Key’s delusional advice for the Homeless as infantile as his $3billion tax bribe



John Key’s connection with reality has always been tenuous at best.

A multi-millionaire money trader with a holiday mansion in Hawaii has about as much in common with the average Kiwi as the Prime Minister has with manual labour…


…the latest advice by Key to the homeless that they just go to WINZ and they’ll be looked after and found a home is so delusional it’s difficult to tell if Key is just taking the piss or not.

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WINZ are an abomination that needs to be urgently shut down. As Waatea 5th Estate exposed over the 3 days we followed the AAAP beneficiary clinics held outside WINZ offices, WINZ front line staff are simply there to block, evade and deny any access to money by beneficiaries.

60% of beneficiaries on sole parent and job seeker benefits end up owing WINZ money through over payment mistakes or WINZ complex ‘partner’ equation that uses voodoo math to work out whether or not you are defrauding the system.

The paper work to get a benefit runs to over 70 pages, you are expecting the homeless to be able to deal with that for the possibility of getting a pittance which may come back to bite them in the arse later?

Key is just on another bloody planet if he thinks that

a) WINZ are they to help

b) The homeless even trust a Government Department

c) That WINZ will care one inch

It’s the sort of brainfart that keeps the PM on the ball with Muddle Nu Zilind.

Post declaring that he’s fixed the homelessness issue, he’s now going to bribe NZers with a $3billion tax cut to the wealthiest NZers and where will he get that $3b in tax cuts? Why the same place he’s been getting it for all the rich people he’s looked after, he’ll simply borrow the tax cuts.

That’s right.

BlnT5fmCUAAozd2.png-large-600x274 NZ-debt-CLark-Key-comparison

When the Right scream that the Left are envious of the rich and Labour is just bribing voters – point out the outrageous hypocrisy of National blowing another $3Billion on tax cuts while the poorest amongst us go hungry, cold and sick.

If you aren’t angry, you are part of the problem.


  1. Key is not deluded: he knows exactly what he is doing and why. The globalist, neo-fascist state Key has created needs to rid itself of “useless eaters” in such as way that their destitution is “all their own fault”.

    As NZ slowly descends into chaos, the next phase will undoubtedly involve even greater election rigging than we are already subject to, in order that the gang can remain in power and complete the job of raiding the commons and transferring all the wealth into the hands of the few.

    it won’t do the scumbags any good in the long run, of course, because Planetary Meltdown is accelerating:

    ‘NASA temperature data shows last month was hottest April on record’

    It is still to early to say for certain that all the Arctic sea ice will be gone this September but an ice-free Arctic -with the all the associated dire ramifications- is looking increasingly likely:

  2. Up bright and early and on your bikes !!!

    That’s it ! – that’s the spirit !!!… if you are COLD , if you are HUNGRY , if you are SICK ,….

    On your bikes , poor people !!! ,… and pedal along the Key bicycle pathway to success.

    You can keep warm as toast as you and your family pedal away from the state house for the last time…Why ,.. you can even find road kill to eat if your hungry !!! And if your sick?…

    Well , – all that exercise and fresh air is all the med’cine you’ll ever need.

    You may have to turn around and go back the way you came though because it isn’t quite finished yet… we want to make sure its done right the first time and that’s why its taken 8 years…

    Just don’t forget to give a rousing hail and friendly wave when John and Gerry drive past in their limo’s on their way to the banquet for National party supporters… as you know we work hard at delivering the RIGHT goods to the RIGHT people.

    • Key tells the farmers they no longer run the economy. His own personal portfolio, Tourism has overtaken farming. Talk about kicking farmers down when their in their graves. Does Key see foreign investors as the new National party fan base and is willing to ignore the previously guaranteed votes from farmers? Remember he forgot Northland.
      Now he has proudly spent millions on his own cycleways promoting them as a tourists dream, whilst the farmers languish.

      And the latest and worst, an election bribe, this far out.
      Key rhymes with banker and starts with W!

      • No need to be coy @ Bert. Key’s a wanker. He’s also a dangerous little mole and he needs to be stepped on.

        Now, lets get to NZ farmers and farming. Something I have knowledge of, and have some sympathy for. Perhaps more worryingly ? I have a vengeance burning holes in my heart.
        Firstly, let me say: I use the term ‘ Farmer’ and ‘ Farming’ as a term involving ALL people deriving their sole income from agrarian enterprises. From weasel milking to dripping squeezers. If you’ve squeezed dripping from a live cow and you’re still alive ? Respect.
        Here’s what farmers MUST do. No fucking around. No prevaricating. No dilatory evasiveness. No avoiding. No procrastination. No yeah-nah mate.

        None of that . None of it.

        Farmers must first unite. Compulsorily , immediately and with anger ! For you have been verily fucked without the kissing.

        Then? Farmers must strike.
        Farmers must strike … and here’s the kicker. Farmers must strike and invite all the other Unions to go out in sympathy. The lot of them. From teachers to train drivers. From nurses to freezing workers. Everybody OUT !

        Then, lets see what the jonky, money trader and Big Giggles Guy, does with his new found confidence in knowing that he was right all along. No need for farmers when you have tourists. And there’s no calories in dust so we get skinny and as Kate Moss famously quipped “ Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels “ Well, all I can say to that is “ Good-O Kate but when the coke wears off you’ll want to eat a fucking chicken ranch and a paddock full of lettuces. ( Don’t ask me how I know that. )

        If jonky, like many others before him, think farmers are worthless and an indulgence at best ? ( While completely and totally screwing farmers without even the mercy of the tick under the skin because even a tick knows to leave some blood un-sucked lest you all go down. ) Then prove him right. Show jonky that he , and his predecessors, are right . And strike ! After all ? Who needs to eat when you can show a tourist how natty a frosty hill looks in Queenstown? And who needs woollen clothing? Any mountaineer will tell you that polypropylene is best? Plastic is perfect to keep one warm while wet. And plastics look great after a few wears. It’ll hang off your arse like a tarpaulin soaked in petrol and that smell? Yum!

        You NZ Farmers ? I mean ? Oh Boy ? You will one day realise that you’ve been fucked on a scale so big that it transcends Big Scale Fucking on a Parallel Universe Upscaling of fucked up-ed-ness.
        And here’s one other thing , before I waddle off for my meds. You’ve heard of Brexit ? Britain’s thinking of leaving the EU? You do know why Britain entered the EU right? No, no. Think about it. Don’t be shy of a left field concept. Keep an open mind . Nothing as sure as a closed mind darlings . OK . Here’s a clue. Who starved so starvingly they ate each other 72 years ago? What war was it 72 years ago? Hint. It involves the number 2 . (Two)
        Ok. What did NZ do in 1882 that was pretty flash? It was refrigerated and it was to do with dead sheep and cow parts ? Any idea ? And how does that marry up to people having to eat each other 72 years ago? You don’t know? No wonder you farmer people think The Jonky and his National Party Wonder People are all good and for you then.
        Any farmer reading this ? Then good on you. This is a bloody fabulous place to come and get involved with. It’s a start. The Daily Blog is a safe place and you will learn things. You will find that you are not alone and that city people love you and want you to come in from the Deep Blue Cold your abusers have kept you in the dark within. [They] wanted/desperately needed, to segregate you then fuck you on the deal. Time to come in from cold .
        It’s also time to get very, very angry.

        ( I’ve re read the above and it all seems trite and flippant. For that , let me apologise. But how else am I to try to get my message across without writing a book or making a film? Hmmm. Now, there’s an idea. )

        • Good descriptions CB,
          A lot of the problem with the farming sector is that the political side of it is run by Federated Farmers who are really just the agricultural committee of the National Party, and that is why there is seldom an original idea or any motivation other than to get rich at everyone else’s expense.
          On the other hand you get the youngers and alternative types, the progressive farmers including organic farmers who detest the tunnel vision of the old guard but lack the knowledge of how to get their political message across.
          A few of them are brave enough to join the Greens but they risk abuse and ostracism from their rural counterparts.
          If Federated Farmers could be kicked into the rivers of shit that they have created and the progressives take over things would be a lot different.
          Wishful thinking.

          • +100 Marcus…btw …I wonder how many NZ farms jonkey’s blind trust is buying up?….and his mates Goldman Sachs?….and all the tax evading foreign trusts?

            French farmers know how to march and demonstrate …NZ farmers should ditch their Nact affiliations and do the same

            btw….European farmers want Russia to buy their milk and agriculture produce….jonkey Nact advised Fonterra NOT to trade with Russia when Russia was open to NZ dairy…so jonkey helps NZ farmers?…nah

          • The hypocrisy is that Key hates unions but the equivalent in farming is the Federated Farmers and he is sure as hell happy with them.

  3. Efforts should also be made to show how voting for National and tax cuts means cuts to services like flood relief, earthquake relief, search and rescue, police response times.

    If you vote for tax cuts then don’t whinge when you police for assistance and they take there sweet ass time about.

    • Unless you’re an investigative journalist looking into dodgy government shenanigans, in which case the boys in blue will be there lickety split.

    • Sam as you and most people know, police responce time depends on which part of town you come from.

  4. $3B tax bribe coming up for next year’s election. At the same time impoverished families will continue to barely survive in sheds, garages, vehicles, hovels etc, while FJK’s friends at Work & Income all but tell their clients to go eat cake! I’m surprised he’s not considering workhouses!

    Poverty is a growth industry in NZ, thanks to lack of jobs, extremely low incomes, inadequate housing, unaffordable nutritional food and medical care etc etc. Combine these facts with expanding inequality, obsessive greed etc and bingo, we have a growing industry of impoverishment! Nothing to be proud of!

    Time to check out those pitchforks folks.

    • Yes Mary this is Key’s philosophy, which has occurred in the last 18 hours.

      ” 3B in tax cuts 2017″
      ” 2016 wont solve housing crisis”

      Now I’m no rocket scientist but there is something seriously askew with the above equation. Maybe I need to work for Merrill Lynch .

      A relative of mine stated that when staff that work at a production company in Auckland that earn $600 a week, can no longer afford to rent in Auckland and are forced to leave, it will be the end of the production company, as no one will replace them. The end result being the loss of a business, the core support of National.

    • the workhouses are just a metaphor for our prisons, the increasing criminalisation of the poor and marginalised buffering private corporate profits and hired out for slave labour.

  5. Judging by your video clip of Key, the “building a bigger and brighter future ” could take some time!

  6. So the left are envious of the right’s wealth eh?
    It isn’t the left who spend 99% of their lives in the pursuit of more money.
    it isn’t the left that cannot value anything other than in dollars.
    It isn’t the left who spend billions of dollars on super highways so that rich yuppies can drive to work in their four-wheel-drives without having to go around so many corners.
    It isn’t the left who devise all the tax dodges so they can get the income without paying their fair share.
    The left is obsessed with money??
    Ha ha ha!

  7. I seriously believe KEY is an alien and not human after all and that the scary thought is he lives amongst us and people vote to have him destroy their own country brick by brick.
    He has no grasp of the harm he causes and lives in a Parnell universe which shields him from the nasty effect of his policies.
    We are all guilty of course for not taking a stand against the status quo but the credit debt and high valued homes cushions the effect of reality.
    Sadly unless there is seismic shift in NZ they will vote for same faulty merchandise in 2017.

  8. I dunno about this advice to go to WINZ. Isn’t that one of a sequence of events that occurs before you become homeless?

  9. This morning’s so called independent voice of the South the Otago Daily Times has a huge photo of Key smiling about a cycleway and on page 3 down low is a small article about Labours plan on tackling inequality.
    The entrenched inherent bias of our media is out of control.
    If a story is run on the front page to do with the Labour party it always has a negative spin put on it .
    Its a miracle that we ever have a Labour govt elected in this country such is the bias against them.
    Key of course can do no wrong,this country is going to hell fast.

  10. Just the same stuff being talked about by the Nats as there was before the last election.

    Cycle ways and tax cuts, Key may not have promised tax cuts but they were being mentioned heaps of times, raising hopes of gullible voters.
    And cycle ways, well how long will we wait ?

    If he was serious about cycle ways, then he could have stumped up for CHCh to be totally connected, a great opportunity when the district plan was being done.

    In my mind he is fraud with one thing in mind, that is to be elected once again.
    A bloody useless PM if ever there was one, all mouth and no substance.

  11. In about 16 months from now, John Key will be reminding us (again and again) about how he grew up in a state house.
    The kids of today will one day tell tales about how they grew up in a car, tent, caravan or garage because there were no houses at all for them – either state or private.

  12. We might start by insisting that everyone working for WINZ must have spent at least a year on a benefit. If they haven’t, they could be turfed out to start their un-work experience.

  13. John Key knows homeless people cant simply go to WINZ!

    He knows its a nightmare to deal with WINZ because his government set it up exactly like that to get people off benefits!

    But he doesn’t care because at best they don’t vote National or even better don’t vote at all and they can’t make him a quick buck.

    At worst he thinks them vermin who deserve all the pleasures a Jap import can bring a family to live in. And he will feel National are already going beyond the pale providing more motorway bridges in Auckland for them to live under than any other government.

    The trouble arises when someone speaks the truth publicly about this growing obscenity because National may look like the scum they really are. So he does what he always does, he goes on a patsy media forum like ZB, has Hosking orgasming over his presence, and he lies, pure and simple. And middle NZ who couldn’t give a shit anyway, feel better about themselves. And then he offers a bribe, a paltry tax cut, made out to be huge, but only because its costing NZ dearly every month that passes.

    And another job done moment is complete in Nationaland.

  14. ” Erm….Mr Blackadder , sir … just where is all this money coming from to give bonus pay outs to the wealthy …?”

    ” Dont ask stupid questions , Baldric , – from overseas , man , from overseas !!! ”

    ” Yeah but where overseas ? ”

    ” Well , where do you think ?!!! … the same place it came last time !!! Didn’t anyone tell you the Bank of America promised 2.5 billion if we set up zero tax legislation for foreign trusts ? ”

    ” Is that why the Americans are coming here in a warship ? ”

    ” Whats that got to do with anything , Baldric ? ”

    ” Nothing , really ,… I just thought I’d ask … but wouldn’t borrowing more put us more into debt ? ”

    ” Of course it would – but the benefits for all would be huge ”

    ”How , Mr Blackadder ?”…

    ” Well, the rich get richer and provide more jobs for people like you. Maybe ”…

    ”What ,.. servants jobs ? ”

    ”Yes, Baldric ”

    ” I see , Mr Blackadder , I feel thoroughly educated , now, .. thank you very much ”

    ”That’s ok , Baldric , the world of high finance and taxation is a vexing thing, and why we need people like you to not understand it at all and to make it function as it should – else it’d all fall down around our ears ”…

    ”Thank you Mr Blackadder , I feel ever so complimented by that and given a new sense of satisfaction of not understanding how it all works and so I shall henceforth take pride in being a servant to the rich” .

    ”Good man , Baldric, good man , that’s what we like to see ”.

    • And a not repayable special needs grant for a six pack, to relax after all that stress, when watching Sky TV for free at the motel in Remuera, yeah right.

  15. “WINZ are an abomination that needs to be urgently shut down. As Waatea 5th Estate exposed over the 3 days we followed the AAAP beneficiary clinics held outside WINZ offices, WINZ front line staff are simply there to block, evade and deny any access to money by beneficiaries.

    60% of beneficiaries on sole parent and job seeker benefits end up owing WINZ money through over payment mistakes or WINZ complex ‘partner’ equation that uses voodoo math to work out whether or not you are defrauding the system.

    Thew paper work top get a benefit runs to over 70 pages, you are expecting the homeless to be able to deal with that for the possibility of getting a pittance which may come back to bite them in the arse later?”

    Key lives on Planet Key, as we know, nothing new there.

    Having had to do with WINZ, I know that this talk about having to fill out about 70 pages to apply for a benefit is a bit exaggerated, that is unless you count in additional forms they may require for various special top-ups and what else may need proving (perhaps medical information also).

    But it is anything but easy, it is a nightmare for many, even the experienced and hardened ones that have to go and ask for support, they dread going to see them.

    And yes, so many “special needs grants” are repayable, so for instance, for dental treatment, that is in excess of what is allowed per annum (only 300 dollars, which is maybe just enough to cover a large filling), it has to be paid back and is usually deducted from a person’s ordinary benefit (which is supposed to be the bare minimum to live off).

    So WINZ force people into debt, as many have to pay advances back from what was calculated to cover their basic food, accommodation, clothing and other needs.

    They have now redesigned their website, so we no longer find information that used to be accessible, another trick of the Key government offering supposedly “better public service”, meaning better cost cutting service, saving the government money.

    Key is totally disconnected when it comes to the realities at the bottom of society, he proved it with a young girl he met at McGehan’s Close in Mt Albert before he got elected:

    He has his nice mulitmillion dollars mansion in posh St Stephen’s Ave in Parnell, a flash holiday home in Hawaii, a well positioned home in London, and possibly some other real estate, who knows what is Panama Papers exposed “consultant” lawyer friend administers for him in a hidden trust?

    That man does not give a shit, he just tells people, go to WINZ, and leave me alone. Just to get an appointment with WINZ may mean waiting up to two weeks to see a case manager.

    But some keep voting this arrogant prick in every three years, I am worried about the mindset of those many new millionaire middle class home owners here in Auckland, they need to be rattled out of their fake dream, and some of the vacant homes should be opened up to accommodate the poor people sleeping rough and in cars.

  16. I have been meaning to ask for quite some time: could the editor/s please post a trigger warning on any piece with a picture of J Key?

    I can tolerate the Leopard Print (that’s a woman?) – P Bennett, but Key brings back some very dark times for me and I’d rather not see him in any shape or form. Ever.

    It’s simply something about him… Brings out the lysol.

    • Bullshit evidence please. Sorry I realise now what you meant.

      Still the most popular PM for immigrants, wealthy foreign investors and tax haven experts ever in NZ History.

  17. True that, Jack…. maybe with the exception of Seddon. But what the assessment of him be in ten year’s time?

    • THIS :

      You got nothing I want
      You got nothing I need

      You got nothing I want
      You got nothing I need

      You got nothing I want
      You got nothing I need

      I don’t need crying lies
      I don’t need stupid alibi’s
      I don’t need convertible cars,
      And don’t think you can push me too far
      You got the money, I got the time,
      Nothing better to do, so you might just change my mind.

      You got nothing I want
      You got nothing I need

      You got nothing I want
      You got nothing I need

      I don’t want to see you again
      I don’t want you for a friend
      I don’t want you hanging around
      I don’t mind just putting you down.
      You got the money, I got the time
      Nothing better to do, so I might just change my mind.

      You got nothing I want
      You got nothing I need

      You got nothing I want
      You got nothing I need

      I don’t have to tell you
      How that you should do your job,
      I don’t want to have to be the one to shock your happy home.

      You got nothing I want
      You got nothing I need.

  18. It’s the economy, stupid, it is the economy, and look at what Dominick Stephens presented today, the “bank” economist, but one who tends to be a bit more realistic and less hyped up than others:

    Here is his quarterly outlook summary:

    “We are now in a new phase of the economic cycle. Growth is being
    challenged by the dairy downturn and the levelling off of the Canterbury rebuild. There are partial offsets in service sector activity, rapid population growth, and burgeoning construction activity in Auckland and a few other hotspots. But the real kicker for growth in the current phase is debt. Households have thrown caution to the wind, and a borrow-and-spend dynamic has emerged amid rising house prices.

    We expect the current phase will continue for another year or so. During that time we expect to see reasonable GDP growth, albeit not as strong as the heady heights reached in 2014. Meanwhile, we don’t necessarily believe that the OCR will have to fall below 2% during this phase, as markets are proposing.

    But debt-fuelled growth is not sustainable. For that matter, neither is the Canterbury rebuild or rapid population growth, both of which we expect to taper off. So we expect the New Zealand economy to enter a phase of slower GDP growth, beginning around 2018. At that time, we would expect to see interest rates and the exchange rate falling, while house prices stagnate or fall.”

    In short:
    So some moderate growth perhaps for another year or so, and then the whole Key style laissez faire, immigration fueled economic “growth phase” will end, perhaps even burst as a bubble that was allowed to inflate with explosive gas.

    Read the whole report found under the link above.

    Just to note, there is NO MENTION of this in the NZ Herald website, full of click bait kind of “news”, and only Radio NZ mentioned the gloomier outlook at midday today.

    With a dumbed down media, most will not even notice that the economy is going bust, while there is a major crisis on the housing and accommodation front, with people sleeping in cars. They of course, again a minority usually not worthy of any attention by the MSM, will know what is going on.

    This is how it is all spun, the MSM do not even report any more on what really matters, the economy, stupid!

    • Pfft. No offence to you mike but WTF! Do pundits know anyway.

      Every one knows you can’t tapper a Ponzi scheme

  19. The ultimate outcome of neoliberalism. Increasing poverty and homelessness. It was all so utterly predictable.

    The thing that scares me is how easily Kiwis become accustomed to the degradation of our society.

    What next, under-age prostitutes?

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