Pettiness of NZ politics summed up in one issue – contraband tobacco vs $900m cost



Nothing sums up the pettiness of NZ politics better than  the current debate today on prisons. The Paul Henry Morning Insult Show has leaped upon Kelvin Davis’ fairly boring allegations that people are being paid to smuggle in tobacco into prisons…

Labour MP Kelvin Davis alleges corruption in NZ prisons over tobacco smuggling 

Family members of prisoners say they have bribed prison guards to sneak in tobacco, according to Labour MP Kelvin Davis.

He says he was contacted by a family member of a prisoner in Serco-run South Auckland Correctional Facility, Wiri Prison about the deals made with prison guards.

“The guard will make an arrangement where they meet at a Caltex station not far from the prison,” said Davis.

…with all due respect – who gives a fuck? Of course people are bribing guards to get fucking tobacco into prisons. This isn’t news.

What IS news is the despicable blow out in cost of our slavish desire to lock up NZers and make them suffer inside prison…

Soaring cost of our prisons – $900m per year 

Soaring prison population growth has led to a budget blowout of $45 million on jails in the last year, and forced the Government to further expand its prisons to fit more inmates.

The Government has now earmarked a further $41 million above baseline funding to cope with pressures on the prison network. Total spending on prison services is nearing $1 billion a year.

…our sensible sentencing lynch mob mentality fuelled by get tough on crime politicians and lazy news journalism that uses crime to pump ratings is so overwhelming that the idea Prisons are costing us a billion per year gets eclipsed by the idea Guards are being bribed to give Prisoners ciggies, and what will be annoying the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind most about this? Not the $45million blow out as we lock more and more people up despite a declining crime rate, but the mere suggestion that Prisoners are enjoying a single moment will have the sleepy hobbits rearing up on their hind legs snorting in fury pawing the air with their tiny feet.

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We have all the social maturity of a can of coke, our ease at being manipulated and led on issues is pathetic.


  1. Key Incorporated are setting up a Tobacco Black market Mafia operation now as they have steered the economics towards this?

    • Exactly, criminalizing tobacco in institutions like prisons and mental care facilities etc is a most stupid idea and a unnecessary punishment, so what’s happening now is the logical outcome of National’s cold hearted idiocy. Let them have cigs in designated areas, stop punishing people in this manner who use cigs to reduce stress and calm nerves. Alcohol and illicit drugs like P do far more damage than cigarettes, but National’s mates are too involved in those industries.

  2. Sums up Kelvin I hate poor people Davis. The man is a snake, a true blight on the left. He was told about the Kiddy rapist in Northland, and what he do? He sat on his hands. His reward, a labour party seat. What a guy.

    • Excuse me Adam, but how is National’s kiddy rapist, Kelvin Davis’ fault? National knew about their MP, stood him as a candidate and said nothing, and did nothing but sit on their hands, you mean. Its not kelvin Davis who hates poor people, that title goes to John key and his National government> No one hates the poor, the sick and the vulnerable and the kiwi worker like John key and his government.

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