CIA destroys evidence of torture



Priceless. The true horror of what the West did to prosecute it’s self induced war on terrorism won’t ever see the light of day because the CIA ‘accidentally’ destroyed all the records of their torture files…

Massive blunder: CIA’s inexplicable move 

What we know about the CIA’s actions is neatly contained in a 500-page executive summary released in 2014. But there’s so much more that we don’t know.

America’s spy agency has 6700 pages detailing exactly what went on at so-called “black sites” after 2001. At least, they did have 6700 pages.

According to a number of reports, the CIA’s internal investigators inexplicably “erased” their only copies of the document.

According to Yahoo News, which first reported the news on Monday, the CIA admitted to accidentally deleting a document and destroying a disk that contained the report.

…it’s being sold as a blunder but what a remarkably beneficial blunder. The full report detailing the CIAs torture program accidentally gets destroyed by the very same agency it damns.

What are the chances hu?

If the West doesn’t want to see monsters, perhaps we should stop creating them. Many of the ISIS leadership were tortured by Americans in US military prisons  in Iraq, evidence of which has now all been wiped.

The United States of Torture spawns more terrorism than it ever catches.



  1. That would have to be the most glaringly obvious Keystone cops move ever recorded in the CIA’s sordid history.

    And they honestly expect us to believe the dog really DID eat their homework?

    Come on ,… for an outfit that wants to be taken seriously they aint workin hard enough at it.

    And it was contained in one of the head chiefs offices, so I believe.


  2. If this is true and evidence has been destroyed by the CIA, then it’s good news because it indicates that the tide has turned and they are trying to cover their tracks. Nevertheless the juries have been chosen and the FEMA camps await.

  3. +100 – how can the US hold up their head as being a democratic moral country, when this is going on.

  4. Fascism is alive and well in the US of A. So what is the difference between the US and those countries it accuses of human rights violations?

    The word I’m looking for here… hypocrisy!

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