Foot in Mouth award – another former ACT MP plumbs new depths of dumbness



Foot In Mouth Award


This Award is for a comment has has to be heard to be believed. It must rank as truly one of the dumbest things a politician (or former politician, in this case) has ever uttered in the entire million-year long history of Homo Sapiens.

The Award goes to former ACT MP, Heather Roy, for stating – with a straight face and without a hint of irony;


"Nuclear war is not the end of the world."
“Nuclear war is not the end of the world.”Heather Roy, Q+A Panel, 22 May 2016


I kid you not.

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Check it out for yourself on TVNZ’s website, here. The relevant comment is at 6.04;

“Nuclear war is not the end of the world.”

And Righties call us the “looney left”?!

I guess in a way, Ms Roy is correct; “Nuclear war is not the end of the world” – if you’re a cockroach. It’s more like an opportunity.

An opportunity to snack on 7.5 billion charred human corpses amidst the ruins of what was once a civilisation on planet Earth.

Absolutely. Barking. Mad.





TVNZ: Q+A – War between west and Russia inevitable – Panel (7:40)

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  1. People like Heather live in a parallel universe where they think because of their values and because they have wealth, nothing can touch or harm them.

  2. Oh my God, you just made me listen to Josie Pagani! – “There is no doubt that Russia is out to destroy Europe!” she says, even after it’s been pointed out that Russia is surrounded by US bases.

    I actually find her more frightening that Heather Roy because Roy just destroyed her own credibility – and also made Pagani look sane in the process.

    Heaven help us.

    • ‘Josie Pagani! – “There is no doubt that Russia is out to destroy Europe!” she says’

      If you say the same thing to a budgerigar or a parrot enough times it will repeat what you say.

    • Pagani fights so hard to shake off any chance of being called “loony leftie” that it’s even more funny and so fake.

  3. We are subjected to idiotic utterances every day, Frank:

    “Sustainable development.”

    “Economic growth.”

    The effect of ‘sustainable development’ and ‘economic growth’ will eventually be just as bad as nuclear war, if not worse.

    Whereas Peter Sellers was very intelligent, very talented and very funny, the crop of politicians and media personalities we have endured over recent decades, and are still saddled with, have none of those qualities.

  4. While some say that cochroaches may survive a real nuclear war, this is still somewhat controversial.

    But in any case, what Heather Roy was arguing was that a nuclear war may only be limited by using it at a small scale, and for kind of surgical hits, as such small weapons exist.

    Russel Norman did deal with that rather well, pointing out that the risk of escalation would force those involved to step up the conflict and then it would be full on, leading to a global catastrophy.

    But we know, ACT politicians, members and voters live in another world altogether, it is a world that does not yet exist, it is all in their minds, in the making, supposed to solve all our problems.

    Hence they tend to not believe in climate change and the causes for social injustice. It is not even worth giving them any air space, that below one percent party, which gets far too much attention.

    Why do they get more space to spread their nonsense than the chap from the Conservatives, I wonder?

    • “While some say that cochroaches may survive a real nuclear war, this is still somewhat controversial. ”

      I hope we never put it to the test, Mike. It’s that final bit of knowledge that would serve no useful purpose whatsoever.

    • Trevor, I’d venture a guess that they read too many “Commando” comics, but they would presuppose they have sufficient intellect to know how to read.

      Heather Roy’s grasp on reality is tenuous, to put it mildly. Anything harsher and I suspect Scarlet Mod would delete my post.

  5. What gives that ACT spokespeople – the baying at the moon representatives of a miniscule part of the electorate – get a seat on the panel of Q&A almost every week?
    Meanwhile ‘the left’ go-to voice is Josie Pagani – a sad apology, caught in a Blairite timewarp.

  6. Yes, Jono…scraping the bottom of the barrel to give this woman air time. So many around the country who could comment, and add to our knowledge, rather than insult our time and ears.

      • You agree that Nuclear wars don’t necessarily mean the end of the world. It looks like you agree with Heather Roy then.

        • Dear oh Dear Gosman. Read my post. I agreed with your statement. That does not collate to agreeing with Roy. Now I’ll write this slowly so you get it…

          For some people the WWII nuclear war WAS the end of the world!

          • Yet we are still here and on the whole we are doing much better than people were in 1945. How is that the ‘End of the World’.

              • Following your logic that means that any war is the end of the world for ‘some’ people. Also playinmg a game of Rugby is the end of the world for ‘some’ people as there have be deaths as a result of people playing the game. If that doesn’t highlight the idiocy in your position you are beyond reason.

                • The idiocy of your analogy is beyond reproach and the innuendo of Roys comment is as idiotic as your simplistic statement regarding:
                  “WWII was a Nuclear war. Did the world come to an end? ” In rugby they make changes where changes need to be made after a death but in war people still don’t learn. By definition your logic would be that of one promoting Nuclear War as it “doesn’t do anyone any harm”

    • Gosman, that was truly a dumb comment, even from you.Did you really think no one would challenge such stupid remarks like that?

      And are all Act MPs and members as thick as you and Roy?

      You have a nice day playing with your building blocks, little boy.

      • I note you are not disputing anything I have stated directly. Do you disagree that WWII was a Nuclear War?

        • What is disputed along with your sanity is that it is out of line with most modern military strategists. Such as NATO , – such as all the superpowers .


          Because of nuclear escalation.

          Along with your short sighted myopic neo liberal fantasy’s you have now added another to the list.

          And unless you apply for a position in top military strategic planning ( heaven forbid ! ) and begin to understand just why there is a reticence by the military’s around the globe to use even limited tactical nuclear arms rather than conventional arms – your own foolish opinions – that of being more informed about the issue than those military strategists discredits your argument from the outset.

          Enough of your foolishness.

        • A nuclear war by definition would be fought by both sides being armed with nuclear weapons. I believe that the Japanese did not posess such things.

  7. Almost choked on my weeties on sunday morning,sadly the idiotic statement from Roy did not surprise me as much as the ra ra lets help bombs for peace NATO/USA attack Russia rhetoric from Pagani. She and her ilk are part of the reason, the others being , that Labour barely resembles the party that i have supported for 48 years of casting my vote,that i will be giving serious thought to my next vote.

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