Success for National Govt – new bank opens!





In 2002, the Labour-Alliance Coalition gave us a new bank;




This year, National’s policies (or lack of) delivered us this new bank;

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New foodbank opens in New Lynn - Radio NZ - Generation Ignite - John Campbell


Nothing quite spells “success”  like a new Food Bank opening in a community near you.

Listen to John Campbell interviewing Jo Noema on her foodbank project, “Generation Ignite“. Truly a remarkable New Zealander.

Generous people like Jo are the reason that disadvantaged, impoverished families are able to survive. They are doing what well-paid, well-resourced National Ministers are tasked to  do, but are failing miserably.

When John Key promised us a “Brighter Future”, I don’t think this  is quite  what we were anticipating.





Radio NZ: New foodbank opens in New Lynn


Facebook: Generation Ignite




Dear Leader John Key sitting on his hands - Tremain




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    • Whooooooo boy….. all I can say to that is they will be caring soon enough… mark my words.

      Bring on 2017 elections.

      And beseech the Lord above to protect us from the wrath of the Northmen and also that there will not be an economic downturn so as to burst the housing bubble our goodly neo liberals Overlords have so carefully created… this day 11th of June, 2016 A.D….

      • 2017, or whenever. When it does all turn to total shite though, watch what happens.
        They’ll all be screaming like banshees, and trying to portray themselves as victims and expecting sympathy.
        Our politicians will need reminding of who the genuine victims have been throughout the neo-liberal nightmare and its demise.

  1. Yep,… and along with new govt initiatives they are selling second hand slightly used vans for family accommodation. Food scraps to be thrown at the vans as a sign of nAtional party generosity in lieu of the more food banks estimated to be needed for the growing underclass.

    Welcome to BULLSHIT KEYS brighter future.

    Remember this , John ?

    Not a lot has changed since then , has it John,… in fact ,… if you were to really be honest for once in your miserable life… you’d have to agree its gotten far, far WORSE!

  2. Wow, with all these food banks springing up around the country, we have a government succeed massively.

    This will be seen by them like total proof, that the poor can manage by finding alternative ways to get support, which is the ideal justification to start the next round of slash and burn, of benefit cuts.

    There are people providing help and that aplenty, like at the South Auckland Marae housing homeless, as we saw on Checkpoint on Friday, they even get donations sent from the USA and Australia, John Campbell was told.

    With such a massive tsunami of abundant food, clothing and all else there is, who needs fucking benefits then, cut em, cut em, benefits are nothing but a harmful drug anyway, cut em:

    I am sure Bennett and Tolley are right now making plans for new “reforms” in social welfare and social housing, there is no crisis, no need, the “so called” poor are drowning in goods and gifts and donations, like cargo cult gone mad, stuff pouring out of full containers.

  3. It’s a wonder that new Banks are not opening up all over the country, it is an absolute nonsense what has happened with the NZ Hosing Market, we have had dreadful Central Government and Regional Councils not planning for the country’s future. Also pandering to the oligarchs and property speculators, and the companies and families with vested interests in the building industry.

    The leaky homes crisis was manufactured by the Building Trade lobbying the Government to change the Building Codes, and when it all turned to custard the taxpayer picked up the tab.

    The middle class in NZ have been hammered and hollowed out, our Banker PM is driving the country and its citizens into huge debt which will transfer over to future generations, it is mindless car crash stuff and the only winners are the Banks and the Oligarchs.

  4. I suppose this is called “diversification”, under a government headed by a former MERCHANT BANKER. He loves people show initiative and ideas, and follow in his “entrepreneurial” footsteps, so creating many new forms of “banks” must be just the kind of stuff he was thinking off, to offer more diversity to the “market” of bank customers out there. Congrats to the food bankers, next we have shoe bankers, shirt bankers, potato bankers, furniture bankers, used car bankers, even water bankers and perhaps topsoil bankers, offering stuff to put into pots to grow your own herbs or vegetables, if you do not have a garden. Banking all over, banking galore, we are on the right track, the economy is growing, so are the banks.

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