Rachel Glucina scalped by Scout



It’s good night from him and good night for her.

The female Whaleoil, Rachel Glucina, has been politely removed from Scout. One of Mark Welden’s dumbest moves was to give this terrible journalist any space at all. After the despicable way this woman treated Amanda Bailey by deceiving her that she was a PR person sent to help rather than a Journalist who was writing a story with an agenda, why Welden wanted those journalistic ‘standards’ is as incomprehensible as killing off Campbell Live to replace it with the shit awful ‘Story’.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.


  1. Apparently she going to pursue a “new opportunity”. I’m guessing it involves chewing the flippers off baby seals or pushing pensioners into oncoming traffic.

  2. Just deserts…the diet of gossip and bollocks being daily thrown at us makes me want to throw up, thank goodness this sickly bit is over

  3. Perhaps the Greasy Whale will give her a job, with the election coming up next year and all. More scum to assist FJK hold on!

    • She looks like the back of a bus anyway, shocking lack of moralistic journalism she has dragged all journalism into so get lost Glaucoma.

  4. Has she perhaps been removed only to prepare for the co-host job at the six o’ clock news on TV3? “Rachel’s hot gossip news at 6” may be the title, as Mediaworks (For Some) may consider replacing the present news that rates lower than TVNZ’s news.

    Never cheer to early, who knows what is going on with her.

  5. Once again this is why we urgently need Opposition Parties to place a claim in Court to seize half the Public media of TVNZ & Radio NZ now to protect our rights to free public broadcasting rights from now to the election and onwards as the opposition Parties are responsible for half of the voting public now without a real free speech media.

    We saw Nactional close channel 7, then close down most public journalism of public affairs and key neutral journalism such as “Close-up, John Campbell live, and many other public affairs shows, so we all know where NatZ are going again now don’t we?

    Come-on Labour Greens/NZ First, please start the public service for opposition Parties network please?

  6. Blubber Oil and Glucina – a horror team in journalism.
    Won’t miss her at all and hope he is put out to pasture soon.
    They give ethical and quality journalism a very bad name.
    Plain nasty people – good riddance to bad journos.

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