Skulduggery at Green Party Conference



The inhumane haste at which the Labour Party and Greens announced their Memorandum of Understanding last week has been stripped bare by a power struggle that has quietly been occurring behind the scenes within the Greens.

I’ve flown down to Christchurch to cover the Green AGM and Andrew Little’s speech to the Greens for Waatea News and the machinations that are occurring  give insight as to why Labour and the Greens rushed out their MoU.

It suggests the left factions of the Greens and Labour Party have struck first to ensure what was being cooked up by the blue-greens and the Identitarians hasn’t been allowed to bear fruit.

I’ll be reporting for Waatea News later today with the details.



  1. Hi Martyn,

    Thanks for the insight and I must say I am not surprised here.

    The same thing is going on inside most local Government Council operations, as there are many moles/shills from Nazional also actively now trying to infiltrate into every local Council throughout the country.

    Why you may ask?

    As the plan is to install NatZ operatives as sleeper cells, sitting there to to become activated when required to overturn these “troublesome” Councils, when able and force them to comply with every whim Nazional want those councils to comply with their demands.

    Please advise any further snippets “001 Agent Bradbury” te he he!

      • True that WORDS. Nazional’s Mode of operation is grubby slimy & dishonest at best. Extremely deceptive as well.

    • A bit late there CG.

      National took control of most (all?) councils a long time ago, and in concert with the corrupt media not only decide who gets elected and who doesn’t but also how ratepayer money can best be siphoned into National pockets.

      Local government is a rotten to the core as central government.

      Sadly, there is nothing anyone can do about any of it because the dumbed-down masses cannot see the truth, even when it is right in front of their noses.

  2. “inhumane haste” on announcing the MoU?? Lol I think that’s being overtly dramatic !!! Now I see why Martyn asked the Green MP Keith Locke about Turei’s leadership after the election on Thursday night’s current affairs show.

    • ” inhumane ” ==>> a bit of overkill and exaggeration – don’t you think ?
      Come on — give em a chance before throwing them to the lions.
      You and Chris need to settle down a bit.

  3. JK will have informers and plants in every organisation throughout the country, the Labour Party has been controlled by the Natzis and ACT since the 1980’s.

  4. I am guessing that National were trying to cut a deal with the Greens and Labour along with certain Green Party members could see what was happening/evolving?

      • +100..they sure a s hell won’t get my vote if they go right…Hooton has long advocated the Greens as a partner for Nactional

  5. Identitarians

    I don’t know what that is and Wikipedia didn’t enlighten me – we are not in Europe. Perhaps someone can tell me more in terms of the NZ situation.

  6. So the MSM will slaughter them again, for the “activists” having seized hold of the parties and their leaders, I presume. Lisa Owen was guilty of ridiculing the MoU on The Nation, I noted. She asked hard questions, but was bordering on being unfair, so no wonder, both Andrew and Metiria rose their eyebrows and looked a bit dumbfounded by some questions.

    We must take note, the MSM are the key to success or failure, as they have the power over the information and the spread of it via news channels. Most out there will not have our insight and information and take the MSM “news” for being facts, even if they are not really facts, and distorted reporting.

    With all this going on, I wonder what this MoU will achieve, as the MSM will continue to challenge and ridicule it, and most following the MSM, also via blogs commenting on them, will simply fall for the BS again.

    I despair, I despair.

    • I agree Jones.
      Who in their right mind, with any meager amount of intelligence and awareness would want anywhere near this National govt. ?
      When you have a PM leader who is a serial liar and is such an idiot – we are only hoping that the asleep sheeples will wake up SOON and smell reality and the truths. What is best for our country and its people is paramount and not what is best for those unethical – pro TPPA corporations and growing the wealth of those millionaire greedy ” big oil ” and mineral grabbing elitists.

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