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  1. If you want further evidence of how NZ farmers, particularly dairy farmers, are relegated to wimps by their subservience to Federated Farmers and National then just look across the Tasman.
    When the dairy giants (including our very own Fonterra) shaft Australian farmers they organize protest action and fight back. In New Zealand the farmers just leave it to their useless impotent National bootlicking Federated Farmers, which means no action other than a few half-hearted whinges.
    Federated Farmers wouldn’t even dream of doing any protest action against a National government, it is symbiotic relationship which works well for National and for the FF leadership but does sod all for the people who FF claims to represent.
    NZ farmers – stop relying on National. National only want your votes. If you want positive change do it yourself, form another national body that does not spend most of its time licking National Party boots.

  2. Parliament went into lock-down early this afternoon. A man in a “smoking” vehicle arrested.

    Pity it wasn’t a septic tank truck, with a reverse sucker/blower attached. It could have sprayed and returned the shit to the government, where it belongs!

    I think as the economic and social systems in NZ begin the rapid descent into hell, where we are heading at a fast rate of knots now, we will see a growing protest movement at Parliament and elsewhere. It’s all the people have left now. Can’t vote the parasites out legally, because it seems NatzKEY has the voting and electoral system corruptly sewn up in its favour!

    • lol +100 Mary…”Pity it wasn’t a septic tank truck, with a reverse sucker/blower attached”.

    • Well Said Mary A.
      I remember during the previous Labour government’s time a group of farmers drove their tractors and trucks up on parliament’s steps and one was driven by National MP Shane Adern!
      The police didn’t seem too concerned about that, but I suppose when you are a Massey’s Cossack you are like an honorary copper anyway and that makes it all OK.
      Parking an effluent tank in front of parliament is appropriate: National give us a lot of b…s so its time we gave it back to them in concentrated form.

  3. Winston Peters was on fine top form in parliament. He started out by asking John key “Does he agree with an infamous New Zealander who said, and I quote him, we are facing a severe home affordability and ownership crisis, the crisis had reached dangerous levels in recent years and looks set to get worse, end of quotes, if not, why not?

    John Key: “No”

    Winston Peters: “Is the Prime Minister aware that he was the one who said that?”

    Parliament erupts into laughter

    Winston Peters: “Is the Prime Minister able to remember any promise an hour after he made it?”

    Winston Peters shames John Key over housing crisis quote

  4. Great blogs all here, you al are fine minds, and I agree on all you are saying here, thanks.

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