Dear TPPA Activists – Why we must protest the visiting US warship



Dear TPPA Activists

How are you? I know, frustrated and angry. Watching Key with the aid of Phil Goff ram the TPPA through before the Auckland Mayoralty Elections remove him from Parliament is enraging. Thankfully the TPPA is so toxic and so against any Government’s interests, not even Trump wants it.

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It’s hard to see this as a blessing though.

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The sudden domestic shockwave against neoliberalism is a reminder of how much suffering is occurring from the economy outside the beltway.

That’s why it’s an obligation to continue and re-energise the shockwave.

Some will argue that we should welcome the US Warship because it won’t likely have a nuclear weapon on board. They would say this shows a success of policy, they would frame any opposition as just ‘anti-americanism’.

I call several shades of bullshit on that.

This isn’t about a 4 decade old nuclear free policy that helped define us as an independent people, this is about the here and the now and whether we have the same courage displayed in 1987.


Right now the US are trying to force us into a forced trade deal. The TPPA robs NZ of our political and economic sovereignty – we can not, must not allow easy passage for this abomination. We can’t willingly allow this far right Government to sell our actual democracy over to Corporate Overlords who have the ability to sue us if we threaten their profit margin!

This isn’t a fucking free trade deal, it’s a mugging. It is stand over tactics, it’s the constant threat that Corporations will sue us for any domestic law they don’t like. It weakens our democracy, it gives that power to Trans-Nationals whose immorality and malevolence are well documented.

It’s like handing the car keys over to Zombie Vultures on Meth.

Let’s not forget what the visit of a US Warship will mean to the wider geopolitical cold war chess match being played out by America and China in the Pacific.  China and the US are locked into a cold war for dominance of the Pacific to decide who is the Super Power. The TPPA is an economic national security leash locking us in step with US interests as a direct challenge to Chinese power.

A US warship being floated into a NZ harbour while that nation is currently attempting to steal our economic and political sovereignty must be protested against with every fibre of our ability.

We can not let the history books claim NZers welcomed a US Warship as it attempted to steal our democracy.

That would be a stain on our honour and a level of cowardice previous generations of anti-nuclear protesters, environmental protestors and Springbok Tour protestors would be ashamed of.

Every person who sees the TPPA for the threat to our country that it is, for every Maori rights activist, for every anti-GCSB and 5 Eyes protestor, for every Unionist, for every Environmentalist, for every former Anti-Aparthied activist, for every social justice fighter, for every anti-nuclear protestor – we should collectively rage against this machine of war because its presence while it attempts to throttle our Parliament can not pass without us showing our contempt.

It’s time to come off the fence and show America that we won’t allow our sovereignty to be stolen like this. If we can bring together the same numbers we did at the last TPPA protest, we can shut the city and harbour down and send a message to the entire watching global media that we won’t take the TPPA lying down.

TDB will be holding a meeting in Auckland in July for interested organisations and protest groups to start building resistance.

I urge you all to attend and get the word out. We can’t let this pass on our watch.

Kia Kaha.



  1. Warshington’s man is our Prime Mover of subservience as a vassal state to our overlord the U$ hegemony both military and economic. It’s my belief he’s been paid off and groomed to eventually be our PM. Because that’s the U$ way of doing business hand in hand with the CIA. You cooperate we reward you big time you don’t? then we’ll undermine you every way we can until one of ours gets into power. Just look at the U$ coup in Brazil right now.

    • As for the TPPA Is a corporate manifesto that relegates the role of the state to that of a butler for business interests it’s impossible to reconcile it with the needs of kiwis who’ll be the serfs in the corporate neoliberal order.

  2. Correct bomber. We should not pay heed to the misguided advice of Nicky Hager et al, that commits us to accepting the US warmongers policy of aggressively containing China. This visit is another instance of ‘gunboat’ diplomacy long used by the imperialist powers to soften us up to fight their wars for them.

    The US can only prevent its eclipse by the rising global powers, Russia and China, by military means. All attempts to contain Russia and China by economic means such as “free trade” i.e. protectionist blocs, tariff wars and other big boy bullying, cannot succeed because they will not buckle to US rule. US ‘hegemony’ relies on being able to convince its allies to go to war.

    No doubt the NACTs are being pressured to spend $20 billion to re-arm the NZ military so that our pathetic posturing suckers us into a nuclear holocaust to keep the world safe for the .01% who rule America and want to rule the world.

    • So that is what Clapper was doing here a few months ago. Telling NZ to up its military forces so they can support the USA in its wars of aggression. Actually I am all for a strong independant NZ military so why not score some bargains as long as they are not used to support the evil empire.

    • I reckon ALL foreign war ships deserve to be protested against, not just the US ones, who have been absent for a while, while others have paid us a fair few visits.

  3. “Right now the US are trying to force us into a forced trade deal.”

    No, the US are not trying to force us to do anything. We are free to join and free to leave.

      • I don’t share your antipathy toward the TPP. IMHO the benefits and costs have been exaggerated, and we’ll end up, on balance, slightly better off.

        • Slightly better off…… well, a few people might be. Until they have a dispute in which they are sued in an offshore corporate court.
          You might even be one of those rare few making a fortune off selling our sovereignty to a corporate consortium, but I bet you’re not.

  4. Isn’t it time for a citizens’ arrest of Key and his mob. He is a CEO not a Prime Minister. This country is not ours, on paper it belongs to Khazarian Zionist Mafioso boss Rothschild as does the US Inc. Neil Keenan highlights NZ in his latest posting:
    and he’s named and shamed :
    Doesn’t matter what the name of the political party is, if they’re not calling for the ousting of Key, end to the TPPA, return of NZ to be true democracy then they’re as guilty as Key of betraying us all.
    Enough of this b@##sh$t

  5. Has anyone else read John Pilger’s latest entry on his website, A World War has Begun. Break the Silence?

    NZ should remove itself from military alliances, refuse to hold weapons conferences, and withdraw from Waihopai.

    If I were an American voter, I would vote neither for Trump nor Clinton. Hillary’s track record is that of a war-monger. She is the darling of Wall Street and military corporations. I’ve heard that there will angry demonstrations at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. Not surprising.

  6. Will the U-Boat torpedo type of protest be tried this time, I wonder, from “underneath”?

  7. Agree wholeheartedly with you Martyn.

    Get the Unions on board and have a National Strike.

    This is an unprecedented attack on NZ’s democracy. Just because 75% of delegates at a National Party conference wanted US Ships in our ports, doesn’t give Key, United Future, Maori Party and ACT the right to trample on our anti-nuke policy.

    National have always wanted this, evidenced years ago by the the Hollow Man PM Don Brash “gone by lunchtime”.

    • WINNIE:

      A couple of points relating to your post:

      Firstly – have that general strike. Nobody will notice because there are so few union members. The kids will get a day off school and RNZ will be off air. 🙂

      Secondly the 75% you refer to was a public poll. Get out of this echo chamber and you find that, yes indeed, the vast majority would like to see a US warship ome here. I hope they bring a whole carrier task force. It would be so cool!

      If and when it comes, I’ll be on the water, waving an American flag as hard as I can!

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