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Last month Creative NZ warned it may have to cut arts funding because of a drop in Lotto sales which begs the question, should our culture be tied to gambling?

Current Lotto Advertising has a solo father buying a pirate ship for his son and sailing around the world – should funding for our arts culture be dependent on the lucrative desperate solo parent dream market?

The Arts and Culture Minister, Maggie Barry says that it only needs a couple of big jackpot prizes to attract Lotto punters back and “the balls might just roll our way”. Which effectively means that if Actors want more money for the Arts, then they may as well buy a Lotto ticket and cross their fingers.

How charming.

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Culture is expression of the human experience. It shapes us, creates us, represents us, reflects us and challenges us. A society that ignores a well funded culture and sees it as merely a cost isn’t a society worthy of being a member of.

Relying on Lotto super draws to fund our arts would be funny if it weren’t so sad. It will be interesting if National deal with this in the budget.


  1. What’s the difference between the Nats and yoghurt?
    Well yoghurt has culture.
    In spite of the arts being the pursuit of the so-called intelligent upper classes, this present crop of Nats has proved time and time again that they are nothing more than a pack of uncultured philistine bums. In particular a certain JK who wouldn’t know culture if he fell over it. The only thing JK could ever see in art is its monetary value as an “investment” and as for attending a ballet or an opera or an orchestral concert by own acclaimed NZSO; well you might be more likely to see pigs taking off from the airport.

      • The PM has been quoted as his favourite NZ book is LOTR!

        With that sort of National standards failure, they might need to bump up their budgets for culture!

  2. Exactly and precisely.
    When some charity-hawker rattles their poverty bucket in my face I explain, sometimes with colourful language, that charity is a curse on a democratic society. It’s a ghastly blight. A bull shit in a box. Lotto is a fuck of a thing and worse still ? I occasionally buy a fucking ticket. What ? Am I becoming?

    When we, as a society, become reliant on charities, to assuage the shit luck of the less lucky to further assuage the shit guilt of the more lucky ? Then we as a society are. Fucked. Put simply. And with a fuck word.

    Charity per se is a condescending insult to almost all of us. The idiots who don’t really care are good with it because it’s a jokey, dazzle of a thing with toothy celebs pimping the whole show. The reality though, and as we all know, is a morbid thing that usually involves an empty belly and an indoor / out door flow house/ garden arrangement thing. I.e. You’re living under a bridge and you’re fucking starving hungry. But at least you have a water feature right?

    Without art? What are we? As a species? We are an Art species. That’s what humans do. Humans ‘ create’ . We have the brains for that. Spiders catch, and suck the innards out of, flies etc. That’s what spiders …. ‘ Do’.
    Weasels, fleas, frogs, sloths…… They all do their thing. And good on ’em.
    What humans ‘ do’ is thinky-thinky creative things that build cities like Florence and New York and other things like cars and card games. We also make ‘ art’ . So, we, all of us, look at ‘ art’.
    What does ‘ art ‘ do for us?
    When one looks at a painting/photo/listens to music/ looks at a sculpture/ watches a film? What happens to us humans? ……….
    What happens to the human who looks on with an evolving realisation that what ones looking at is….. new. Different? Unique? Pleasurable ? Defining? Wondrous?
    That’s art. No other creature does that.

    So what’s the creature who under values art for, instead, saving a dollar??

    Not someone I’d like to get stranded on a desert island with that’s for sure.

  3. Well a lot of people have given up on lotto, especially north of Auckland, rarely any big winners in this neck of the woods.
    This government has privatised and sold so much of our structures, for their cronies benefit.
    This government dosnt give a toss about peoples well being, they certainly wont promote art ,it costs money and no profit for Key, anything that dosnt produce profit is a no no.
    Anything for the pleasure and well being of the people is a waste of money.and the three ugly sisters sit there looking smug,they reflect John Keys personality , selfish and arrogant without a caring brain between them,the more ruthless Keys mps are the more they are promoted.
    Charities dont do as well as they used to because most people dont carry cash just eftpos.
    NZ should’nt have to rely on charities.Key has done so much harm to NZ it will take a long time to recover.

  4. Gambling, another parasitic enterprise that transfers money to its controllers with a few happy winners.
    Arts, transfers money to its providers, gives enjoyment to participants & viewers, you can’t eat it & it won’t keep you warm so a miserable person might claim there is an economic case not to support it however that neglects that society needs more than money to live satisfied lives. I would suspect that sport & the arts have taken the place of religion in our more secular society today.

  5. How about we use lotto profits to pay for 5 eyes and politicians salaries?

    Might give them all a dose of reality and they can learn to live within their budgets, ha ha.

  6. Maggie Maggie magpie garden girl

    Swirling in her power hungry world

    Let the arts wait until a big lotto win

    No funding for the arts with her smirky grin

    We have bigger guns to buy and a huge military to fund etc. . . . .

    Our priorities do not include many healthy and creative ventures.

    Kids now only have about 1/2 hour a week for art classes.

    This govt. should properly fund the arts but that is very low on their priority list.

    Maggie Maggie sad elitist little girl – our Arts and Culture Minister

    and who pays and who suffers with her at the helm ?

    The Arts and our Culture and our kids pay the price.

    Maggie, why don’t you buy a truck load of lotto tickets ? ? ?

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