Key just lies about the Salvation Army helping the homeless for him – media ask him if he’d shoot a gorilla


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So when Key claimed his Ministry Officials and Salvation Army advocates went out to ‘help’ the homeless, it turns out he was lying…

Andrew Little: Prime Minister John Key ‘patently lied’ about homeless comments 

Labour leader Andrew Little has accused the Prime Minister John Key of lying in comments he made about homeless people.

“I can’t think of a time when the Prime Minister and another minister [have] patently lied about something that … hasn’t actually happened,” Mr Little told reporters at Parliament this afternoon.

The Labour leader made the allegation after Salvation Army contradicted a claim by Mr Key that Government officials had visited homeless in an Auckland park this week and had their offers of help declined.

…what has caught the media’s attention however? Paddy Gower screaming the Labour-Green deal is a crime against democracy and the rest asking questions if Key would have shot a bloody gorilla.

Let’s remember that the ‘help’ being offered by these none existent visits are to ask the Homeless if they want to move into a shitty motel and pay $50000 in debt for the privilege. It’s bad enough that the ‘help’ is completely unhelpful, but to just lie about the whole thing is a Government scrambling to pretend they give a fuck.

If you voted National, you should feel pretty ashamed.


  1. “If you voted National, you should feel pretty ashamed.”
    The trouble is Martin – they aren’t – and that’s bloody scary in itself – all those heartless bastards out there who I used to call my fellow countryfolk with pride, who I now don’t want to be seen in the same county as…….coz Key’s such an ordinary bloke, just like us……..

  2. Poor FJK has been incorrectly advised by his MSD ministry! Yeah right! The lying toe rag is at it again, doing what he excels at, not telling the truth. Either that, or he’s delusional!

    Either way, he is totally unfit to carry on as PM.

    I’d believe the Sallies over FJK any day. They have no reason to lie over this issue, whereas FJK has, it’s all he can do to get through each day!

    Another point is this. Despite FJK stating the other week, that all the homeless have to do is contact WINZ and they will receive help, I believe to receive any assistance from WINZ, a person has to have a permanent residential address!!! Go figure that one!

  3. That’s more lies we can add to Jonkeys over 200 marked up on the list of Jonkey lies he has told since 2007?

    He’s just a compulsive liar!!!!!!!

  4. Paddy Gower will one day understand MMP.

    National have been doing a similar thing with ACT in Epsom for years. It’s not anti-democratic at all. When we had first past the post, other strategies were used.

    Paddy is a dumbass. He’s got a big future ahead of him at that talentless shithole they call Mediaworks.

  5. There may be some personnel changes in the National Party spin committee after such a cock-up.
    The Tory rent boy squad sure ain’t as well organized as it used to be.

  6. I’m starting to hear a very high pitched squealing …..getting louder every day… it sounds like…. a pig has its nuts caught in a vice…

    So little Keesey weesey is going to say he was ‘told’ the Sallies were there , is he?…

    When you start lying and then using bodies like the Sallies to bolster and cover up your vicious agenda’s… beware… there’s bad , bad medicine in doing that…

    And why is that , my little dearkins?

    Because lying, love of mammon and deceit doth not befit those who try their best not to be those things and are engaged in servicing the social good.

    Which is the exact opposite in what we are seeing in Keys govt.

    Totally disgusted.

    Out ! out ! out ! Key , – get out !!!

  7. John Key lied, yet again, adding to a long string of endless lies, but the MSM does not seem to be all that bothered about it.

    Nevertheless, I was pleased that at least TV One reported on this.

    For the rest, with the never ending dumbing down we get, just look at the shallow and silly Paul Henry Breakfast program and the crap served up as “current affairs” in infotainment style after 7 pm every week day, many people do not even note what goes on.

    They are driven by click bait news and drivel, and think that is what matters. As the homeless will be put into the same category as the “hopeless” people on WiNZ benefits, most do not care that much.

    Meanwhile the better off are doing their calculations on how much the market price is for their own home they live in, and in some cases their investment homes. Some of them may be privileged couples or even singles, living in 3 to 5 bedroom homes.

    None of them will offer any accommodation to the homeless that now fill two Maraes in South Auckland, as that may just “soil” the carpet in their mansions.

    New Zealand is divided, the MSM is desperate to sell themselves and to sell advertising to the business people, and thus compromise their reporting to not challenge the government of the day.

    All is well, the “Brighter Future” for some is bright, while others live or fall into deep dark holes, with no light of hope for their future. New Zealand 201 looks increasingly Dickensian, and government offers Kafkaesque solutions that do not get anybody anywhere really.

  8. Let’s hope RNZ’s Morning Report gives FJK a good grilling in his weekly session next week over this one, discrediting the Salvation Army! That’s if the gutless snake decides to show!

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