Waatea 5th Estate – Fishing double standards 


Joining us tonight to discuss the outrageous over fishing scandal and our own Ministry’s culpabaility…

In studio, the lead researcher uncovering NZs appalling over fishing record – Dr Glenn Simmons,

On the Phone – host of TV3s popular ITM Fishing Show – Matt Watson

Also on the line from the NZ Sports Fishing Council – Scott MacIndoe

On Skype – Environmental Activist – Mike Smith

And also on Skype tonight, Labour Party Spokesperson for Primary Industries, the Honourable Damien O’Connor


  1. There is just no end to this Government’s deception and dishonesty is there Martyn.

    We are hopeful we may see a “Royal Enquiry” in this latest! of many of this long list of current Governments scandals.

    We will offer to contribute to this legal challenge if someone sets it up?

  2. Great episode. Compulsory viewing, very good speakers in particular Scott MacIndoe on how the fishing industry shareholders are routing the system with zero accountability and even trying to profit from and control sustainability. The recreational fishermen, maori, the commercial fishermen themselves are all penalised while those at the .1% at the top with zero interest in the industry themselves are getting all the wealth – and making fishing into a banana republic industry with old technology and no added value while decimating it for future generations.

    Sounds like the TPPA model already in action!

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