Werewolf leaves Scoop – beginning of end?


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The best bit about Scoop, Gordon Campbell’s Werewolf, has finally jumped ship from Scoop. It follows the Pacific Media Centre leaving.

Werewolf has become a daily version and highlights the rumours that the final demise of Scoop is on the table. Werewolf was built in a way that made it easy to detach from Scoop if any problems arouse, those problems have arisen, walked around and are now  impossible to ignore.

These problems have been well recorded here on TDB. We pointed out the Selwyn Pellet debacle that saw him lose quarter of a million to Scoop, the issues of paying the other members of Scoop’s advertising cartel (Public Address, Pundit and The Standard) and its constant claims of calling for money to take back the news, when they never seem to do that.

The deep seated problems within Scoop that Alistair Thompson fled seem to finally be too large for the shell he left to continue. Once people realise the money they are donating is just paying debt for something that is going to collapse anyway, the game will be up.

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NZ desperately needs to find a new way to fund media that can be a real counter weight to corporate media and a neutered fourth estate. I don’t think Scoop will be around long enough to be part of that solution.


  1. There is a place for Scoop, with its boring but necessary press releases and announcements. Good as a repository for journalists/bloggers. It would be a shame if it disappeared completely.

    Good move to extract the excellent work by Campbell and the Werewolf team. (Both sites could still go through a further tidying stage, still a bit eye-watering.)

  2. I see that Waatea are launching a Freeview channel, so this may help in developing alternative media voices.

    • Who this is a good signal Drew,

      “I see that Waatea are launching a Freeview channel, so this may help in developing alternative media voices”.

      Martyn, we need a real NZ country wide platform going into the election now and you are one of the best anchors for public affairs now so how about the

      “alterative to National’s news and current affairs channel” – please!@!!!!

      We need a real investigative Journalism channel again as Ch7 was.


      Remember what some (Jane Bowron comment quote; OPINION: “With less than 18 months out from the next election, that is if the Prime Minister doesn’t call a snap election,” un quote) it’s timely also that we prepare for this possibility also?

      Jane says it’s timely for both TVNZ and TV3 to insert their weekend political news and commentary shows into the evening schedule.

      If key is springing an early snap election on us after Jane is saying now that Key may now call a snap election, don’t we need to shape the NZ voter up before he springs that on us otherwise we will be left without a fully NZ wide alternative to the NatZ bullshit mate?

      • I was implying it “may” help in providing an alternative to the mainstream and also enable Bombers 7pm show to have access to a free to air audience, which it doesn’t have with the show airing on Face TV.

        • And much more of Bomber and his crew also.

          Drew, question, – why do we have to sit through an hour and a half every day listening to a RNZ country wide beamed radio/TV program with Jim Mora’s panel of ultra right wing drivel and no balanced viewpoints what so ever?

          We need much more penetration into the voting minds of all out there of the issues of reality from Bombers panel of expert opinions from top contributors who give equal views of both sides not just the blue right fringe?

  3. Young people make up the missing million voters and need to be engaged and motivated like Sanders has accomplished with fantastic results and has managed that by reaching out past corporate media and that includes news sites on the web like Fairfax run Stuff here.
    The media here stand in the way of a change in government and have huge reach in a small country which is why Lab/Green must get cut through and a alternative fourth estate free of political influence is vital and we should be demanding that as of RIGHT as a democratic nation ,I am sure Key thinks he has already won next year it would be great to disappoint him and see him get defeated but it will be a hell of a fight ,they won’t go easily !

  4. ”NZ desperately needs to find a new way to fund media that can be a real counter weight to corporate media and a neutered fourth estate’.

    that sounds good – i wonder if i would qualify..?

    (headlines from today..)

    ot eating animals – it’s a genetic-thing..

    the reality of milk/cheese..(+op-ed..)

    audio of hillary clinton from 47 years ago..

    you do know you can be spied on through your computer-camera..eh..?..(+ op-ed..)

    radical-left political parties are on the rise..

    john oliver outdoes oprah winfrey – ‘forgives $15m worth of medical debt’.

    rosemary mcleod snarls at kardashian-feminists..

    when the auckland housing-bubble bursts – it’s gonna get real ugly..

    that time precious mckenzie weightlifted muhammad ali..

    republican speaks out against trump..

    it is stigmas about addiction that kill addicts..(+ op-ed..)

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