Political Caption Competition




  1. Yes boss!

    It seems like the crowd love being rapped over by a grubby little slime bag like you apparently!

  2. Dont worry you just lie as much as you like,people are used to it,the polls say you are ahead they lie too, so you will be ok .

  3. ” Yes !!! – They will !!! But look,… here’s a pair of dark sunglasses… all we have to do is arrange press conferences to be held outdoors from here on in ”…

  4. ” Whatever you say Jerry, I’m a rock star economy team player. ”


    ” Yep I can keep lying, I’m good at it, just say the word .”


    ” I’m concentrating hard, Jerry, but I can’t see any reason to stop now as we have really fooled the asleep brain washed sheeples. “

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