police are indeed to be held to account, and they do this kind of stuff much more often than most people in the public would know or even believe. I can attest to it, I have heard enough of stories about police officers lying, covering each other and even beating the shit out of people while in handcuffs. They also roughed me up once, after a political protest.

      And the claims by Amy Adams, that our justice system is apart from a few mistakes “working”, that is more absolute BS, as they make it impossible for most to challenge court decisions that may be wrong, or based on insufficient evidence. Denying legal aid, making it near impossible to get, and leaving those with little education and with insufficient other means without legal representations, that leads to many being locked up while they probably should not be there.

      When going on about the gangs, the police and failed justice system have a lot to answer for, as they actually create the fertile ground for gangs to strengthen in resolve and to gather new recruits. Prisons are like the apprenticeship places, where new ones learn the ropes to take on the harder crimes, once they get released.

      The “rehabilitation” they so often talk about is also just bottom of the cliff stuff, and it is often too late to help and reform people that have been damaged too much, after years of incarceration, in a fair few cases due to cops doing things like in the Pora case.

      We have nothing much to be proud of, when it comes to such cases, and the poor compensation offered. And then having a government try to make political capital out of it, that is just disgusting.

      • m.gray says:

        I have sat in the courts many times and seen two lines one for the brown people (namely Maori & PI ) the other for the white people. The brown ones all went out the back remanded in custody the white ones were released at large. And NZers say we have a fair system but many of them have never actually experienced first hand the institutional Racism that is deeply entrenched in our justice system and other govt agencies . Of course you are more likely to be charged if you are more likely to be apprehended. Have you experienced a police officer doing a U turn to pull you over and then we you ask why you were pulled over having to listen to his lame excuse because you actually didn’t do anything wrong. Its no wonder Maori people are full of so much anger and angst. Same old racist bull shert going on in our country. You only have to listen to the pakeha callers on radio about Teina Pora, disgusting and extremely racist. This is why Key is no good for our country he has divided it further and things are gonna get worse before they get better lets hope it isn’t civil unrest.

  7. Mike in Auckland says:

    i was incensed when I hard Minister Amy Adams go on about how well our justice system is otherwise working, claiming over 99 percent of judicial decisions are upheld and not overturned.

    What does she f****** expect, when they reduce legal aid to levels no lawyer wants to bother work for, when it is so damned hard to get now, and when it is repayable for even those that earn hardly enough to life on? When you deny people the means to challenge unjust decisions, then court judgments will not be challenged, and then you get such “success” figures, which are not different to a dictator running an election where only he is the one and only candidate, and then gets 99 percent of the votes that were cast and counted (while most did not bother voting).

    The moral compass does not exist or does not work within this government, it is also a great example of the hypocrisy of this society we live in, where sadly the silent majority believe this crap, and think, well, are we not a great country?

    And when the opposition is screamed down, and blamed for “talking this country bad”, then we are close to being a kind of dictatorship ourselves.

    Teina Pora was locked up in prison for 21 years, while innocent, after the rotten cops set him up and made sure they got someone found guilty, and locked away.

    That was not the only time this happened, and will not be the last time, and it happens more often than this morally devoid government and also most out in the public would believe.

    In New Zealand, if you are born in the wrong place and circumstances, and if you are not one of the “mainstream, law abiding club” of mostly white, middle class, busybody type “citizens”, then you will have a life of failure, isolation, marginalisation and stigmatisation ahead of you. Anything you will try will not give you much of a change, and you will be let this known all the time, by neighbours, employers, some teachers and bureaucrats.

    All this crap talk I hear, about “wraparound services”, “helping people” and “an egalitarian country”, where every one is “given a fair chance”, that to me rings hollow and like verbal diarrhea to me. It is stuff the elite and their mercenary servants go on about, and the majority of conformist idiots keep parroting this off again and again, simply to reaffirm to themselves their naive views of life and social realities, that are totally distorted and glossed over.

    Amy Adams should sink into the ground in shame for making such claims that the justice system is otherwise working well in New Zealand. Why does this country have more persons locked up in prison per capita than most comparable developed country in the world then?

    And yes, it was a strange “coincidence”, yet again, that this announcement of the minimum kind of compensation (with a legally worded standard BS apology) was announced by the government, when the social housing and housing affordability and availability crisis is reaching scandalous levels, and when Paula Bennett was up to her head in embarrassing shit again, what a strange “coincidence”.

  8. adam says:

    Can I just say, this is a nasty racist country. Our cops are racists, our legal system is racist and this government is racist, our institutions are racist and yet we can ever pull them up on it. It’s the height of rudeness to point out we have a society and systems designed and reinforced to suit white privilege.

    At least in South Africa and Australia they are a bit more honest about their racism. Here, everyone is so dam polite about their racism, they hide under a vernier of egalitarianism. They hide under – those Maoris did better than other natives, or what about the Moriori? We live in a country, out of touch with reality, because.

    The reality is — being brown, means you life does not really matter.

  9. Mike the Lefty says:

    The police in charge of the investigation will likely receive knighthoods or something for framing him – sorry – I mean for services to the state, a la Arthur Thomas and the Crewe murders.

  10. mary_a says:

    More creeping sleaze and slime from NatKEY, in an attempt to bury the disgraceful deceit and lies of Paula Bennett and her office!

    As far as I’m concerned, Teina Pora is deserving of much more compensation than the mean spirited and paltry amount of $2.5m offered him! It’s an insult to the man and his family.

  11. Bert says:

    And now Bennett has thrown her staff member under the bus as well as the journalist involved. But let us forget them and focus back on you Paula, after all you have loose lips.

  12. Helena says:

    A huge thank you to all those who fought so hard to expose this injustice.

  13. CLEANGREEN says:

    Key’s making it up again when John Campbell interviewed him outside Rainbows end at 3pm today.

    John Campbell said Allan Arthur Thomas got $4 million if adjusted to inflation so why didn’t he get more like Thomas got?

    The lying Key muffled some rubbish and dreamed up some excuse like Government has a system or guide to follow????

    God! get rid of this PM and his corrupt mob.

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